Running CASA on the R&G or CF Computers or the Hydra Cluster

There are six versions of CASA on the R&G public computers:
CASA version Executable in /usr/local/bin                Variable name
3.0.0 casapy-30.0.9860-001-64b             casapy30  
3.1.0 casapy-31.0.13530-002-64b           casapy31  
3.3.0 casapy-33.0.16856-002-64b           casapy33  
3.4.0 casapy-34.0.19988-002-64b           casapy34  
4.0.1 casapy-40.1.22889-003-64b           casapy40.1
4.1.0 casapy-stable-41.0.22971-001-64b casapy41  
4.2.0 casapy-42.0.28322-021-1-64b         casapy42  

To run version 4.2.0 on RTDC7, type:
  1. ssh -X rtdc7
  2. /usr/local/bin/casapy-42.0.28322-021-1-64b/casapy
  3. (or "casapy42")
Note: Casapy is updated weekly via rsync, but it may be best to use final releases (any of the above versions, except for "casapy-stable...").

Additionally, there are three versions of CASA on the CF managed linux computers:
CASA version Executable in /sma/ALMA               
3.4.0 casa-34/casapy            
4.1.0 casa-41/casapy            
4.2.0 casa-42/casapy            

To run version 4.1.0 on cfa0, type:
  1. ssh -X (if not on CF managed machine)
  2. ssh -Y cfa0
  3. /sma/ALMA/casa-41/casapy

In the near future, users will be able to run their time or cpu intensive jobs using parallelized CASA on SAO's HYDRA cluster. For a progress report, click here.