CfA Colloquium Speakers Sorted by Name
1996 May 30Bok Prize Lecture - To Be Announced
1997 May 29Bok Prize Lecture
2006/01/19MichaelA'HearnUniversity of MarylandDeep Impact: Excavating Comet Tempel 1Dan Green
11/13/03 FredAdamsUniversity of MichiganChaotic Case Studies: Sensitive dependence on initial conditions in star formation and planet formation Charles Lada
10/12/00Fred C. AdamsMichiganPhil Myers
2007/03/15FelixAharonianMPI HeidelbergHigh Energy Processes in Shell-type SNRs and Pulsar Wind NebulaeDoug Finkbeiner
4/8/99Charles AlcockLLNLR. Di Stefano
10/30/03 CharlesAlcockUniv. of PennsylvaniaFishing in the Dark: Searching for extremely faint objects in the outer Solar System Matthew Holman
12/09/04 LoriAllenHarvard-Smithsonian Center for AstrophysicsWhat Spitzer is teaching us about star formation and disk evolution
2008/03/27LoriAllenCfA(Some) highlights from Spitzer studies of star formationGiovanni Fazio
2010/05/20SeanAndrewsCfApH Lecture: Planet-forming Disks Around Young StarsCharles Alcock
1996 September 5RogerAngelStewardHow to Look for Primitive Life on Planets Orbiting Other Stars
11/07/02 SpiroAntiochosNRL J. Raymond
11/18/04 NimaArkani-HamedHarvard Univ., Physics Dept.The Accelerating UniversesMatias Zaldarriaga
02/06/03 PhilArmitageU. Colorado S. Kenyon
5/3/01Monique ArnaudSaclayBill Forman
1997 April 24 Jonathan W.Arons University of CaliforniaPulsar Death At An Advanced Age
1996 May 2AnthonyAveniColgate University Mystery of the Nazca Lines
2007/12/06FrederickBaganoffMITHow Luminous Was the Galactic Supermassive Black Hole in the Past?Aneta Siemiginowska
2009/05/14AnnieBaglinLESIA, Observatoire de ParisCOROTDavid Latham
9/10/98John BahcallInst. for Adv. StudyA. Loeb
10/14/99Neta A. BahcallPrincetonChristine Jones
2008/05/01GasparBakosCfApH Lecture: Fishing for planets with HATNetCharles Alcock
11/04/04 BruceBalickUniversity of WashingtonStars as Artists: The Shaping of Planetary NebulaeAndrew Szentgyorgyi
1997 February 20JohnBallyUniversity of ColoradoParsec-Scale Herbig-Haro Outflows from Young Stars
2007/03/01JohnBallyUniversity of ColoradoStar and Planet Formation in Orion, Perseus, and CepheusBob Wilson
2005/10/27AmyBargerUniversity of WisconsinAGN EvolutionNelson Caldwell
3/1/01Amy J. BargerHawaiiHarvey Tananbaum
1996 December 12PeterBarthel
2005/10/06PeterBarthelKapteyn Astronomical Institute,GroningenTo be or not to be activeBelinda Wilkes
2012/04/26JamesBartlettU. Paris DiderotGalaxy Clusters: What We Are Learning From PlanckAlexey Vikhlinin
2011/02/24NatalieBatalhaSan Jose State UniversityCatching Shadows: Kepler's Year-Two Transit CensusDimitar Sasselov
3/15/01Jill BechtoldArizonaAneta Siemiginowska
9/21/00Robert H. BeckerUC DavisSteve Murray
4/30/98 SteveBeckwith MPI Heidelberg C. Lada
3/9/00Timothy C. BeersMichigan StateDave Latham
2009/02/12MitchBegelmanJILAThe First Supermassive Black Holes?Harvey Tananbaum
1997 May 22MitchellBegelmanJILA, Universityo f Colorado The Emancipation of Slaved Accretion Disks: Why Disks Warp and Precess
11/20/03 MitchellBegelmanUniv. of Colorado BoulderCooling Flows Sing the Blues Aneta Siemiginowska
2008/12/04PierluigiBelliRoma 2 "Tor Vergata"Signals from the Universe: from DAMA/NaI to DAMA/LIBRADouglas Finkbeiner
2010/04/15Juan AntonioBelmonteInstituto De Astrofisica de CanariasTEMPLES, STARS AND PYRAMIDS: selected results of the Egyptian-Spanish Mission on the archaeoastronomy of ancient Egypt.Owen Gingerich
2010/09/09WystanBenbowCfAVery High Energy Gamma-ray Astronomy: Whipple, VERITAS and BeyondDan Fabricant
2006/10/26DavidBennettNotre DameDetection of Low-Mass Extrasolar Planets by Gravitational MicrolensingCharles Alcock
