CF: Support Areas
 Workstation and Desktop Support:

  • Full system support for Unix (Solaris and linux) scientific workstations.
  • Full system support for PC Windows desktops.
  • Basic support for self-managed systems: Macs (laptops and desktops) and Windows laptops.

CfA Information Technology Infrastructure Management:

  • Management (planning, design, configuration, implementation, operations, budgeting) of the CfA campus network, both internal building, and wide-area connectivity. Includes all firewalls, switches, routers, hubs, as well as the management of the underlying data.
  • Management of the CfA campus telephone system, and cell phones, including cell phone and handheld (Blackberry, Palm, etc.) configuration and troubleshooting.
  • CfA email distribution; incoming email gateway and relay, outgoing SMTP relay.
  • Management of CfA email servers: POP, IMAP, Exchange, Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). Includes spam, virus filtering, and the management of these services.
  • CfA (Unix) account management.
  • Print server management (
  • Management of network and direct-attached storage.
  • Domain Name Service.
  • Management of CfA data transfer servers.
  • System management of CfA Web servers.
  • IT Security.
CfA Scientific Computing:

  • Support for scientific data reduction, modeling.
  • Manage the CfA cluster, hydra, and provide support for scientific cluster computing.
  • Provide high-end scientific color printing support (including poster printing).
  • Application support for TeX, IRAF, IDL, and other astronomical packages.
  • Management of ADS server.
  • Peripherals server and tape drive support.
CfA Web Services:

  • CfA Webmaster.
  • Web server management and administration including both public-facing Web servers, Intranet Web servers, Secure Web servers, and scientific application server.
  • Web Services - development and maintenance of several Web applications for the CfA community.
  • Design, implement, and maintain CfA webcasting, streaming video, and video-on-demand services.
  • Web server content management - supporting user and project-level as well as maintaining all top-level pages and Public Affairs Web pages.
  • Manage and maintain CfA Wiki service for scientific and technical services users.
  • Maintain and operate the interface with the HUID badging, building access database system.
  • Provide CfA Directory support.
  • Provide support, both software and functional, for the CfA Staff Database and related products.
CfA User Help Desk, AV, and Office Moves Coordination and Management:

  • AV support (projectors, etc.), Video-Teleconferencing, and streaming video.
  • Support for distributed SI printers.
  • Basic support for Windows, Mac, laptops.
  • Basic support for guest users.
  • Visitor coordination.
  • Office moves: telephones, computers, wiring, coordination and documentation.
  • Conference/meeting network support.

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