CE: Electrical Engineering

Members of the Electrical Engineering Design Group are highly skilled in areas ranging from overall electrical systems engineering to detailed electrical system, subsystem, and component design. CE EE staff have specific expertise in the following areas of electrical engineering as they apply to the development of both scientific instrumentation, and large and small commercial and industrial products and systems:

Designs consider overall system functionality, performance, and reliability under various operating environments: Electronic packaging design is compliant with NASA acceptance criteria for space borne and ground-based systems. Design decisions incorporate the impact of mechanical stresses, operating and non operating dynamics, and the internal and external thermal interactions of the instrument. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and ESD aspects of designs are assessed at all levels of the assembly, and EMC compliance tests are conducted per MIL-STD-461 when required.

Design and Simulation Tools:

CE electrical engineers utilize a variety of computer-aided design and simulation tools.

Laboratory Facilities:

Central Engineering maintains a dedicated Electronics Laboratory for electrical assembly and test activities.

Other Resources:

Current and Recently Completed Projects


Chief Electrical Engineer: Thomas Gauron (617) 496-7596
  XRT Elec. Box
Hinode (Solar-B) X-ray Telescope Electronics Assembly (Click here to enlarge image).

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