SSP Seminars


SSP seminars are held from Noon to 1:00pm in the Pratt conference room, PG-04, 60 Garden Street, unless otherwise noted below.

Monday September 1
Holiday: Labor Day
Monday September 8
12:00 pm, Pratt
Monday September 15
12:00 pm, Pratt
Andrew Szentgyorgyi, CfA-SSP
SSP Introduction
Monday September 22
12:00 pm, Pratt
Nada Al-haddad, KU Leuven
Monday September 29
12:00 pm, Pratt
Steve Howell, NASA
A New High-Resolution Imaging View of Exoplanet Host Stars
Monday October 6
12:00 pm, Pratt
Sharon Wang, Penn State
Pushing Radial Velocity Precision to 1m/s
Thursday October 9
1:00 pm, Pratt
Peter Young
The X-flare of 29 March 2014: new results from the best-ever flare observation
Monday October 13
Holiday: Columbus Day
Friday October 17
2:00 pm, A-101
Rob Zellem, University of Arizona
Observing Transiting Exoplanets: Removing Systematic Errors to Constrain Atmospheric Abundances, Structure, and Dynamics
Monday October 20
12:00 pm, Pratt
George Zhou, Mt. Stromlo Observatory
Measuring the asymmetries in transit light curves
Monday October 27
12:00 pm, Pratt
Angie Wolfgang, UC-Santa Cruz
Leveraging the Power of a Planet Population: Compositions, Mass-Radius Relation, and Host Star Multiplicity of Kepler's Super-Earths
Monday November 3
12:00 pm, Pratt
Johanna Teske, Carnegie-DTM
Constraining Exoplanet Compositions via Host Star Abundances
Monday November 10
12:00 pm, Pratt
Catarina Ubach, Swinburne University
Radio Monitoring of Protoplanetary Disks in Chameoleon and Lupus
Monday November 17
12:00 pm, Pratt
Jorge Zuluaga, Universidad de Antioquia
Radiation and plasma environment of circumbinary potentially habitable planets
Monday November 24
12:00 pm, Pratt
Jeb Bailey, University of Michigan
Monday December 1
12:00 pm, Pratt
Hui Tian, CfA
Tuesday December 2
2:45 pm, Pratt
Ann-Marie Cody, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Monday December 8
12:00 pm, Pratt
Jason Curtis, Penn State
Monday December 15
12:00 pm, Pratt

[Past and future seminars]

To speakers: Please be sure to send an abstract of your talk to Christian Johnson (cjohnson at and Francesca DeMeo (fdemeo at by the close of business on the Wednesday (or at the very latest, Noon EST/EDT on the Thursday) before the talk, in order to allow us to advertise it in the weekly CfA events calendar. Please send a title as soon as it is ready. Directions to the CfA are available here, and the OIR group maintain a useful guide to local accommodations for visitors from out of town. A map of the CfA is available here.

Please contact Christian Johnson (cjohnson at and Francesca DeMeo (fdemeo at if you would like to give a talk, or if you have a visitor that you would like us to invite to give a talk.