The Constellation Corona Borealis

A General View

Corona Borealis (Northern Crown):
The Northern Crown can be found between the constellation of Hercules and Boötes. It is at an approximate right ascension of 16 hours and a declination of 32 degrees north. It is visible in the Northern sky from February through September.

The Constellation Corona Borealis: A general view

A Detailed View

The Constellation Corona Borealis: details

Bright stars in each constellation are named by a letter from the greek alphabet according to their apparent brightness.

The star rhoCrB (greek letter rho: rho) is to the north and west of the crown.

rhoCrB (16:01:03.39; +33:18:51.5; 2000.0; aka HD 143761, HR 5968) is a 5.4 magnitude star, similar to our Sun, but about twice the Sun's age.


The maps displayed here where obtained with the help of Chris Dolan's constellations Java applet and Bob Donahue's efforts.
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