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The Fourth Harvard-Smithsonian Conference on Theoretical Astrophysics

"The History of
Nuclear Black Holes in Galaxies"

Sponsored by Raymond and Beverly Sackler

Monday, May 15 through Thursday, May 18, 2006
Harvard University, Gutman Library, 6 Appian Way, Cambridge, MA
The program is composed of: overviews=40 minutes; other talks=20 minutes.

Monday, 9AM-12:30PM

Avi Loeb: Key Questions (overview)

Session 1: SgrA*
Session chair: Jim Moran

Reinhard Genzel: Infrared Observations of SgrA*(overview)
Andrea Ghez: Infrared Observations of SgrA* (overview)

Coffee break (11-11:30AM)

Andreas Eckart: Polarization Lightcurves of Infrared Flares from SgrA*
Mark Reid: Radio Observations of SgrA*

Lunch break (12:30-2:00PM)

Monday, 2:00-5:50PM

Ramesh Narayan: The Nature of Radiatively Inefficient Accretion onto SgrA* and Other Dormant Supermassive Black Holes (overview)
Sera Markoff: Jet/Outflow Emission from SgrA*
Avery Broderick: Testing General Relativity with Images of SgrA*

Coffee break (3:20-3:50PM)

Jeremy Goodman: Star Formation near Supermassive Black Holes (overview)
Sergei Nayakshin: Star Formation near SgrA*
Brad Hansen: Supply of Stars by an Intermediate-mass Black Hole
Tal Alexander: Evolution of Stars Near Massive Black Holes
Stephanie Komossa: X-ray Flares from Galactic Centers

Tuesday, 9AM-12:30PM

Warren Brown: Hypervelocity Stars
John M. Fregeau: Dynamics of Stellar Systems around Nuclear Black Holes

Session 2: Quasars
Session chair: Martin Elvis


Xiaohui Fan: The Highest Redshift Quasars (overview)
Martin Haehnelt: Models of Quasars

Coffee break (10:40-11:10AM)

Volker Springel: Simulations of Quasar Feedback (overview)
Tiziana di Matteo: Black Hole Relations from Simulations
Volker Bromm: Simulations of the First Black Holes

Lunch break (12:30-2PM)

Tuesday, 2-4:50PM

Sebastian Heinz: Scaling Laws from Microquasars
Marta Volonteri: Hierarchical Growth of Black Holes
Milos Milosavljevic: Black Hole Binaries
Zoltan Haiman: Constraints on Black Hole Accretion from z~6 Quasars

Coffee break (3:20-3:50PM)

Mitch Begelman: Supercritical Accretion of Black Holes
Clifford Will: Gravitational Radiation Recoil
Scott Hughes: Spin Evolution of Nuclear Black Holes

Wednesday, 9AM-12:30PM

Session 3: Mechanical Versus Radiative Energy Output
Session chair: Dan Maoz

Roger Blandford: Jets: Mechanical Versus Radiative Energy Output from Accretion Flows (overview)
Crystal Martin: Outflows from Galaxies (overview)
Joel Primack: X-ray Observations of AGNs in the DEEP2 Survey
Ezequiel Treister: Supermassive Black Holes and the X-ray and IR Backgrounds

Coffee break (11-11:30AM)

Andy Fabian: Cooling Flows (overview)
Eugene Churazov: Effect of Outflows on X-ray Clusters

Lunch break (12:30-2PM)

Wednesday, 2:00-5:50PM

Bill Forman: X-ray Observations of the Interaction between AGN and Cooling Flows
James Binney: Relation of AGN to Cooling Flows
Jonathan McKinney: Formation of Jets in MHD Simulations

Coffee break (3:00-3:30PM)

Session 4: Properties of Spheroids and their Black Holes
Session chair: Irwin Shapiro

Karl Gebhardt: Kinematic Data on Stellar Dynamics in Galactic Nuclei from Adaptive Optics Observations
Stuart Wyithe: The Quadratic M-sigma Relation
Lars Hernquist: Merger Simulations and Properties of Ellipticals (overview)
Rachel Somerville: Semi-analytic Models of Galaxy Mergers

Wednesday, 6:30-10PM

Banquet Dinner at the Sheraton Commander Hotel

After-dinner talk by Donald Lynden-Bell: "The History of Nuclear Black Holes in Galaxies"

Thursday, 9AM-12:30PM

Jim Moran & Lincoln Greenhill: Masers near AGN Moran, Greenhill (overview)
Dan Maoz: Liners and Dormant Black Holes

Session 5: Radiation Backgrounds
Session chair: Christine Jones

Gunther Hasinger: Observations across the Electromagnetic Spectrum (overview)
Amy Barger: X-ray Emission by Quasars

Coffee break (11-11:30AM)

Jerry Ostriker: Black Hole Accretion and Radiative Feedback: the Dramatic Effects of Preheating (overview)
Guinevere Kauffmann: Accretion History of AGN

Lunch break (12:30-2PM)

Thursday, 2-5:00PM

Session 6: Intermediate Mass Black Holes (IMBH)
Session chair: Jerry Ostriker

Cole Miller: Ultra-luminous X-ray Sources
Aaron Barth: IMBHs in Galactic Nuclei
Karl Gebhardt: Black Holes in Globular Clusters
Simon Portegies Zwart: Formation of IMBHs in Globular Clusters
Yuri Levin: Dynamical Fingerprint of IMBH in the Galactic Center

Coffee break (3:40-4:00PM)

Session 7: Conference Summary and Prospects for the Future
Session chair: Avi Loeb

Alar Toomre: Conference Summary

Comments from the audience and discussion