Current Night Sky: January 2015

The Moon & Planets: 
Earth at perihelion
sky chart
Evening Planets (after sunset): 
  • Mercury, in SW
  • Venus, in SW
  • Mars, in SW
  • Neptune, in S
  • Uranus, in SE
Morning Planets (before sunrise): 
  • Jupiter, SW
  • Saturn, SE

Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) will be well placed for viewing in the Northern Hemisphere, and may become bright enough to be an easy naked-eye object. (See our "What's New" page for more.)


The Quadrantid meteors peak on the night of January 3. Normally this is a very prolific shower, but this year the Full Moon will spoil the view.

Phases of the Moon: 
Full Moon January 4 11:53 pm EST
Last Quarter Moon January 13 4:46 am EST
New Moon January 20 8:14 am EST
First Quarter Moon January 26 11:48 pm EST

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