Harvard shield The Fifth Harvard-Smithsonian
on Theoretical Astrophysics
SI sun burst

"21cm Cosmology "
Sponsored by
Raymond and Beverly Sackler

Monday, May 12 through Thursday, May 15, 2008
Harvard University
Radcliffe Gymnasium at Radcliffe Yard
10 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA

The program is composed of: overviews=40 minutes; other talks=30 minutes.

Monday, 9AM-5:10PM

Avi Loeb: Welcome

Rashid Sunyaev: Recombination History of the Universe: Overview

Steve Furlanetto: 21cm Cosmology: Overview

Coffee break (10:25-10:55AM)

Session 1: High-Redshift Sources
Session chair: Jim Moran

Xiaohui Fan: Quasars
Elizabeth Stanway: Galaxies
Martin Haehnelt: Lyman-alpha Forest

Lunch break (12:25-2PM)

Josh Bloom: GRBs
Jeff Peterson: Constraints on Reionization from the CMB: Overview
Jonathan Pritchard: 21cm Signal Throughout Cosmic History

Coffee break (3:40-4:10PM)

Miguel Morales: Detectability of 21cm Power Spectrum
Lincoln Greenhill: Computing Challenges in Analyzing 21cm Data

Tuesday, 9AM-6:00PM

Session 2: 21cm Experiments
Session chair: Irwin Shapiro

(9-10:40 AM)
Frank Briggs: Observational Review: Overview
Jackie Hewitt: MWA
Michiel Brentjens: LOFAR

Coffee break (10:40-11:10AM)

(11:10AM-12:40 PM)
Ue-Li Pen: GMRT
Don Backer:

Lunch break (12:40-2PM)

Judd Bowman: Global Spectrum
Ron Ekers : Progress in Measuring the Global Spectrum
Session 3: Basic Theory
Session chair: Jackie Hewitt

Chris Hirata: Atomic Physics
Bernard Zygelman: Atomic Physics

Coffee break (4:00PM-4:30)

Angelica de Oliveira-Costa: Foregrounds
Justin Kasper:
Colin Lonsdale: Other Low-frequency Science

Wednesday, 9AM-10:00PM

Session 4: Cosmological Simulations
Session co-chair: George Rybicki (Wednesday AM)
Session co-chair: Alex Dalgarno (Wednesday PM, Thursday AM)

Tom Abel: First Stars
Volker Bromm:
First Black Holes
Raffaella Schneider:
Transition from Pop III/Pop II

Coffee break (10:30-11AM)

Ilian Iliev: Hydrogen Reionization
Matt McQuinn: Reionization

Lunch break (12:00-2PM)

Hy Trac: Hydrogen Reionization
Benedetta Ciardi: Hydrogen Reionization
Nick Gnedin:
Hydrogen Reionization

Coffee break (3:30-4PM)

Paul Shapiro: HII Regions
Stuart Wyithe:
HII Regions
Rachel Webster: HII Regions

Wednesday, 6:30-10PM

Banquet Reception at the Charles Hotel, 1 Bennett St., Charles Pavillion, Longfellow Room

Banquet Dinner at the Charles Hotel
Dinner talks by:
George Field: History of 21cm Cosmology - View from the West
Rashid Sunyaev: History of 21cm Cosmology - View from the East

Thursday, 9AM-4:45PM

Renyue Cen: Simulations of the Thermal History of the IGM
Jordi Miralda-Escude:
Early Thermal History of the IGM
Peng Oh:
Detecting Bubbles in 21cm Maps
Rennan Barkana:
21cm Statistics and Early Galaxies

Coffee break (11-11:30AM)

Adam Lidz: What Can Be Learned from the First Generation of Arrays
Max Tegmark: Map Making in 21cm Observations

Lunch break (12:30-2PM)
Session 5: Future of 21cm Cosmology
Session chair: Doug Finkbeiner

Avi Loeb:
Fundamental Physics with 21cm Cosmology
Matias Zaldarriaga:
What Can Be Learned about Inflation and the Dark Matter
Chris Carilli:
Studies from the Moon

Coffee break (3:30-4PM)

Session 5: Conference Summary
Session chair: Avi Loeb
Bernie Burke: Summary of Conference and Future Prospects