Clay Fellowship Lectures

Endowed by a gift from Landon and Lavinia Clay, the Clay Fellowship is a four year program for postdoctoral scholars. Clay Fellows pursue independent research of their own design. Every year, new Clay Fellows present a one hour Lecture describing their research. More information about the Clay and other CfA Fellowships is available on the CfA Postdoctoral Opportunities site.

Click on the titles for abstracts and videos of the lectures (when available).

Adam Kraus 16 May 2013 Giant Planets Caught at Formation
Mariska Kriek 17 November 2011 The Lifecycles of Massive Galaxies
Matija Cuk 7 April 2011 Lunar History: Four Views of the Cataclysm
Yue Shen 18 November 2010 Pairs of supermassive black holes: from 100 Mpc to pc scales
Anna Frebel 4 February 2010 Stellar Archaeology: New Science with Old Stars
Ryan Foley 17 December 2009 Type Ia Supernovae are NOT Standard Candles (but Dark Energy Still Exists)
Andres Jordan 10 April 2008 Galaxies in Nearby Clusters: Cored Giants, Nucleated Dwarfs and Everything in Between
Beth Willman 5 April 2007 The Stellar Halos of Galaxies
Warren Brown 6 April 2006 Hypervelocity Stars Ejected from the Galactic Center
Eric Mamajek 14 April 2005 What Can Nearby, Young Stars Tell Us About Star and Planet Formation?
Paul Martini 22 April 2004 The Feeding of Nearby Supermassive Black Holes
Gabriela Mallen-Ornelas 24 April 2003 The EXPLORE Search for Transiting Extrasolar Planets
Daniel Steeghs 24 April 2003 Mapping Interacting Binaries
Bryan Gaensler 25 April 2002 Bubbles, Jets & Nebulae: New Views on Pulsar Winds with Chandra
Lynn Matthews 25 April 2002 Clues on Galaxy Structure and Evolution from Studies of `Superthin' Spirals
Vassiliki Kalogera 26 April 2001 Gravitational Waves from Compact Object Inspiral: Detection Prospects and Challenges

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