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The COordinated Molecular Probe Line Extinction Thermal Emission Survey of Star Forming Regions

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Project Description

The COordinated Molecular Probe Line Extinction Thermal Emission Survey of Star Forming Regions (COMPLETE) provides a range of data complementary to the Spitzer Legacy Program "From Molecular Cores to Planet Forming Disks" (c2d) for the Perseus, Ophiuchus and Serpens regions. In combination with the Spitzer observations, COMPLETE will allow for detailed analysis and understanding of the physics of star formation on scales from 500 A.U. to 10 pc.

Phase I, which is now complete, provides fully sampled, arcminute resolution observations of the density and velocity structure of the three regions, comprising: extinction maps derived from the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS) near-infrared data using the NICER algorithm; extinction and temperature maps derived from IRAS 60 and 100um emission; HI maps of atomic gas; 12CO and 13CO maps of molecular gas; and submillimeter continuum images of emission from dust in dense cores.

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Phase II (which is still ongoing) uses targeted source lists based on the Phase I data, as it is (still) not feasible to cover every dense star-forming peak at high resolution. Phase II includes high-sensitivity near-IR imaging (for high resolution extinction mapping), mm-continuum imaging with MAMBO on IRAM and high-resolution observations of dense gas tracers such as N2H+. These data are being released as they are validated.

COMPLETE Movies: Check-out our movies page for animations of the COMPLETE data cubes in 3D.

Referencing Data from the COMPLETE Survey

COMPLETE data are non-proprietary. Please reference Ridge, N.A. et al., "The COMPLETE Survey of Star Forming Regions: Phase 1 Data", 2006, AJ, 131, 2921 as the data source. However, we would like to keep a record of work that is using COMPLETE data, so please send us an email (with a reference if possible) if you make use of any data provided here.

Recent COMPLETE Publications

  1. Arce, Hector G.; Borkin, Michelle A.; Goodman, Alyssa A.; Pineda, Jaime E.; Beaumont, Christopher N., 2011, A Bubbling Nearby Molecular Cloud: COMPLETE Shells in Perseus ; Submitted for review. (astro-ph)
  2. Pineda, Jaime E.; Goodman, Alyssa A.; Arce, Hector; G.; Caselli, Paola; Longmore, Steven; Corder, Stuartt, 2011, ApJ 739, 511. Expanded Very Large Array Observations of the Barnard 5 Star-forming Core: Embedded Filaments Revealed, (astro-ph | ADS)
  3. Goodman, Alyssa A., 2010, A Guide to Comparisons of Star Formation Simulations with Observations, IAUS 270, 511, (astro-ph | ADS
  4. Heiderman, Amanda; Evans, Neal J., II; Allen, Lori E.; Huard, Tracy; Heyer, Mark (2010) The Star Formation Rate and Gas Surface Density Relation in the Milky Way: Implications for Extragalactic Studies (astro-ph | ADS)

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