DO: Safety Committees

Current Members:

60 Garden Street

Greg Brady (Chair), Laura Conway, Charlie Hickey, Maureen Connors, Jae Sub Hong, Suzanne Romaine, Dave Phillips, Van McGlasson, Ric Bruni, Larry Gardner, Mark Collins, Kris Broll (represents 1 Hampshire Street)

160 Concord Avenue

Greg Brady (Chair), Laura Conway, John Test, Steve Leiker, Muriel Hodges, Mark Collins


Greg Brady (Chair), Laura Conway, Anne LeBlanc, Dick Gates, Billy Duggan, Melinda Dillon, Mark Collins, Larry Knowles, Kevin Bennett

1 Hampshire Street

Kris Broll (See 60 Garden Street above)

SMA Safety Committee

Alan Kusunoki (chair), John Maute, Rob Christensen, Les Shirkey, John Pascual (ASIAA), Cindy Nomura, Greg Brady, Ray Blundell (ex officio), George Nystrom (ex officio)

Whipple Observatory

Tom Welsh: FLWO Safety Coordinator; Marc Lacasse: Laser Safety Coordinator; Dennis Smith: MMT (UA employee); Mike Calkins: 60/48/PAIRETEL telescopes; Emmet Roache: Gamma-ray project; Gene Gardner and Emmet Roache: VERITAS project; Dave Martina: Mt. support staff; Wayne Thorell: Motorpool


The Safety Committees at CfA buildings in Cambridge consist of an equal representation of management and employees. The Chair of each committee shall be a permanent member of the committee and shall coordinate the activities of the committee. The size of each committee shall be dictated by the size and diversity of the building represented and shall be determined by the building manager. The Chair shall be selected annually by the committee. Initially the building manager shall appoint members for a term that will allow a one-third turnover annually. Subsequent members are appointed for three-year terms. The appointment process will be overseen by the Health and Safety Officer. The term of membership on the Safety Committees at Hilo and the Whipple Observatory is unspecified.


To review safety suggestions, accident reports and the corrective measures recommended to prevent recurrence, promote safety education within the organization and review the effectiveness of the safety program, conduct semi-annual occupational safety and health inspections in their areas of responsibility and formulate recommendations to correct unsafe practices or conditions.


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