Dense Cores in Dark Clouds LXV

The year 2009 marks Phil Myers' 65th birthday. To mark the occasion, we celebrated Phil's scientific achievements with a symposium in Newport, RI, at the Hyatt Regency Newport, on Goat Island.

Our discussions covered:

  • Myers Cores
  • Phil-aments
  • Clusters and the IMF
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Protostars and Disks
  • Medical Imaging
  • Myers as Theorist

We kept the format casual, encouraging plenty of reminiscing and fun, but with an outcome of brilliant new research directions for all (including young Phil!) from the meeting.

This web site is now meant as an archive of the meeting, including all of the presentations, which are linked at left.

How do stars get their masses? and a short look ahead, Phil Myers

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