Sponsored Programs Section: What's New!


  • The SI PI Portal has been updated to include department level access. A designated Unit Administrator can now give access to grants, contracts, and Inter-Agency Agreements (IAA) in their own department. This means authorized users will now be able to see and manage all awards for their department. Please access the web site for further information. (July 14, 2014)
  • The Research.gov Team at the National Science Foundation (NSF) recently released a video tutorial on Research.gov's feature to capture citations in annual and final project reports through the uploading of a BibTeX file. This tutorial walks awardees through the creation and uploading process of a BibTeX file to a project report via Research.gov. To view the tutorial, visit the Research.gov Project Reporting page.
    The Research.gov BibTeX video tutorial is one in a series of tutorials that NSF is releasing to help awardees. This past February, NSF released the Project Reporting video tutorial, which highlights the process and tools available to complete and submit a project report.
  • NASA has provided inflation tables "for the purposes of estimating new efforts and for normalizing historical cost from prior missions. Pursuant to direction from the SAO Financial Management Department. All grant proposals, unless instructed otherwise, should include the inflation factors, identified below in all proposal budgets and budget justifications. Please Note: These factors should NOT be used if there is contract already in place. DCAA approved forward pricing indices should be used for all efforts that are already under contract." (April 7, 2014) NASA Inflation Tables
  • NSF announces changes to Reasearch.gov reporting features, based on user feedback. Some of the changes implemented March 17, 2014 include:
    • POs will view project reports in HTML rather than PDF
    • NSF will pre-populate the Products, Organization and Participants sections of a project report from information previously submitted in Research.gov
    • The progress report pages will be redesigned to optimize space, minimize scrolling efforts, and become more user-friendly
    • PIs will be able to edit reporting periods for an Interim Project Report (IPR)
    For more information, visit the Sponsored Programs Section's Preparing NSF Reports page. (March 17, 2014)
  • Web-STGMS (STScI's web-based reporting platform) is now operational and ready for use! Check out the new look, features and enhancements, and take it for a spin! Watch the 'How To Login' video after you go to the STGMS home page, and read the 'Web-STGMS Quick Reference Guide' before beginning (this is not meant to be an inclusive step by step manual, but covers the functions most frequently used by Investigators and Administrators).
    • Browsers Supported by Web-STGMS:
      • Firefox -- Preferred
      • Safari -- Preferred
      • Chrome -- Preferred
      • Internet Explorer (IE) -- Not Preferred (IE is problematic with web-based applications. If you must use IE, only IE 9 or higher is supported)
    Experiencing problems and have already referenced 'Help' and the 'Quick Reference Guide'? Contact the STScI Grants Administration Office at gms_mail@stsci.edu or (410) 338-4200 (January 24, 2014)
  • NSF announces launch of Research.gov Demo Site in order to further improve the project reporting process. The Research.gov Demo Site provides National Science Foundation (NSF) awardees (specifically PIs, co-PIs and Sponsored Project Office staff) the opportunity to explore and familiarize themselves with preparing, submitting, and reviewing NSF project reports without actually submitting a real report.
  • New NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide, effective February 24, 2014. Available at NSF web page as .pdf download or HTML.









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