SSP Seminars: Fall 2010

SSP seminars are held from 12:00pm to 1:00pm in the Pratt conference room, PG-04, 60 Garden Street, unless otherwise noted below.

Friday 17th September
2:00 pm
Jun Lin (Yunnan Astronomical Observatory)
Magnetic Reconnection and Current Sheets in Solar Eruptions: Theory, Observations, and Numerical Experiments
Monday 27th September
12:00 noon
Matija Ćuk (CfA)
Solar System Clean-up and the Chronology of Lunar Cratering
Monday 4th October
12:00 noon
Robert Kurucz (CfA)
Including All the Lines
Monday 18th October
12:00 noon
Thayne Currie (NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center)
High-Contrast Imaging and Atmospheric Modeling of Massive Planets and Low-Mass Brown Dwarfs
Monday 25th October
12:00 noon
Andrés Muñoz Jaramillo (CfA)
Improvements and Applications of the Kinematic Models of the Solar Magnetic Cycle
Monday 1st November
12:00 noon
Steven R. Cranmer
Recent Successes of Wave/Turbulence Driven Models of Solar Wind Acceleration
Monday 8th November
12:00 noon
Jason Eastman (Ohio State University)
DEMONEX: The DEdicated MONitor of EXotransits
Monday 15th November
12:00 noon
Jonathan Mitchell
Elastic ice shells of synchronous moons: Implications for Titan and Europa
Monday 22nd November
12:00 noon
Jin-Yi Lee (CfA)
CME and eruptive prominence plasma at various temperatures
Monday 29th November
12:00 noon
Dave Spiegel (Princeton)
Climate of Exoplanets both Large and Small
Monday 6th December
12:00 noon
Bryce Croll (University of Toronto)
Characterizing the Thermal Emission of Hot Jupiters and the Spectral Features of Super-Earths in the Near-Infrared

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Please contact Nick Murphy (namurphy at cfa) and Kalo Penev (kpenev at cfa) if you would like to give a talk, or if you have a visitor that you would like us to invite to give a talk.


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