Wolbach Library: Pin Instructions

How do I request a PIN to use new features of the HOLLIS Catalog and access restricted electronic resources?

Many features of the HOLLIS Catalog and electronic resources that are available to the Harvard and CfA communities require a valid Harvard or SAO ID and a Harvard-assigned PIN.

Please follow these instructions to obtain your PIN now. NOTE: There are slightly different procedures for Harvard and SAO ID holders.

  1. Go to http://www.pin.harvard.edu
  2. Click on "Request a New Harvard University PIN"
  3. In the "HUID (first 8 digits)" field, enter the ID number printed on your Harvard or SAO ID card.
  4. In the "Last name" field, enter your last name.
  5. In the "Date of Birth" field, follow these instructions depending on the type of ID you have:
    • Harvard ID holders (including those who also have an SAO ID): Enter your date of birth as indicated on the form.
    • SAO ID holders who do not also have a Harvard ID: Enter your actual month and day of birth, but enter the year 1900 instead of your actual year of birth (MM/DD/1900). This is because of a Smithsonian Institution policy that prohibits the distribution of employees' full birth dates. All SAO birth years have been set to 1900 in the Harvard University ID database.
  6. Click "Request New PIN" and follow the instructions on the following pages. As indicated by the instructions, you will receive a temporary PIN that must be changed to a PIN of your own choosing within 30 days.
  7. If you have any problems obtaining a PIN, please contact the Library at library@cfa.harvard.edu or 617-496-5769.

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