COMPLETE Data Available

Full-Cloud Data (Phase I, All Data Available)
Dataset Show Perseus Ophiuchus Serpens Link
GBT: HI Data Cube Data
IRAS: Av/Temp Maps Data
FCRAO: 12 and 13CO Data
JCMT: 850 microns Data
Spitzer c2d: IRAC 1,3 (3.6,5.8 μm) Data
Spitzer c2d: IRAC 2,4 (4.5,8 μm) Data
CSO/Bolocam: 1.2-mm Data
Spitzer MIPS: Derived Dust Map Data
Targeted Regions (Phase II, Some Data Not Yet Available)
CTIO/Calar Alto: NIR (J,H,Ks) Data
IRAM 30-m: N2H+ and C18O Data
IRAM 30-m: 1.1-mm continuum Data
Megacam/MMT: r,i,z images Data
Catalogs & Pointed Surveys
NH3 Pointed Survey Data
YSO Candidate list (c2d) Data