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Current Night Sky: July 2014 What's New

The Sky At A Glance

Phases of the Moon
First Quarter Moon July 5 7:59 am EDT
Full Moon July 12 7:25 am EDT
Last Quarter Moon July 18 10:08 pm EDT
New Moon July 26 6:42 pm EDT

The Moon & Planets

On July 5, the Moon, at First Quarter phase, passes less than a degree south of Mars. A day later, Spica is just 2-1/2° to its west. On the 6th, the Moon passes a degree and a half to the south of Saturn. On the dawn of the 24th, the waning crescent Moon lies about 8° to the right of Venus. A day later it rises about 7° to the right of Mercury.

Evening Planets (after sunset)

  • Jupiter, NW
  • Mars, SW
  • Saturn, S

Visible at Midnight

  • Mars, W
  • Saturn, SW
  • Neptune, SE

Morning Planets (before sunrise)

  • Neptune, S
  • Uranus, SE
  • Venus, E
  • Mercury, NE

There are no comets visible brighter than magnitude 8.


There are no major meteor showers in July.

Two Asteroids Synch Up

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