Wolbach Library: Collaborative Space Schedule

Library's common meeting space on the lower level
Welcome to the John G. Wolbach Library collaborative space calendar. The space is located on the lower level of the library and can be reserved by members of the CfA community for various purposes such as presentations, workshops, council meetings, user group discussions and much more.

The collaborative space is open from 9am to 1pm. Please contact library@cfa.harvard.edu to schedule the collaborative space for your event.

A variety of multimedia equipment is available such as a 65" LCD TV, 3D projector, portable projection screen and other accessories. 30 stackable chairs and four collapsible tables are available for use.

A Polycom conference phone is available upon request. Inquire first with the library and then with the CF Help Desk.

To learn more about the collaborative space, or to schedule use of the space,
please contact library@cfa.harvard.edu with your details.


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