CE: Electrical Engineering
 Current and Recent Projects:

The work of CE electrical engineer staff ranges from simple circuit modifications to complete orbiting instruments.

A selection of projects currently under development include:

  • BINOSPEC, a moderate dispersion direct optical spectrograph
  • MMIRS, a near IR multi-object spectrograph
  • PROTO-EXIST, a hard X-ray balloon-borne detector system

Successfully completed projects include:
  • Electronics for the Solar-B (Hinode) X-ray Telescope
  • Electronics for the Chandra/AXAF High Resolution Camera (HRC)
  • Instruments for the converted Multiple Mirror Telescope
  • Tuneable X-ray Imager (TXI)
For more information, please see the engineering Selected Projects page.
  XRT Elec. Box
Hinode (Solar-B) X-ray Telescope Electronics Assembly (Click here to enlarge image).

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