This facility permits selective searches of some atomic data files compliled by R. L. Kurucz (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics). The data provided are:
- vacuum wavelength (in nm) [above 200 nm calculated using Edlen, Metrologia, Vol. 2, No. 2, 1966]
- air wavelength (in nm) above 200 nm
- log(gf),
- E [in cm-1], j, parity, and configuration for the levels (lower, upper),
- information regarding the source of the data.

Choose file to search:
gf Fe(lab); Fe Group; H to Ca; Z > Ni;
semiempirical Fe group
Enter vacuum wavelength (WL) range in nm: [blank entries limit search to 100 nm]
From: nm to: nm

Enter the Atom.Ion or Atom.Ion range you wish to search:
Specify Atm.Ion numerically (see example below).
If first Atom.Ion is blank, search is limited to neutral Fe.
If first selection is non-blank and second is blank, search for only one.
Atom.Ion from: to:
Example: Atom.Ion from: [26.00] to: [26.01] returns lines of neutral iron (Fe I) and singly ionized iron (Fe+ or Fe II).

This page created by J.R. Esmond (deceased) and Peter L. Smith