CE: How to Obtain Engineering Services

Pre-Proposal Support:

Engineering support is available to scientists who may be in the preliminary phases of evaluating opportunities for new initiatives, or who are developing instrument concepts and preparing cost estimates for submission to the CfA Director in support of requests for internal proposal preparation funds. To arrange for pre-proposal consultation please contact the Chief Engineer of the most closely relevant engineering discipline group or the Interim Engineering Manager: Mr. John Boczenowski, (617) 495-7352,

Proposal Support:

CE can provide a team of senior engineering staff from representative disciplines to work with scientific investigators to prepare instrument proposals. Engineering will generate and document designs; prepare product assurance and manufacturing plans; develop detailed work breakdown structures and estimates of required labor, materials, and equipment; create schedules; and participate fully in the preparation of the proposal. Engineers will also participate with scientists in proposal technical reviews or briefings as requested.

Please contact: Mr. John Boczenowski, (617) 495-7352,to arrange for the appropriate multi-disciplinary support.


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