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The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) will invest $6 million over five years to create an extraordinary array of professional development forums, workshops, and teaching laboratories for the nation's 3 million elementary and secondary school teachers.

The new, technologically sophisticated services for teachers of English, literature, and history will be offered free-of-charge on the digital Annenberg/CPB Channel produced by the Science Media Group of the CfA's Science Education Department.

The proposed courses will build on the Annenberg/CPB Projects' renowned collection of professional development programming for math and science teachers, and national workshops through which K-12 math and science teachers can earn graduate credit. The Projects also deliver educational series in all areas of the high school and college curriculum.

The highly-regarded Annenberg/CPB Channel currently reaches over 23,000 schools and 10.8 million homes throughout North America, as well as colleges, libraries, public broadcasting, and other public access stations, with educationally rich fare for students and educators. It is made possible by the vision and generosity of Ambassador Walter H. Annenberg.

Production for the new programming begins in Spring 1999 and will be scheduled on the Annenberg/CPB Channel beginning in Spring 2000.

The Annenberg/CPB Project, founded in 1981, and the Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project, founded in 1991, use electronic communications media to improve education for all Americans. The notable series and activities of the Annenberg/CPB Projects include Connect with English, Destinos, French in Action, Journey North, The Mechanical Universe, Perseus, the Teaching Math Libraries, The Western Tradition, and, the CfA-created series, A Private Universe.


The Director, Associate Directors, and Department Managers of the Center for Astrophysics hosted CfA staff, as well as friends and families, at the 1998 Annual CfA Awards Ceremony at Monday, November 23, in the St. Peter's School Auditorium. (See photos at end of Almanac.)

Honored for long service were these staff members:

10 Years (SAO): Brenda Bernard, Jay Bookbinder, Edward Hertz, Margarita Karovska-Neily, Jonathan McDowell, James Phillips, Patrick Slane

10 Years (HCO): Cristina Brigham, Jean Collins, D. Cosmo Papa

15 Years (HCO): Alison Doane, Peggy Herlihy

20 Years (SAO): Daniel Brocious, Lester Cohen, Bruce Dias, Christine Forman, John Geary, Daniel Green, John Huchra, Eric Mandel, Wendy Roberts, Suzanne Romaine, Daniel West, Martin Zombeck

20 Years (HCO): Frank Rivera

25 Years (HCO): George Field, Peter Smith, Alastair Cameron

30 Years (SAO): John Hamwey, Lorayne Mohammed, Janis Panttila, Michael Pearlman, Wesley Traub

35 Years (HCO): Robert Noyes

40 Years (SAO): Gene Campbell, John Holman

In addition, special recognition awards were given to:

The SMA Team (Special Appreciation)

The CfA 25th Anniversary Bash Brigade (Special Appreciation)

The Celestial Celebration Team (Special Appreciation)

Charlie Hickey (Safety Award)

Julie Shaw and Su Tuttle (Most Valuable Players)

Bob Babcock, Jeannie LeBlanc, and Tom Regan (Unsung Heroes)

Larry Gardner (Unsung Hero)


Editor's Note: In a simpler, less hectic, time, "nutcake letters" came in plain brown wrappers often decorated with cabalistic symbols and child-like scrawls. Now, they come at the speed of light, byte blasts from around the world, crashing through firewalls to cheer and chill. Some recent examples of this new electronic assault on sense and sensibility follow:

E-mail me at ANUNNAQI@pobox.com, this came to my meta-physical self, 10,500 bc the suns power if hotter coud have penetrated further into space and fed life on mars, then probe other glactical entities that have a distance of a range of distance earthh to mars from their sun, we should find similar condition... for I refuse to believe that a creator would just make qi [earth] and leave the vast emptiness not teeming with life and it's very singularly stuoid of hu-man to believe WE are the only ones... invisible afrikan [fromdenationof ] RA-STAR-FAR-EYE

* * *

Save Everyone 200 Billion Dollars a Year. Close NASA Now

All I ever get from NASA is a photo of a star or planet or something like that with the assertion that, that is the universe. And I get all the bills, billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars of bills. Now Bob Lavelle comes up with the discovery of the whole universe. In all fairness and honesty, ladies and gentlemen, I think Bob Lavelle should get the money. He discovered the universe. He accomplished the task. He did the work. He's the good one. Yes I think Bob Lavelle should get all of NASA's money. Its what's fair. And like I always say forget about the bills,


* * *

To: pubaffairs@cfa.harvard.edu Subject: Improvem, pleaeaes.

Your website contains a considerable large amount of informatin, but it is not really organized.

I am a astrology-cosmology-astrophysics lover, though surfing trouh your website is not as terrible as losing in the jungle, there is still a large room for improvement.

For your acknowledgement, I == am a Malaysian == am in The Chinese High School, Singapore now == have E-mail address: lipphang@yahoo.com.

This is the 1st time I write a comment via E-mail.

* * *
PLEASE what is the ultimate fate of the universe?? In 2/3 sentences, can you give me an idea for a debate about the fate of the country?? Thanks Wally

* * *

To whom it may concern;

Hello, My name is Mr. Kristoffer M. Watson,

I believe I have come up with a way to travel at light speed in space. I know many scientist think that traveling light speed is impossible, because of what will happen to objects as they reach light speed. I don't know what kind of shielding could be used to travel at this speed, but I do think I have come up with a way to travel at this speed. I have the schematics of a light powered engine that I think will work, but there are some details I need to work out. I was needing to know, if there is someone in your institution who may assist me with experimenting with my theory. If there is someone who can, please contact me as soon as possible, or direct me to someone who possibly could, thank you!

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