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Sky Chart: July 2014
10:00 pm EDT on July 12, 2014. Looking at Zenith, South at Bottom. (click to enlarge)*
The Big Dipper rides high in the NW on late July evenings. To the NE, the bright stars of the Summer Triangle - Vega, Altair, and Deneb - form their own recognizable pattern. Both are actually asterisms rather than constellations; they are well-known patterns formed from stars belonging to a single constellation or patterns made up of stars from several constellations. A prominent star pattern that is a true constellation in the deep south, Scorpius, truly resembles its namesake; there is a group of moderately-bright stars making up the Scorpion's head and claws, and the bright red star Antares representing its heart. Finally, there is a long sinuous string of stars representing its hindquarters - complete with stinger!

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