Spectroscopy of Herzberg bands of 16O2

  1. Molecular constants of A-X, c-X, A'-X bands.
  2. Absorption of A(v)-X(0) bands.
  3. Absorption of c(v)-X(0) bands.
  4. Absorption of A'1(v)-X(0) bands.
  5. Absorption of A'2(v)-X(0) bands.
  6. Absorption of A'3(v)-X(0) bands.
  7. Term values of A(v) levels.
  8. Term values of c(v) levels.
  9. Term values of A'(v) levels.
  10. Line intensity of A-X bands.
  11. Line intensity of c-X bands.
  12. Line intensity of A'-X bands.
  13. Band oscillator strengths of A-X, c-X, A'-X bands.