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Harvard WorldWide Telescope

WorldWide Telescope is a powerful research and visualization tool developed by Microsoft. You can download it here.

Download the WorldWide Telescope Collection

Download this WorldWide Telescope Collection to view an interactive tour using the WorldWide Telescope application, as well as to view the BICEP 1 and BICEP 2 skymaps within WWT. Once you have downloaded the file, move it to Documents\WWT Collections. This folder is created the first time WorldWide Telescope is started on your computer. Go to the "Explore" tab in WWT and click on My Collections. The collection will be a folder labeled as South Pole CMB. Click on the tour to view it. Click on the BICEP 1 or BICEP 2 subfolders to view the skymaps. These maps cover only a small portion of the sky. The lower right corner of the WWT interface shows the RA and Dec of your current view provided your are in "Sky" mode. The BICEP maps are centered at 0 Ra and -57:30:00 Dec.

Additionally, if you would like to view an interactive animation explaining the science behind our research at the South Pole on the CMB, the following tours utilize the Worlwide Telescope Web Client. No installation is necessary. Please note that these tours use audio.


Alternatively, you may view screen captures of these tours if you are unable to use WorldWide Telescope.

These tours were created by Ankit Kumar, an Ashland High School Student, with assistance from Abby Vieregg, Colin Bischoff, and John Kovac

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