First Announcement

Submillimeter Astronomy
in the era of the SMA

a conference at
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Sponsored by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory,
the Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics,
and the Department of Astronomy and Department of Physics of Harvard University.
June 13-16, 2005
* Now is the time to note the dates and to plan to attend. * Registration and abstract submission open January 15, deadline April 30. The submillimeter wavelength regime provides a unique window on emission from cold dust and highly excited lines from molecules, atoms, and ions. As the bulk of the visible universe is cold, the submillimeter atmospheric windows are as close as we can get to the radiation peak from the ground. With the introduction of large format array detectors, a range of interesting phenomena from debris disks to high-redshift galaxies have been detected and investigated. With the construction of the Submillimeter Array, angular resolution better than an arc second has been achieved. This meeting will focus on what has been learned, and where the future of the field lies, with an eye toward ALMA, the next generation world-wide submillimeter facility. 1. Conference Organization The conference will consist of three and one-half days of sessions of Invited Talks (30 minutes) and Contributed Talks (15 minutes). As time for talks is limited, posters will be an important part of the presentation. The tentative topics are: high redshift universe, local galaxies, star formation, evolved stars, chemistry, debris disks, and instrumentation. The conference web site contains all the current information and updates:
You can sign up on the web site to receive future announcements. There will be no formal proceedings volume, but we plan to make the presentations available on the conference website. 2. Invited Speakers (confirmed) Bruce Draine (dust in the submm) Fabian Walter (distant galaxies) Jean Turner (nearby galaxies) Yasuo Fukui (magellanic clouds) Doug Johnstone (star formation) Leonardo Testi (high mass stars) Luis Rodriguez (binary stars) Valentin Bujarrabal (evolved stars) Peter Schilke (line surveys) Geoff Blake (chemistry) Jane Greaves (debris disks) Gary Melnick (space missions) Christine Wilson (interferometers) Karl Menten (single dish telescopes) Frank Shu (summary) Charles Townes (public lecture) 3. Registration There will be a registration fee of $100/person (includes abstract book, coffee/snack breaks, plus an evening reception on June 13, 2005). Registration will be done through the conference web site: 4. Abstract submission Participants are encouraged to present their latest results. Abstracts will be submitted through the conference web site starting January 15. The deadline will be April 30. Please indicate your preference for a talk or a poster. We will try to accommodate as many talks as possible. 5. Location and Accommodation The conference will be held on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. June is typically a beautiful season in New England. Temperatures in Cambridge usually reach 70-80F during the day. Hotels in the Boston area are expensive. We have negotiated favorable group rates at two local hotels: Sheraton Commander ( 75 rooms, $195/day. 0.3 miles from conference center. Best Western Hotel Tria ( 40 rooms, $139/day. 2 miles from conference center. The rates are guaranteed before April 30, 2005. Early booking is highly recommended. Additional options for accommodation can be found on the conference web site. 6. Scientific Organizing Committee Pierre Cox Thomas G. Phillips Paul T. P. Ho (chair) Anneila Sargent Masato Ishiguro Juergen Stutzki Jeremy Lim Christine Wilson Fred K. Y. Lo David Wilner James Moran 7. Local Organizing Committee Qizhou Zhang (chair) Chin-Fei Lee Jennifer Barnett Nimesh Patel Henrik Beuther Chunhua Qi Rhonda Carey Margaret Simonini Mark Gurwell Luis Zapata Muriel Hodges 8. Questions If you have questions about the conference, please e-mail 9. Other Events Charles Townes will give a public lecture on June 13 2005, following the evening reception on the first day of the meeting. We plan to organize a trip to the Redsox game at the Fenway Park in the evening of June 14, 2005, pending availability of tickets.