Weekly Calendar of Events

DECEMBER 15 - 19, 2014


11:00 am: Optical and Infrared Astronomy Division Seminar. "The Formation and Evolution of Clumpy Galaxies from z=3 to z=0.5," Yicheng Guo, University of California, Santa Cruz. Pratt Conference Room.

Abstract: A common feature of star-forming galaxies at z > 1 is the existence of giant star-forming clumps, which are fundamental to our understanding of the accretion history of galaxies, formation of bulges, and evolution of gas-rich disks. In this talk, I will present our work on linking high-redshift clumpy galaxies and low-redshift settled (rotation dominated) disks in three aspects: (1) the physical properties of high-redshift clumps; (2) the evolution of the fraction of clumpy galaxies from z=3 to z=0.5; and (3) the connection between the clumpy appearance and the kinematics of settled and unsettled disks at z~0.5. The three aspects provide important clues of tracing the physical mechanisms that are responsible for transferring distant clumpy galaxies into disk galaxies seen in the local universe.

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