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Disk Observation 2

Purpose: Measure line profile for Ly-alpha and line shifts on the solar disk for OVI 1032/1037 Å, NV 1238 Å, SiIII 1206 Å, SiXII 499/521 Å, CIII 977 Å.

Description: Duration 0.5 hours. Scan solar disk over a limited range using Coarse Pointing motion. Telescope mirror/occulter in fixed position (e.g. 1.5 R). Reposition pointing mechanism every 2 minutes. Narrowest Ly-alpha slit. At each pointing position obtain 10 (TBC) exposures with integration times of 10 seconds (TBC) each. Use small grating motions between exposures (dither motion). Neutral density filter in place for Ly.

Peter Smith
Fri Jan 17 12:11:15 EST 1997