SSP Seminars: Fall 2013

SSP seminars are held from Noon to 1:00pm in the Pratt conference room, PG-04, 60 Garden Street, unless otherwise noted below.

Monday September 2
Holiday: Labor Day
Monday September 9
Noon, Pratt
Andrew Szentgyorgyi, SSP Associate Director, CfA
Status of the SSP Division, Q and A
Monday September 16
Noon, Classroom
Fabienne Bastien, Vanderbilt University
The Evolution of Sun-like Stars, as Revealed through Kepler Light Curves
Thursday September 19
Kevin Govender, Director of the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development
The IAU Office of Astronomy for Development
Monday September 23
Noon, Pratt
Eric Lopez, University of California, Santa Cruz
Understanding Kepler's Super-Earths and Sub-Neptunes: Insights from Thermal Evolution and Photo-Evaporation
Thursday September 26
12:30, Pratt
Clayton E. Myers, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University
Laboratory study of solar-relevant magnetic flux rope plasmas
Monday September 30
Noon, Pratt
Christian Johnson, CfA
The Galactic Bulge: Breakthroughs, Controversy, and Confusion.
Wednesday October 2
SSP Special Seminar, 3pm, Pratt
Yamila Miguel, MPI Heidelberg
Exploring hot exoplanet atmospheres
Monday October 7
Noon, Pratt
Michael Gillon, University of Liege
SPECULOOS a transit survey
Monday October 14
Holiday: Colombus Day
Monday October 21
Noon, Pratt
Robin Wordsworth, University of Chicago
Water loss from terrestrial-mass planets in the habitable zone
Tuesday October 22
SSP Special Seminar, 14:30pm, Classroom
Pierre Vernazza, Observatoire de Marseille
Constraints on planetesimal formation from asteroid compositions
Monday October 28
Noon, Pratt
Natalie Gosnell, University of Wisconsin - Madison
The Mass-Transfer Formation of Blue Stragglers as Revealed by their White Dwarf Companions
Wednesday October 30
SSP Special Seminar, 3pm, Pratt
Victoria Antoci, Aarhus University
Asteroseismology of Intermediate-Mass Stars
Monday November 4
Noon, Pratt
Peter Williams, CfA
Directly detecting exoplanets ... at radio wavelengths
Monday November 11
Holiday: Veterans' Day
Wednesday November 13
2 pm, Pratt
Seth Jacobsen
Terrestrial planet formation in the age of the truncated disk
Monday November 18
Noon, Pratt
Mark Swain, Jet Propulsion Lab - NASA
What Hubble spectroscopy is teaching us about exoplanets atmospheres and why we need a dedicated mission
Wednesday November 20
Noon, Classroom
Aomawa Shields, University of Washington
The Effect of Host Star Spectral Energy Distribution and Ice-Albedo Feedback on Planetary Climate
Monday November 25
Noon, Pratt
SSP Meet & Greet (short presentations)
Monday December 2
Noon, Pratt
Roberto Sanchis Ojeda, MIT
The shortest-period planets
Thursday December 5
12:30 pm, Pratt
Anatoly Zak
Space exploration in Russia: The latest status and future prospects
Monday December 9
Noon, Pratt
Karin Oberg, CfA
Icy origins: snowlines during star and planet formation
Tuesday December 10
Noon, Classroom
Ben Hendricks, MPIA Heidelberg
Reading the Chemical Evolutionary Signatures of Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies
Monday December 16
Noon, Phillips
Cullen Blake, U. Penn
Confirming Small Planets Orbiting Small Stars
Tuesday December 17
1 pm, Pratt
Andrey Beresnyak, LANL
Large-scale spontaneous reconnection
Wednesday December 25
Merry Christmas !!!!!

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