CE: How to Obtain Engineering Services

Concept Development Support:

CE engineers can provide expert technical consultation to scientists from the earliest phases of an instrument's development, utilizing their combined decades of experience to suggest hardware solutions to scientific challenges. This conceptual support can include:

Before Work Can Begin...

Once a project has been funded, the formal mechanism for requesting engineering support internally is to submit a form called an 'Assignment/Support Request' (ASR). For more information:

Engineering Services Costs:

Central Engineering has been established as a distinct Cost Center within SAO. Information about engineering services costs can be found here:

Outside Organizations:

Representatives of organizations outside of the Center for Astrophysics who are interested in obtaining engineering support are invited to contact the Director of Central Engineering Manager: Mr. James Shaw (617) 495-7352, or the Central Engineering Administrator: Ms. Melinda Dillon (617) 496-7990.


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