2010/09/30DavidBennettNotre DameThe Coolest Exoplanets in the Galaxy via Gravitational MicrolensingDave Latham
2011/10/13EdoBergerCfAShake, Rattle and Explode: Short GRBs and the Electromagnetic Counterparts of Gravitational Wave Sources
2011/02/03EdwinBerginU. of Michigan, Ann ArborExploring New Spectral Windows with the Herschel Space ObservatoryGary Melnick
11/18/99Rebecca BernsteinOCIWJohn Huchra
12/11/03 MarioBiagioliHarvard UniversityDistance and authority in early telescopic astronomy Owen Gingerich
2/18/99 Lars BildstenUC BerkeleyDimitrios Psaltis
2007/09/06OmerBlaesUC Santa BarbaraRadiation MHD Simulations of the Vertical Structure of Black Hole Accretion DisksJeff McClintock
04/17/03 GeoffBlakeCaltech P. Myers
10/22/98Roger BlandfordCal TechL. Hernquist
2009/05/21RogerBlandfordKIPAC, Stanford UniversityMassive Black Hole X-ray BinariesChristine Jones
2007/09/13MichaelBlantonNew York UniversityWhat Low Luminosity Galaxies Tell Us About CosmologyBeth Willman
1997 March 27LeoBlitzUniversity of California, BerkeleyWhat the High Velocity Clouds Are
2012/02/23JurgenBlumIGEP BraunschweigThe formation of planetesimals--an experimentalist's viewSean Andrews
4/13/00Michael BolteLickLars Hernquist
2008/09/18J. RichardBondCITAGruber Prize Lecture "The Cosmology of Now and Then Through the First Light" -- Radcliffe GymnasiumCharles Alcock
2009/04/23Mike Garcia and JayBookbinderCfAInternational X-ray ObservatoryHarvey Tananbaum
2011/10/27Frank van denBoschYalePrecision Cosmology with a Combination of Galaxy Clustering and Galaxy-Galaxy LensingCharlie Conroy and Shy Genel
12/9/99Alan P. BossDTMDave Latham
4/27/00Gregory D. BothunOregonMargaret Geller
2010/12/02RychardBouwensLeidenGalaxy Build-up and Evolution at z>=7: Early results from ultra-deep WFC3/IR observations over the HUDF and GOODS fieldsMariska Kriek
2011/03/03JuddBowmanArizona State UniversityData and Results! Redshifted 21 cm Cosmology Has BegunJonathan Pritchard
2006/11/09NielBrandtPenn State UniversityAdventuring Through the Distant X-ray Universe: Recent Results from the Chandra Deep Field SurveysJeff McClintock
12/04/03 JeanBrodieUC Observatories/LickGlobular Cluster Sub-Populations and Galaxy Assembly John Huchra
2011/11/03JeanBrodieUC Santa CruzGlobular Clusters and Halo Stars: Chemodynamical tracers of galaxy assembly beyond the Local GroupCharlie Conroy
2007/04/12MikeBrownCaltechThe Dwarf Planets of the Outer Solar SystemDan Green
5/24/01Timothy M. BrownHAOBob Noyes
2006/04/06WarrenBrownCfAClay Fellowship Lecture: Hypervelocity Stars Ejected from the Galactic CenterCharles Alcock
2007/04/26WarrenBrownCfABok Prize Lecture: Discoveries of Hypervelocity Stars and What They Tell Us About the Galactic CenterMargaret Geller
1996 May 23DonBrownleeU.Washington GEMS
1997 January 30JamesBuckleyF.L. Whipple ObservatoryTeV Gamma-Rays from Blazars and Supernova Remnants
3/16/00Adam S. BurrowsArizonaDimitar Sasselov
2011/04/14LauraCadonatiU Mass AmherstProbing the Transient Universe with Gravitational Waves: Status and ProspectsEdo Berger
02/27/03 DanielaCalzettiSTScI L. Kewley
5/7/99 Claude Canizares*Sackler Lecture*Ramesh Narayan
03/27/03 RobinCanupSWRI M. Holman
09/16/04 ChrisCarilliNRAORadio Astronomical Probes of Cosmic ReionizationLincoln Greenhill
2009/09/10ChrisCarilliNRAORadio observations of galaxy formationAneta siemiginowska
1997 10 16JohnCarlstromU. Chicago
02/11/02 John CarlstromU. Chicago L. Grego
2011/04/21JohnCarlstromUniversity of ChicagoSackler Lecture: New Results from the 10 meter South Pole Telescope
2/11/99Marcella CarolloJohns HopkinsGeorge Rybicki
