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Fall 2014 OIR Events
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   To sign up to give an OIR seminar, email Ivana Damjanov or Kate Rubin or Anna Barnacka
with your name, title of your talk, and the (unscheduled) date you want to give it.
We generally do not arrange OIR seminars outside of the regular schedule.
The current seminar schedule is below.
[ Here is information about places to stay when visiting]

These seminars are held on Wednesday from 11:00 am to noon in the Pratt Conference Room.
Click on the title for the abstract or the speaker's name for their home page.
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27 August Markus BŲttcher (North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa)
Polarization as a diagnostic of the emission processes in relativistic jets
3 September Thomas Kupfer (Radboud University Nijmegen)
The evolution of compact binaries:
Binary white dwarf systems as strong gravitational wave sources
10 September Rosalie McGurk (UCSC)
Spatially Resolved Spectroscopic and X-ray Observations
to Confirm or Disprove Dual Active Galactic Nuclei
24 September Tea Temim (NASA Goddard)
Supernovae as Drivers of Dust Evolution in Galaxies
01 October Alicia Soderberg (Harvard - CfA)
Explosive Results from the Supernova Forensics Team
08 October Aaron Dotter (STScI)
Stellar models of multiple populations in globular clusters
15 October
Phillips Auditorium!
Rodrigo Herrera Camus (University of Maryland)
[CII] 158 μm Emission as a Star Formation Tracer
22 October Stijn Wuyts (MPE)
Resolving the assembly of massive galaxies at cosmic noon
05 November Katherine Alatalo (IPAC - CalTech)
The Nature of Star Formation Quenching in Unlikely Sources
12 November Dan Weisz (UCSC)
Life and Times of the Lowest Mass Galaxies
19 November Michael Maseda (MPIA)
Emission Line Galaxies in the 3D-HST Survey
17 December Yicheng Guo (UCSC)
The formation and evolution of clumpy galaxies from z=3 to z=0.5

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