CE Facilities: Electrical Assembly and Test Laboratory

CE maintains a specialized laboratory that is equipped and staffed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of electrical engineering production needs, ranging from specialized test setups for scientific research laboratories, to fully qualified space-flight hardware.

Specialized equipment includes:

  • Digital storage oscilloscopes
  • Logic analyzers
  • Programmable and manual power supplies
  • Frequency counters/timers
  • Waveform generators
  • RLC meters
  • Test computers with analog and digital I/O cards used with LabVIEW, vendor supplied software, and in-house scripts automating test setups
  • Device programmers
  • Cirris CT-150-T1 Signature Touch1 Cable Tester

All measurement and test equipment is inspected, tested, and calibrated at regular intervals. Calibration is performed by external contract calibration services using standards traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.


Chief Electrical Engineer: Thomas Gauron (617) 496-7596
  Electronics Lab
Assembly workstations in CE Electronics Lab at Cambridge Discovery Park (Click here for a larger version of the image.)

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