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SMA Fellow, SAO (2010-2013)
graduate student, Harvard (2010-2013)
NSF Fellow, SAO; Sagan Fellow, SAO (2010-2013)
Clay Fellow, SAO (2012-2013)
undergraduate student, Harvard (2011-2012)
undergraduate student, Harvard (2011-2012)
SMA Fellow, SAO (2011-2012)
Hubble Fellow, SAO (2009-2012)
Hubble Fellow, SAO (2007-2010)
graduate student, Harvard (2005-2010)

→ research scientist, Boston Fusion
→ CARMA Fellow, University of Illinois
→ faculty, Boston University
→ faculty, University of Texas
→ content development, Wikinvest

→ faculty, University of Exeter
→ faculty, University of Virginia → faculty, Harvard
→ scientific staff, SAO
→ Miller Fellow, Berkeley → faculty, Wesleyan University


Circumstellar disks are a generic outcome of the star formation process. They preserve an historical imprint from the collapse of a molecular cloud core, play a fundamental role as accretion conduits that help set the stellar mass function, and comprise the material reservoirs used to build planets. We study many aspects of circumstellar disks using a wide variety of observational techniques, with a special focus on the analysis of radio interferometer data.


2013-05: Diana Powell awarded the 2013 Goldberg Prize for her junior thesis.
2013-05: Karin Öberg accepts a faculty position at Harvard University.
2013-05: Catherine Espaillat accepts a faculty position at Boston University.
2013-03: Robert Harris accepts a postdoctoral fellowship position with CARMA at the University of Illinois.
2012-10: Stefan Kraus accepts a faculty position at the University of Exeter.
2012-07: Sky & Telescope cover story features our SMA observations of transition disks.
2012-05: Karin Öberg gives annual prize pH Lecture at CfA.
2012-02: NRAO public relations piece on TW Hya deuterium paper.
2011-11: Harvard Gazette article on our ALMA Cycle 0 programs.
2011-09: David Wilner's successful ALMA Cycle 0 program is featured by NRAO and CfA in press releases.
2011-05: Karin Öberg accepts a faculty position at the University of Virginia.
2011-04: Meredith Hughes accepts a faculty position at Wesleyan University.
2011-03: IRAM newsletter article on our new 345 GHz observations of the LkCa 15 disk.
2010-10: Sean Andrews and David Wilner are awarded the Smithsonian Institution Secretary's Research Prize.
2010-05: Meredith Hughes receives the Fireman Fellowship prize for outstanding Harvard Ph.D. thesis.
2010-05: Sean Andrews gives annual prize pH Lecture at CfA.
2010-04: Sean Andrews accepts a staff position at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.
2010-01: Ian Czekala awarded a Chambliss Student Achievement Award for his poster at the 215th AAS meeting.
2009-08: Science at the Smithsonian article on the SMA Oph disk survey.
2009-07: SAO Weekly Science Update on the SMA Oph disk survey.
2009-06: Sky & Telescope article on the SMA Oph disk survey.
2009-06: CfA/UCLA press release: Radio Telescope Images Reveal Planet-Forming Disk Orbiting Twin Suns.

Large Project Teams

Disks@EVLA      (PI: Claire Chandler, 17 co-Is include Andrews, Wilner)
e-MERLIN PEBBLES      (PI: Jane Greaves, 25 co-Is include Wilner)
Herschel GASPS      (PI: Bill Dent, 38 co-Is include Andrews)
Herschel DEBRIS      (PI: Brenda Matthews, 28 co-Is include Wilner)


  • All Publications (ADS Listing)
  • Recent articles lead by group members

  • The Structure of the Evolved Circumbinary Disk around V4046 Sgr
             Rosenfeld, Andrews, Wilner, Kastner, & McClure    2013, ApJ, 775, 136

  • A Spatially Resolved Vertical Temperature Gradient in the HD 163296 Disk
             Rosenfeld, Andrews, Hughes, Wilner, & Qi    2013, ApJ, 774, 16

  • Imaging of the CO Snow Line in a Solar Nebula Analog
             Qi, Öberg, Wilner, D'Alessio, Bergin, Andrews, Blake, Hogerheijde, & van Dishoeck    2013, Science, 341, 630

  • The Mass Dependence Between Protoplanetary Disks and their Stellar Hosts
             Andrews, Rosenfeld, Kraus, & Wilner    2013, ApJ, 771, 129

  • VLT-CRIRES Survey of Rovibrational CO Emission from Protoplanetary Disks
             Brown, Pontoppidan, van Dishoeck, Herczeg, Blake, & Smette    2013, ApJ, 770, 94

  • Resolving the Gap and AU-scale Asymmetries in the Pre-Transitional Disk of V1247 Orionis
             Kraus, Ireland, Sitko, Monnier, Calvet, Espaillat, et al.    2013, ApJ, 768, 80

  • First Detection of c-C3H2 in a Circumstellar Disk
             Qi, Öberg, Wilner, & Rosenfeld    2013, ApJ, 765, L14

  • H2CO and N2H+ in Protoplanetary Disks: Evidence for a CO-ice Regulated Chemistry
             Qi, Öberg, & Wilner    2013, ApJ, 765, 34

  • Lopsided Dust Rings in Transition Disks
             Birnstiel, Dullemond, & Pinilla    2013, A&A, 550, L8

  • Millimeter Emission Structure in the First ALMA Image of the AU Mic Debris Disk
             MacGregor, Wilner, Rosenfeld, Andrews, Matthews, Hughes, Chiang, Graham, Kalas, Kennedy, & Sibthorpe    2013, ApJL, 762, L21

  • Tracing High-Energy Radiation from T Tauri Stars Using Mid-Infrared Neon Emission from Disks
             Espaillat, Ingleby, Furlan, McClure, Spatzier, Nieusma, Calvet, Bergin, Hartmann, Miller, & Muzerolle    2013, ApJ, 762, 62
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