CfA Colloquium Schedule

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Date Speaker Title Host Contact
09/06/2018 Sean Andrews
Observing Planet Formation

David Wilner
09/13/2018 Renu Malhotra
Prospects for unseen planets beyond Neptune

Lecar Prize Lecture

Matt Holman
09/20/2018 Enrique Vazquez Semadeni
Hierarchical gravitational contraction: a unified scenario for the structure, dynamics, and star-forming activity of molecular clouds.

Phil Myers & Qizhou Zhang
09/27/2018 Dimitar Sasselov
Stellar UV Light & the Origins of Life

Dave Charbonneau
10/04/2018 Gerry Gilmore
Gaia - the stereoscopic survey of the Galaxy

Charlie Conroy
10/11/2018 David DeVorkin
Fred Whipple’s Empire: The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, 1955-1973

Owen Gingerich
10/18/2018 Eve Lee
Planet Formation as told by Kepler

Karin Öberg and Jane Huang
10/25/2018 Margaret Meixner
The Origins Space Telescope: a NASA Decadal 2020 Mission Concept

Gary Melnick
11/01/2018 Nia Imara
Star Formation Then and Now

Rosanne Di Stefano
11/08/2018 Raffaella Margutti
Discovery frontiers in the new era of Time Domain Multi-Messenger Astrophysics

Edo Berger
11/15/2018 Ben Safdi
U. Michigan
The Search for Axion Dark Matter

Ron Walsworth
11/29/2018 Jason Wright
New Frontiers in Exoplanet Science with Extremely Precise Doppler Velocimetry

Martin Elvis
12/06/2018 Chuck Steidel
Stellar and Nebular Emission from Forming Galaxies: Connecting the High Redshift Universe to the Fossil Record

Cecilia Payne-Gaposhkin Lecture

Charles Alcock
12/13/2018 Heather Cegla
Probing the surfaces of Sun-like stars using transiting planets and 3D magnetohydrodynamical simulations

Raphaelle Haywood