2012/03/08JoshCarterCfAPhotodynamics with KeplerDave Latham
03/25/04 AnnalisaCelottiInternational School for Advanced Studies, ItalyJets in Active Nuclei: what are we learning?Antonella Fruscione
11/01/01 Catherine CesarskyESO G. Fazio
2/15/01Brian ChaboyerDartmouthDimitar Sasselov
2007/09/27DeeptoChakrabartyMITSpin and Magnetic Evolution of Millisecond X-ray PulsarsJonathan Grindlay
03/18/04 DaveCharbonneauCaltechThe Brown Dwarf Radial Velocity SurveyRobert Noyes
1997 March 20 JaneCharltonPennsylvania State UniversityQuasar Absorption Lines: The Evolution of Galactic Gas Over Cosmic Time
1996 September 19RogerChevalierUniversity of VirginiaDiversity of Supernovae: SN 1987A and SN 1993J
04/01/04 RogerChevalierUniversity of VirginiaNeutron Stars, Pulsar Wind Nebulae, and their SupernovaeRobert Kirshner
05/13/04 PhilipChristensenArizona State UniversityThe history of water on Mars: Evidence from minerals, morphology (and rovers).[Video of the Presentation] Scott Kenyon
2006/09/07JoergenChristensen-DalsgaardUniversity of Aarhus, DenmarkHelio- and asteroseismology: windows on stellar interiors James Arthur LectureSylvain Korzennik
03/31/05 Edward B.ChurchwellThe University of WisconsinRecent Results from the Spitzer GLIMPSE Legacy Science ProgramTom Megeath
09/26/02 RobinCiardulloPenn State W. Forman
2011/05/12JudithCohenCaltechCecilia Payne-Gaposchkin Lecture: 40 Years of Accurate Galactic Stellar AbundancesCharles Alcock
2007/11/15AlisonCoilUniversity of ArizonaGalaxies, Dark Matter and Black Holes at z=1Giovanni Fazio
1/18/01Matthew CollessStromloJohn Huchra
1996 Feb 8FrancoiseCombesIAP, Paris Molecular Absorption at z~1
2011/03/10CharlieConroyHarvard/CfAThe Stellar Initial Mass Function is not Universal"Jay Strader
2010/10/07AsanthaCoorayUC IrvineThe dusty Universe unveiled by Herschel-SPIREMatt Ashby
04/03/03 StephaneCorbelSaclay P. Kaaret
2005/09/29Gary DaCostaMt. Stromlo Observatory, The Australian National ObservatoryThe Structure of the Sculptor and Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal GalaxiesNelson Caldwell
12/05/02 LenCowieU. Hawaii, IfA J. Huchra
2009/05/07T. J.CoxCfApH Lecture: Using Numerical Simulations to Study the Formation and Evolution of GalaxiesCharles Alcock
2006/03/09SteveCranmerCfALeaky Stars: Pulsations, Waves, and Turbulence in Stellar Winds across the H-R DiagramJohn Kohl
2008/04/03JamesCroninKavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, Enrico Fermi InstituteSackler Lecture: Study of the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays with the Pierre Auger ObservatoryCharles Alcock
2010/01/21JudithCrostonUniversity of SouthamptonThe physics of radio lobes: particle content, energetics and environmentsDan Harris
2011/04/07MatijaCukCfA / Clay FellowClay Fellowship Lecture: Lunar History: Four Views of the CataclysmCharles Alcock
2008/02/14BozenaCzernyCopernicus Astronomical Center, WarsawActive galactic nuclei: the weather reportAneta Siemiginowska
12/19/02 JulianeDalcantonU. Washington K. Stanek
04/18/02 AlexDalgarnoCfA K. Kirby
12/21/00Thomas M. DameCfAPat Thaddeus
2012/02/16TomDameCfAThe Milky Way as a Grand Design SpiralPatrick Thaddeus
1996 October 3ArthurDavidsenJohns HopkinsIntergalactic hydrogen and helium and the baryon density of the Universe
03/13/03 JamesDavisCfA J. Moran
1996 May 9MarcDavisUC Berkeley Large Scale Comparison of Peculiar Velocity and Gravity Fields
1997 April 10 DavidDeVorkin National Air and Space Museum The Astrophysical Observatory of the Smithsonian Institution under Charles Greeley Abbot: A Time of Expansive Dreams and Promise.
