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Current Night Sky: August 2014 What's New

The Sky At A Glance

Phases of the Moon
First Quarter Moon August 3 8:50 pm EDT
Full Moon August 10 2:09 pm EDT
Last Quarter Moon August 17 8:26 am EDT
New Moon August 25 10:13 am EDT

The Moon & Planets

On August 2nd the waxing crescent Moon lies almost exactly between Mars and Spica. A day later, it passes between Mars and Saturn. In the morning sky of the 23rd, a waning crescent Moon forms a triangle, just 6° from Jupiter and 9° from Venus. Back in the evening sky on the 29th, the crescent Moon forms a compact triangle less than 5° on a side with Mars and Saturn. Most notably, this month in the dawn sky Jupiter and Venus will experience a conjunction. On the morning of the 18th they will be separated by less than the width of the Moon.

Evening Planets (after sunset)

  • Mercury, W
  • Mars, SW
  • Saturn, SW
  • Neptune, E

Visible at Midnight

  • Neptune, SE
  • Uranus, E

Morning Planets (before sunrise)

  • Neptune, SW
  • Uranus, S
  • Venus, E
  • Jupiter, E

There are no comets visible brighter than magnitude 8.


Everyone looks forward to the Perseid meteor shower in August. Unfortunately, this year, the Full Moon, which occurs just two days before the peak of the shower on August 12/13, rains on the parade; its bright light will drown out all but the brightest meteors.


A "Super Moon"


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