Bart J. Bok Lectures

The gift of an anonymous donor to establish "a Prize Fund in honor of Professor Bart J. Bok, and in his name, the income to be used for a prize to be awarded, preferably biennially, on the recommendation of the Astronomy Department, to a recent holder of a Ph.D. degree in the Physical Sciences from Harvard or Radcliffe who is under 35 years of age, the award to be preferably based upon a doctoral thesis, book, or research paper, in the area of Milky Way research by observational methods."

The full list of Bok Prize winners is available.

Click on the titles for abstracts and videos of the lectures (when available).

Philip Hopkins 31 January 2013 A New Approach to Turbulence: The Origins of ISM Structure, Stellar Clustering and the IMF, and (perhaps?) Planet Formation
Heather Knutson 20 September 2012 Beyond Hot Jupiters: Exploring the Diversity of Exoplanetary Atmospheres
Saurabh Jha 5 May 2011 Cosmology with Supernovae: Progress and Prospects
Jenny Greene 30 April 2009 From Galaxy Nuclei to Galaxy Outskirts: Building Bulges from the Inside Out
Stephen Furlanetto 20 March 2008 Piecing Together Reionization
Warren Brown 26 April 2007 Discoveries of Hypervelocity Stars and What They Tell Us About the Galactic Center
Scott Ransom 9 February 2006 Exotica and Basic Physics: A Globular Cluster Pulsar Renaissance with the GBT
Eliot Quataert 7 April 2005 Gas Dynamics in Galactic Nuclei: Starbursts and AGN Fueling
Sara Seager 18 March 2004 Towards a Physical Characterization of Extrasolar Planets
David Charbonneau 18 March 2004 The Brown Dwarf Radial Velocity Survey
Joseph Mohr 10 October 2002 Galaxy Clusters, Dark Energy and Structure Formation
Adam Riess 10 October 2001 Cosmological Implications of the Highest Redshift Supernova (Known)
Brian Schmidt 23 March 2000 Probing the Transient Universe From the Outside In
Lincoln Greenhill 6 May 1999 X Marks the Spot: Masers and Dynamics in Regions of High-Mass Star Formation
James Herrnstein 13 May 1999 The NGC4258 Water Maser: A Unique Window into the
Sub-Parsec-Scale World of an Active Galactic Nucleus

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