05/06/04 AvishaiDekelThe Hebrew University, IsraelThe Characteristic Scale of Galaxy FormationAbraham Loeb
2010/04/08AvishaiDekelHebrew UniversityHigh-z Galaxy Formation in the Standard CosmologyYuval Birnboim
2006/12/14StevenDickNASA HeadquartersAstrobiology and the Biological UniverseOwen Gingerich
1997 11 13MarkDickinsonSTScI
2008/11/20ShepDoelemanMIT / HaystackApproaching the event horizon: submm-VLBI of SgrA*Jim Moran
01/31/02 Megan DonahueSTScI C. Jones
04/21/05 ChrisDoneUniversity of DurhamAccretion onto black holes: from galactic binaries to AGNAneta Siemiginowska
2/26/98 BruceDraine Princeton A. Goodman
2006/02/23BruceDrainePrincetonNew Views of Interstellar Dust: From Infrared to X-RaysPhil Myers
11/02/00Frank DrakeSETI InstituteDave Latham
10/23/03 JanetDrewImperial College LondonA binary taxonomy brain-teaser: the first carbon-enhanced cataclysmic variable Scott Kenyon
1996 Apr 11AndreaDupreeCfA Extreme Ultraviolet Spectroscopy: What's Hot about Cool Stars?
2006/04/27JerryEdelsteinBerkeleyThe Galactic Far Ultraviolet SkyJeremy Drake
5/14/98 GeorgeEfstathiou IOA, Cambridge A. Loeb
2012/03/22DanielEisensteinHarvardDark Energy and Cosmic SoundBob Kirshner
2011/02/17JoshEisnerUniv. of ArizonaProbing Star and Planet Formation: Gas and Dust within 1 AU of Young StarsSean Andrews
2/19/98 RichardEllis Cambridge
09/27/01 Bruce Elmegreen IBM C. Jones
2007/04/19Debra MeloyElmegreenVassar CollegeClumpy Galaxies in the Early UniverseJohn Huchra
1996 Feb 29MartinElvisCfA X-rays and High Redshift Quasars
2009/02/26MartinElvisCfAEclipsing in AGN: X-ray Absorption and AGN StructureJosh Grindlay
03/14/02 Aaron EvansSUNY, Stony Brook D. Dobrzycka
2008/09/25JamesEvansProgram in Science, Technology and Society, University of Puget SoundGravity in the Century of Light: The Gravitation Theory of Georges-Louis Le SageOwen Gingerich
02/10/05 NealEvansUniversity of TexasStar Formation in ContextPhil Myers
10/19/00August E. EvrardMichiganBill Forman
03/03/05 PepiFabbianoHarvard-Smithsonian Center for AstrophysicsInvestigating galaxy evolution with ChandraJonathan Grindlay
05/27/04 SandraFaberUC Observatories/Lick ObservatoryCecilia Payne-Gaposchkin Lecture: Galaxy Evolution over the Latter Half of Cosmic History[Video of the Presentation] Irwin Shapiro
5/7/98 AndyFabian IOA, Cambridge W. Forman
2008/10/16AndyFabianIoA, CambridgeThe cool stuff in the cores of clusters of galaxiesJulia Lee
2011/12/01DanFabryckyUC Santa CruzNew Views on Extrasolar Planetary Systems from KeplerMatt Holman
05/16/02 HeinoFalckeMPIfR Bonn A. Siemiginowska
11/4/99Emilio FalcoCfADan Fabricant
11/15/01 XiaohuiFanPrinceton K. Stanek
01/29/04 GiovanniFazioHarvard-Smithsonian Center for AstrophysicsRecent Results from the Spitzer Space Telescope: A New View of the Infrared UniverseDan Fabricant
2010/03/04GiovanniFazioCfAObserving the High Redshift (z > 5) Universe with Spitzer: Cold and WarmCharles Alcock
1996 Feb 1WilliamFeldmanUlysses
4/12/01Henry C. FergusonSTScIRick Harnden
1997 11 20AndreaFerraraArcetri
03/07/02 Laura FerrareseRutgers J. Huchra
