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a temperate super-Earth

In April 2017, MEarth announced the discovery of LHS1140b, a rocky planet 1.7 times the size of the Earth. LHS 1140b transits a star that is both very small (1/5 the size of the Sun) and very nearby (only 49 light years away). It also receives similar amounts of energy from its star that Earth does from the Sun, which means it may have liquid water on its surface!

An additional transiting rocky planet was detected in this system during 2018. LHS 1140c is 1.3 times the size of the Earth and has a shorter orbital period.

an Earth-size rocky planet

In November 2015, MEarth announced the discovery of GJ1132b, a rocky planet only 1.2 times the size of the Earth. Thanks to the small size of the host star (1/5 the radius of the Sun) and the system's close proximity (only 39 light years away), astronomers will be able to spectroscopically study the atmosphere of this new world. GJ1132b is too hot to be habitable, but observations of this rocky planet's atmosphere will inform the search for life on planets a little cooler than GJ1132b, transiting nearby M dwarfs.

a toasty mini-Neptune

GJ1214b was the first first super-Earth exoplanet discovered by MEarth. It orbits the M dwarf GJ1214, which is a very small star that is very nearby. Because of this, GJ1214b is an easy planet to observe and has become the subject of many observational and theoretical studies in the exoplanet community. Our original observations of GJ1214b's atmosphere led to the largest allocation of Hubble Space Telescope time ever given to study an exoplanet's atmosphere, proving GJ1214b's atmosphere must host high altitude clouds. GJ1214b is too hot for life, but it is an important stepping stone for developing the techniques we will need to study habitable exoplanets around nearby M dwarfs soon.

census of local M dwarfs

In spite of the fact that M dwarfs are so valuable as transiting exoplanet hosts, there were only poor constraints on the fundamental properties of the nearby M dwarfs, until recently. Using astrometric data from the MEarth telescopes, we directly measured distances for 1507 nearby mid-to-late M dwarfs, providing the first ever geometric measurements for many of these stars. Through a large program of near-infrared spectroscopy, we measured metallicities for 447 nearby M dwarfs in the northern hemisphere, providing a crucial window into the abundance of planet-building heavy elements in these systems. These projects are critical steps toward compiling a clean, well-understood sample of the best potential exoplanet hosts for MEarth and other exoplanet surveys.

the radii of M dwarfs

An outstanding challenge for astronomers is how to reliably estimate the fundamental properties of M dwarfs. Observations of eclipsing binary systems, in which two stars orbit and occasionally block each others' light, allow us to measure both the masses and radii of the component stars. This helps us calibrate models of M dwarfs and address this question. With MEarth, we've found a number of these systems, including short period and intermediate period M dwarf eclipsing binaries, a brown dwarf in a triple system, and a very long period eclipsing binary. Studying systems like these to learn more about the fundamental properties of M dwarf stars is important for exoplanets too, because we can understand the properties of a planet only as well as we understand the star it orbits!

small stars, slowly spinning

M dwarfs have starspots on their surface, just like sunspots on the Sun. Because we monitor M dwarfs over many months, we can see these starspots rotate in and out of view, causing the stars to appear brighter or fainter. With MEarth, we've measured how fast many of our Northern and Southern M dwarfs spin, finding they can have rotation periods ranging from a few hours to more than 100 days. By studying the ensemble of stars we've observed, we're starting to understand how the angular momentum of an M dwarf evolves as it ages.

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