Finite temperature and low energy effects in cold atomic and molecular few- and many-body systems

 March 25-27, 2013

ITAMP, Cambridge, MA


The workshop will webcast on the days of the event at the link below
All Sessions are held in Phillips Auditorium (60 Garden St.)
Each Talk is for 30 minutes, followed by 10 minutes for Q&A.

Monday, March 25, 2013

8:15 am

Registration, Coffee and Pastries
8:50 am

Welcome by Hossein Sadeghpour
8:55 am

Welcome by the Organizers

Session I  Chair: Doerte Blume

9:05 am

Zoran Hadzibabic: Equilibrium and non-equilibrium condensation of interacting bosons
9:45 am

Matthew Davis: Non-equilibrium dynamics in finite temperature Bose gases

10:50 am

Brian Anderson: Two-dimensional quantum turbulence in BECs
11:30 am

Cheng Chin: Strong Interacting Bose Gases in Two Dimensions 
12:15 pm


Session II  Chair Janine Shertzer

2:00 pm

Alain Aspect: Anderson Localization and Coherent Back Scattering of Ultra Cold Atoms in an optical disordered potential
2:40 pm

Maxim Olshanii: Integrable One-Dimensional Three-Body Problems Based on Exotic and Non-Crystallographic Root Systems
3:20 pm

Jason Ho: TBD

4:30 pm

Nikolai Prokof'ev: Diagrammatics for Frustrated Spin systems
5:10 pm

Martin Zwierlein: Heavy solitons in a Fermionic Superfluid
5:50 pm


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

8:00 am

Coffee and Pastries

Session III  Chair: Barbara Capogrosso-Sansone

8:30 am

Svetlana Kotochigova: Properties of ultracold polar molecules and highly-magnetic atoms relevant for many-body physics
9:10 am

Albert Frisch: Polar Feshbach Molecules of Ultracold Erbium Atoms

10:20 am

Benjamin Lev: Exploring quantum soft matter with ultracold atoms
11 am

Kevin Daily: High-temperature thermodynamics from the virial equation of state

11:40 am

Monika Aidelsburger: Direct Measurement of the Zak phase in Topological Bloch Bands

12:30 pm

Lunch (We offer to lead one group to Porter Square, one group to Harvard Square)

Session IV  Chair: Alexandre Dodonov

2:00 pm

Charles Grenier: Probing thermoelectric transport with ultracold fermions
2:40 pm

Dominik Schneble: Probing (dis-)order in lattice-trapped bosonic mixtures

3:20 pm

Maciej Lewenstein: Small clouds of ultracold atoms in artificial gauge fields: excitations, dynamics and detection of topological states

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

8:15 am

Coffee and Pastries

Session V  Chair: Seth Rittenhouse

8:45 am

Yujun Wang: Signatures of the Efimov effect in “hot” three-body collisions
9:25 am

Daniel Phillips: Beyond universality: using effective field theory to quantify range corrections in three-atom systems
10:05 am

Selim Jochim: One, two, three, many: Exploring quantum systems one atom at a time


Workshop colloquium: Chris Greene: 3-body universal Efimov physics beyond the zero-range model
12:30 pm

Closing of the workshop