05/15/03 BrianFieldsU. Illinois M. Zaldarriaga
09/25/03 BrianFieldsUniv. of IllinoisPrimordial Nucleosynthesis in Light of the Cosmic Microwave Background Kentaro Nagamine
2/24/00Alexei V. FilippenkoBerkeleyBob Kirshner
2007/01/25DouglasFinkbeinerCfA"Exciting" Dark Matter and the 511 keV line.Alyssa Goodman
1997 February 13FabrizioFioreOsservatorio Astronomico di RomaObservations with the BeppoSAX Satellite
12/7/00Debra FischerBerkeleyBob Noyes
2006/02/16DebraFischerSan Francisco State UniversityRadcliffe Lecture in the Sciences: Formation and Evolution of Extrasolar Planetary SystemsBob Noyes
10/07/04 LenFiskUniversity of MichiganBehavior of the Open Magnetic Flux of the SunLeon Golub
2009/12/17RyanFoleyCfA / Clay FellowClay Fellowship Lecture: Type Ia Supernovae are NOT Standard Candles (but Dark Energy Still Exists)Charles Alcock
1995 Dec 14AdamFrankU.MinnJets from Young Stellar Objects
2010/02/04AnnaFrebelCfA / Clay FellowClay Fellowship Lecture: Stellar Archaeology: New Science with Old starsCharles Alcock
1997 11 06WendyFreedmanCarnegie
2006/03/16WendyFreedmanCarnegie ObservatoriesCecilia Payne-Gaposchkin Lecture: Measuring Cosmological ParametersCharles Alcock
05/26/05 RichardFrenchWhitin Observatory, Wellesley CollegeSaturn's Rings in the Cassini EraBrian McLeod
10/5/00Andrew S. FruchterSTScIAlyssa Goodman
2008/03/20SteveFurlanettoUCLABok Prize Lecture: Piecing Together ReionizationJim Moran
04/25/02 BryanGaenslerCfAI. Shapiro
2005/10/20BryanGaenslerCfAMagnetars and Their EnvironmentsJosh Grindlay
1997 January 23Antoinette B.GalvinUniversity of MarylandSolar Wind Composition Measurements: Guideposts to Solar and Heliospheric Processes
2005/10/13GiuseppeGavazziUniversita' degli Studi di Milano-BicoccaThe Evolution of Evolved GalaxiesAntonella Fruscione
2005/11/17MarlaGehaCarnegie ObservatoriesDwarf Disk Galaxies: Exploring Dynamics and Baryon Content at the Faint-end of the Luminosity FunctionCharles Alcock
2009/10/08MarlaGehaYaleThe Darkest GalaxiesAnna Frebel
05/12/05 NeilGehrelsNASA Goddard Space Flight CenterGamma Ray Burst Discoveries by the Swift MissionStephen Murray
2006/05/18MargaretGellerCfAA Lensing Map... A Redshift SurveyDaniel Fabricant
1997 10 09ReinhardGenzelMax Planck
2010/05/13ReinhardGenzelMPECecilia Payne-Gaposchkin Lecture: Formation and Evolution of Massive Galactic Disks at z~1-2James Moran
2008/09/11SuviGezariJohns HopkinsFlares from Starving Beasts: The Tidal Disruption of Stars by Supermassive Black HolesMartin Elvis
1996 October 10AndreaGhezUCLAThe Frequency and Effect of Young Companion Stars
4/22/99AndreaGhezUCLAMark Reid
2007/09/20AndreaGhezUCLASackler Lecture: Bringing our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole and its Environs into Focus with Laser Guide Star Adaptive OpticsCharles Alcock
5/4/00Andrea M. GhezUCLAAlyssa Goodman
05/01/03 RiccardoGiaconniAUI I. Shapiro
05/24/02 RobertoGilmozziESO D. Fabricant
12/13/01 OwenGingerichHarvard D. Latham
2009/01/29OwenGingerichCfAKepler, Galileo, and the Birth of Modern AstronomyCharles Alcock
1996 September 26RiccardoGiovanelliCornellDeviations from Hubble Flow in the Local Universe
