Central Engineering

Engineering Disciplines



Central Engineering is a multi-faceted technical organization, with staff who have a broad range of experience in the design and fabrication of high resolution astrophysical instrumentation. The department is organized into four primary engineering discipline groups and Product Assurance, each headed by a Chief Engineer.

Elec. Group icon Electrical Engineering

CE Electrical Engineers have extensive experience in areas ranging from overall electrical systems engineering to the detailed electrical system, subsystem, and component design, as well as testing of hardware developed for commerial, industrial, and space environments.

Chief Engineer: Mr. Thomas M. Gauron (617) 496-7596

Mech. Group icon Mechanical Engineering

The expertise of CE's mechanical engineers cover all phases of mechanical development: overall mechanical systems engineering and instrument concept design; detailed design of mechanical systems, subsystems, and components; fabrication, assembly, test, integration/installation of the complete instrument; and operational diagnostics and maintenance.

Chief Engineer: Mr. James Shaw, Acting to contact Central Engineering (617) 496-7814/7990

Struc. Group icon Structural Analysis and Design

Members of the Structural Analysis and Design Group bring a broad range of multi-disciplinary experience in mechanical, structural, optical, thermal, and systems engineering to the development of scientific instruments, instrumentation, and general studies in astronomy and astrophysics. Their work ranges from the design, fabrication, and test of support equipment to the highly rigorous design and analysis required for the development of space qualified optics and instruments.

Chief Engineer: Mr. Lester M. Cohen (617) 495-7368

Systems. Group icon Systems Engineering

CE Systems Engineers provide overall conceptual design and performance prediction for projects, as well as specialized support in those engineering areas that require a high degree of inter-disciplinary knowledge. The Systems Group also contains engineers specializing in thermal analysis, design, and test and instrument operations software development.

Chief Engineer: Dr. William A. Podgorski (617) 495-7363


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