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The COordinated Molecular Probe Line Extinction Thermal Emission Survey of Star Forming Regions


Collaborator Contact InformationProposals

Funding Proposals

Title Date Agency Full Text
When do Young Stars Leave Home? May 2004 NASA NASA Origins 5/04
How Dynamic is Star Formation in a Dynamical Time? November 2003 NSF NSF 11/03
Bubble, Rubble, Roil, Trouble: Analyzing Motions with the COMPLETE Survey of Star-Forming Regions November 2002 NSF NSF 11/02
The COMPLETE Survey of Star-Forming Regions July 2002 NASA Project Summary, Full July 2002 NASA Proposal (PDF)

Observing Proposals

Type Observatory Date Title Proposal Text
XRay CHANDRA 2004 Smoke Signals from Ophiuchus chandra_oph04 (pdf)
CHANDRA 2003 Smoke Signals from Ophiuchus Chandra_2003 (pdf)
XMM/Newton 2003 Smoke Signals from Ophiuchus XMM_2003a.pdf (pdf)
XMM/Newton 2004 Complet(e)ing the Star-fomation History of the Rho-Oph Region xmm-04.ps (ps)
Optical/Infrared Spitzer Feb. 2005 The Young Stellar Cluster in the Ring Around ρ-Ophiuchi spitzer05-rhooph-final.pdf
Optical/Near-IR Calar Alto March 2006 Tracing the Density Profile of Cores in Perseus CalarAltoH2006.pdf
Calar Alto Sept. 2004 Extinction Mapping of Core in Perseus CalarAlto_letter.ps
CTIO Sept. 2004 The COMPLETE Density Structure of Star Forming Cores: IR-extinction mapping in Ophiuchus NOAOProp.ps
mm/sub-mm FCRAO April 2003 FCRAO Observations, Part 1 Star Formation/Molecular Clouds FCRAO_03
FCRAO September 2003 Follow-up of COMPLETE Cores YOUNG STARS FCRAO N2H+/CS mapping proposal
JCMT 2005 The End of the SCUBA COMPLETE Survey: Final Maps of the Perseus and Serpens clouds jcmt_complete_05B.ps (ps)
JCMT August 2003 SCUBA mapping thermal emissions from cold dust: part of the COMPLETE Survey of Star-Forming Regions jcmt_complete_03A.pdf (pdf), jcmt_complete_03B.pdf (pdf)
JCMT 2004 COMPLETE-ing the SCUBA-mapping of the Ophiuchus Molecular Cloud jcmt_cover.ps (ps)
MAMBO September 2003 A (COMPLETE) MAMBO Study of Perseus Starless Cores complete_mambo.submtd.pdf, complete_mambo.submtd.ps
Mid/Far-Infrared Spitzer February 2004 The Ring in Perseus spitzer_0204.pdf
Spitzer February 2004 The ρ-Oph dust ring spitzer-rhooph-ring-final.pdf