CE Facilities: QA Mechanical Inspection Laboratory

Quality Assurance engineers and technicians, working in a dedicated mechanical inspection laboratory; utilize a range of sophisticated metrology tools to ensure that both custom fabricated and off- the-shelf mechanical hardware components conform to specified requirements and tolerances.

CMM icon
Browne and Sharp Mistral 700 Coordinate Measuring Machine, located in a Class 100 Clean Tent. The CMM has a .0001 tolerance over a usable envelope of 24"x 16"x 30". The machine is fully programmable, and utilizes the same electronic files released for fabrication to measure a completed part to determine its accuracy to the specification.

Instron icon
24" Instron compression and tension testing system with multiple load cells

Rockwell icon
Hardness Tester and Programmable Video Inspection System, including 100 x magnification optical/digital microscope for parts inspection

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Fully programmable Browne and Sharp Optical Comparator

Additional resources include:
  • Complete torque calibration station using 4 attachable calibration units ranging from a 1"oz. to 600 ft. lbs.
  • 4' x 8' x 18" granite inspection table
  • Complete calibrated set of standard hand measurement tools

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