pH Lectures

The pH Lecture is an endowed lecture established by the Hertelendy family of California. Dr. Hertlenedy is an alumni member of the Smithsonian's National Board and for several years he served at its official liaison to SAO. The family established the lecture to encourage and celebrate the Observatory's outstanding young scientists.

Click on the titles for abstracts and videos of the lectures.

Matthew Walker 2 May 2013 Galactic Dynamics and the Nature of Dark Matter
Karin Oberg 3 May 2012 The Astrochemical Origins of Prebiotic Molecules
Mukremin Kilic 28 April 2011 The Quest for Type Ia Supernova Progenitors
Sean Andrews 20 May 2010 Planet-forming Disks Around Young Stars
T. J. Cox 7 May 2009 Using Numerical Simulations to Study the Formation and Evolution of Galaxies
Gaspar Bakos 1 May 2008 Fishing for planets with HATNet
Lisa Kaltenegger 17 May 2007 Spectral Fingerprints of Earth-like Exoplanets
Alexey Vikhlinin 11 May 2006 Following the dynamics of the Universe with galaxy cluster counts

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