Earth: The Blue Planet (Slide Set Number 101)
  • Slide 1: Photograph of full earth on left with size, mass, density, rotation period, axis tilt, surface gravity and number of satellites on right (Missing)
  • Slide 2: Landsat space photo showing Washington and Oregon with the Cascade range and the northwest volcanoes from Crater Lake to Mt. Rainier, including Mt. St. Helens (Missing)
  • Slide 3: The Landsat space view of the island of Hawaii showing the shields volcanoes Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea with their lava flows (Missing)
  • Slide 4: Galaxy Extraordinary space view of Mt. Egmont in New Zealand, one of the world's most perfectly shaped volcanoes
  • Slide 5: Landsat space view of the entire state of Louisiana showing the course of the Mississippi River along its entire eastern border to the Gulf of Mexico
  • Slide 6: Lagoon Space view of the Mississippi Delta showing numerous distributaries, the building delta and sediments depositing in the Gulf of Mexico (Missing)
  • Slide 7: Extraordinary space view of the Yukon Delta being built up as the Yukon River enters Norton Sound in the Bering Sea
  • Slide 8: Space view of the desert in Owens Valley east of the Sierra Nevada in California. View shows basin and range terrain with alluvial deposits and playa lakes
  • Slide 9: Trifid Space view of a remarkable sand dune field in the Tabla Makan Desert near Sinkiang, China
  • Slide 10: Space view of the Alaska Range north of Anchorage showing numberous rapidly moving glaciers
  • Slide 11: The Space view of huge icebergs in Northumberland Strait between Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia
  • Slide 12: Space view of the remarkable folded belt of the Appalachian Mountains near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Slide 13: Space view of basin and range country on the Oregon/Nevada border with graben valleys between
  • Slide 14: Diffuse Space view of the San Andreas and Garlock faults east of Los Angeles, California
  • Slide 15: Space view of the north Red Sea area showing the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea. Here, the earth's crust is opening as part of the East African Rift System
  • Slide 16: Space view of Iceland showing the Mid-Atlantic Ridge on land. Extensive basalt lava flows from the ridge are evident
  • Slide 17: Map of the world as it looked 200 million years ago showing all the continents fit together into the super continent of Pangaea

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