CE: Product Assurance Details
 Quality Assurance Engineering:
  • Training and certifications
  • Technical documentation review
  • Design review support
  • Documentation and change control
  • Evaluation and selection of procurement sources
  • Procurement document review and approval
  • Supplier surveillance
  • Source inspection
  • Receiving inspection
  • Reporting and control of discrepant material
  • Fabrication documentation review and approval
  • Process control
  • Workmanship standards
  • Equipment calibration control
  • Quality records control
  • Test monitoring
  • Inventory control
  • Control of government property
  • Clean Room operations

Safety Engineering:
  • Integration of program-specific safety issues with institutional safety plans
  • Hazard identification
  • Development of hazard reduction and controls
  • Training

Reliability Engineering:
  • EEE parts selection and control
  • Materials and processes selection
  • Failure modes and effects analysis
  • Failure reporting and analysis
  • Radiation effects analysis
  • Failure reporting and analysis

In-house QA Resources:
  • Complete mechanical and electrical inspection facilities
  • Computerized material inventory databases for full traceability

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