2012/03/15MikeGladdersU. ChicagoThrough a Glass Darkly: Galaxy Clusters and Strong LensingAndrew Szentgyorgyi
03/10/05 MarceloGleiserDartmouth CollegeHistory of Astronomy LectureOwen Gingerich
3/19/98 PeterGoldreich Caltech A. Loeb
04/29/04 PeterGoldreichCaltechFinal Stages of Planet FormationRamesh Narayan
2006/01/26LeonGolubCfAObserving The X-ray SunEd DeLuca
2011/09/08LeonGolubCfAA New View of the Solar CoronaEd DeLuca
1995 Oct 5AlyssaGoodmanHarvard CfA
9/17/98Alyssa Goodman*Bok Prize Lecture*R. Narayan
2009/10/15AlyssaGoodmanHarvard/CfAHolistic Star FormationEdo Berger
2007/11/01PaulGreenCfABlack Holes in the Blue Yonder - the Chandra Multiwavelength Project (ChaMP)Aneta Siemiginowska
2009/04/30JennyGreenePrincetonBok Prize Lecture: From Galaxy Nuclei to Galaxy Outskirts: Building Bulges from the Inside OutJim Moran
5/6/99Lincoln Greenhill*Bok Prize I*Alyssa Goodman
01/20/05 PhilGregoryUniversity of British ColumbiaA Bayesian Revolution in Spectral AnalysisVinay Kashyap
1996 Apr 4JoshGrindlayCfA Compact Objects and Binaries in Globular Clusters: ROSAT and HST Revelations
11/30/00Tristan GuillotNiceDimitar Sasselov
2006/05/25JamesGunnPrinceton UniversitySackler Lecture: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Past and FutureCharles Alcock
03/28/02 Evan HadinghamWGBH M. Schneps
2008/02/07FrancisHalzenU. WisconsinHigh-Energy Neutrino Astronomy: Towards a Kilometer-Scale Neutrino Observatory.Andrew Szentgyorgyi
1996 November 14FredHamannUC San Diego
1995 Nov 30HeidiHammelMITSL9 Impact with Jupiter
03/11/04 BradHansenUCLAThe White Dwarf cooling sequence in the Globular Cluster Messier 4Josh Grindlay
11/29/01 LeeHartmannSAO A. Dupree
09/11/03 PeterHauschildtUniv. of HamburgModel Atmospheres of M, L, and T dwarfs Scott Kenyon
5/21/98 MikeHauser STScI J. Vrtilek
09/12/02 JohnHawleyU. Virginia S. Kenyon
2007/11/08MarthaHaynesCornell UniversityCecilia Payne-Gaposchkin Lecture: HI Cosmology in the Local Universe with ALFALFACharles Alcock
4/20/00Martha P. HaynesCornellDave Latham
05/29/03 TimHeckmanJohns Hopkins M. Elvis
12/10/98Carl HeilesUC BerkeleyA. Goodman
2012/05/24CraigHeinkeU. AlbertaEvidence for Neutron Superfluidity in Neutron Star CoresJosh Grindlay
2009/02/19SebastianHeinzUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison"Black hole exhaust: An environmental impact study of microquasars"Julia Lee
1996 Mar 21DavidHelfandColumbia First Science from the FIRST Survey
1995 Oct 26PatHenryU.Hawaii
1996 Apr 25LarsHernquistUC Santa Cruz Quasar Absorbtion Lines in a CD Universe
3/12/98 LarsHernquist U.C. Santa Cruz A. Loeb
2011/03/31LarsHernquistHarvard / CfACollective Origin of Spiral Structure in Disk GalaxiesAnna Frebel
5/13/99James Herrnstein*Bok Prize II*Jim Moran
02/07/02 Jeff HesterArizona State P. Slane
12/18/03 JacquelineHewittMITLOFAR as a Radio Large-Aperture Synoptic Survey Telescope Alyssa Goodman
2007/02/22LynneHillenbrandCaltechFrom Protostars to Planets to Debris Around Young SunsLori Allen
2006/02/02PhilHinzUniversity of ArizonaSearching for other Solar Systems with the MMT Deformable SecondaryBrian McLeod
