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Harvard Team


  • John Kovac, Associate Professor of Astronomy and Physics

Postdoctoral Scholars

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

  • Andrew Chael
  • Aaron Markowitz
  • Cyndia Yu

Professional Staff

  • Rachel Bowens-Rubin
  • Steve Sansone
  • Alumni

    • Kristi Bradford (Undergraduate Student)
    • Marta Bryan (Undergraduate Student)
    • Cameron Cogburn (Research Assistant)
    • Michael Gordon (Research Assistant)
    • Samuel Harrison (Research Assistant)
    • Ankit Kumar (High School Student)
    • Ben Michel (Research Assistant)
    • Douglas Muhlestein (Undergraduate Student)
    • Bryan Newbold (Staff)
    • Luke Pritchett (Pre-graduate Student)
    • John Roberts (Undergraduate Student)
    • Caroline Sorensen (Pre-graduate Student)
    • Meng Su (Graduate Student)
    • Abigail Vieregg(NSF OPP Post-doctoral Fellow)

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