2012/04/19ChrisHirataCaltechUnderstanding the cosmic recombination epochDaniel Eisenstein
1995 Oct 19R.HjellmingNRAO Socorro
02/24/05 LuisHoCarnegie ObservatoriesBlack Hole Demographics in the Local UniversePaul Ho
03/17/05 PaulHoHarvard-Smithsonian Center for AstrophysicsScience with the Submillimeter ArrayJames Moran
2010/12/16DavidHoggNYUModeling astrophysics data for discovery, classification, and precise measurementRyan Foley
06/03/04 JaritaHolbrookBARA - University of ArizonaCultural Astronomy of AfricaAntonella Fruscione
2005/12/01MattHolmanCfAThe Use of Transit Timing to Detect Extrasolar PlanetsJoshua Winn
2007/10/25DanHooperFermiLabHot On The Trail of Particle Dark MatterDoug Finkbeiner
2012/03/29PhilHopkinsUC BerkeleyStar Formation, Black Holes, and Feedback in Galaxy FormationLars Hernquist
2/8/01Martin HuberESAJohn Kohl
2010/09/23JohnHuchraCfAAstro2010: New Worlds, New HorizonsCharles Alcock
2011/01/27TobyHuffHarvard / UMass DartmouthWhy the West? The Telescope and the 17th Century Revolution in Astronomy: A Global ViewOwen Gingerich
2006/09/21JackHughesRutgers UniversityNew Insights into the Physics of Supernovae and their Remnants: A Comprehensive X-ray Study of SN 1572Pat Slane
2009/11/05ScottHughesMITThe gravitational two-body problem in general relativityAlicia Soderberg
10/28/04 Scott A.HughesMITGravitational Waves: A Tool for Studying Black Hole PhysicsRosanne Di Stefano
04/08/04 DeidreHunterLowell ObservatoryThe Stellar Structure of Irregular GalaxiesMargaret Geller
05/08/03 ChrisImpeyU. Arizona B. McLeod
2010/10/14MartinIsraelWashington University, St. LouisThe Origin of Galactic Cosmic RaysGiovanni Fazio
2008/09/04ZeljkoIvezicUniversity of WashingtonMapping the Milky Way with SDSS and LSSTDouglas Finkbeiner
2011/05/05SaurabhJhaRutgers UniversityBok Lecture: Cosmology with Supernovae: Progress and ProspectsJim Moran
2011/02/10JohnJohnsonCaltechGiant Exoplanets in the Stellar Mass-Metallicity PlaneRuth Murray-Clay
09/18/03 KathrynJohnstonWesleyan UniversityStellar Halos and Hierarchical Structure Formation James Bullock
2012/01/26AlexanderJonesNYUThe Antikythera MechanismOwen Gingerich
05/20/04 ChristineJonesSmithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryThe Impacts of AGN Outbursts on the Hot Gaseous Atmospheres of Elliptical Galaxies[Video of the Presentation] Maxim Markevitch
2008/04/10AndresJordanCfAClay Fellowship Lecture: Galaxies in Nearby Clusters: Cored Giants, Nucleated Dwarfs and Everything in Between.Charles Alcock
9/23/99Steven M. KahnColumbiaJosh Grindlay
2009/10/01JasonKaliraiSTSCIStellar Evolution, Mass Loss, and Dead StarsJay Strader
4/26/01Vassiliki KalogeraCfAIrwin Shapiro
2010/03/18VickyKalogeraNorthwesternBinary Compact Objects and their Powerful AstrophysicsAlicia Soderberg
2007/05/17LisaKalteneggerCfApH Lecture: Spectral Fingerprints of Earth-like ExoplanetsCharles Alcock
5/11/00Marc KamionkowskiCaltechAvi Loeb
2006/09/14DavidKaplanMITNearby, Thermally Emitting Neutron Stars: Laboratories for Extreme PhysicsPat Slane
2007/10/04JustinKasperCfABreaking the Ionospheric Barrier: The Murchison Wide-field Array and the Return of Low Frequency Radio AstronomyLeon Golub
1997 10 30VickyKaspiMIT
2009/04/02VickyKaspiMcGillSackler Lecture: Magnetars: Progress and PuzzlesJames Moran
2008/10/02GuinevereKauffmannMax-Planck-Institute for AstrophysicsGalaxies and their Supermassive Black Holes: Lessons from the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyAneta Siemiginowska
2006/04/20CharlesKeetonRutgers UniversityTesting Theories of Gravity with Lensing by Compact ObjectsAneta Siemiginowska
11/12/98Rob KennicuttU. ArizonaJ. Huchra
2008/11/13ScottKenyonCfAFormation and Evolution of Planets and Debris DisksNancy Brickhouse
1997 January 16Brian W.KerniganBell LaboratoriesThe C Programming Language -- Past, Present and Future
1996 Apr 18MartinKesslerESA ISO - Initial In-Orbit Results
2011/09/15LisaKewleyIfA, HawaiiGalaxy Formation and Evolution through MetalsMargaret Geller
2011/04/28MukreminKilicCfApH Lecture: The Quest for Type Ia Supernova Progenitors
09/13/01 Andrew King U. Leicester M. Garcia
9/24/98Bob KirshnerHarvard U.I. Shapiro
2007/05/10RobertKirshnerCfAFundamentals of Supernova CosmologyDaniel Fabricant
2008/12/11JillKnappPrinceton UniversityStar Formation in the Taurus Dark CloudsAlyssa Goodman
2005/09/08AndrewKnollHarvard, Department of Earth and Planetary SciencesOpportunity, Meridiani, and the Search for Life on MarsDimitar Sasselov
9/30/99 Andrew H. KnollHarvardDimitar Sasselov
1997 February 6ChristopherKochanekHarvard UniversityRebuilding the Cepheid Distance Scale
10/02/03 AntonKoekemoerSpace Telescope Science InstituteExtreme X-ray/Optical sources (EXOs): Probes of the High Redshift Universe Harvey Tananbaum
1996 November 21JohnKohlCfA
2008/02/28RockyKolbU. Chicago, KICPTaking Sides on the Dark Energy Issue Note: due to a technical problem, the video begins ~10 mins. into the talk.Douglas Finkbeiner
12/16/04 AriehKoniglUniversity of ChicagoRelativistic Jets in Gamma-Ray Burst Sources and Active Galactic NucleiGeorge Rybicki
2006/03/23AlanKosteleckyIndiana UniversityTesting RelativityRon Walsworth
2009/11/12RalphKraftCfAAn X-ray Study of the Nearest Radio Galaxy - Centaurus AChristine Jones
2011/11/17MariskaKriekCfA / Clay FellowClay Fellowship Lecture: The Lifecycles of Massive GalaxiesCharles Alcock
2010/03/11MarkKrumholzUC Santa CruzUnderstanding the Star Formation RateStella Offner
1997 12 11ShriKulkarniCaltech
4/9/01Shri KulkarniCaltech/MITIrwin Shapiro
2007/02/01ShriKulkarniCaltechAn explosion of cosmic explosionsRamesh Narayan
2012/05/17DonaldKurtzU. Central LancashireAsteroseismology: A New Keplerian RevolutionMatt Holman
2008/10/09Donald W.KurtzUniversity of Central LancashireAsteroseismologyDave Latham
1997 March 13 CharlesLadaCenter for AstrophysicsDeciphering the Nature of the Youngest Stellar Objects And the Need for an Infrared Spectrograph for the MMT
2007/10/18CharlesLadaCfADark Nebular Cores and the Origin of Stellar MassesRamesh Narayan
3/25/99Charlie LadaCfAGeorge Field
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