CfA Colloquium Schedule

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Date Speaker Title Host Contact Video
01/24/2019 Laura Lopez
The Ohio State University
The Importance and Challenges in Assessing Stellar Feedback

Daniel Castro
01/31/2019 Daniela Calzetti
U.Mass, Amherst
Linking the Scales of Star Formation

Lars Hernquist
02/07/2019 Catherine Espaillat
Boston University
Protoplanetary disks and their dynamic host stars

Luca Matra
02/14/2019 Frank Eisenhauer
The Galactic Center black hole with GRAVITY: detection of orbital motion close to the last stable orbit during a flare, and general relativistic effects in the orbit of a stars

Michael Johnson
02/21/2019 Dan Fabrycky
U. Chicago
Constraining planetary histories with new architectures: resonant chains and circumbinary orbits

Dave Latham
02/28/2019 Cathy Olkin
SWRI Boulder
The Exploration of 2014 MU69 by New Horizons

Mark Gurwell
03/07/2019 Rob Garrod
U. Virginia
New simulations and observations of highly-complex molecules in star-forming regions.

Karin Öberg
03/14/2019 Jedidah Isler
The Devil is in the Details: Using High-Cadence, Multiwavelength Observations to Understand the Disk-Jet Connection in Blazars

Sownak Bose
03/28/2019 Bekki Dawson
Penn State U.
Inner Solar Systems

Bok Prize Lecture

Dave Charbonneau
04/04/2019 Robin Wordsworth
Harvard, SEAS
Mars climate and chemical evolution: Lessons from the Solar System for exoplanets

Karin Öberg
04/11/2019 Ken Freeman
Australian National U.
Baryons and Dark Matter in Disk Galaxies

Sackler Lecture

Charles Alcock
04/18/2019 Vikki Meadows
U. Washington
Characterizing Terrestrial Exoplanets for Habitability and Life

Dimitar Sasselov
04/25/2019 Sofia Ramstedt
Uppsala U.
Stellar winds with ALMA

Rodolfo Montez
05/02/2019 Steve Finkelstein
UT Austin
Implications of Reionizing the Universe with Low Galaxy Escape Fractions

Sandro Tacchella
05/09/2019 Vikram Ravi
Fast Radio Bursts

Clay Fellowship Lecture

05/16/2019 George Ricker
Searching Near and Far: Transits and Transients from TESS

Mercedes Lopez Morales
05/23/2019 Shep Doeleman
The Event Horizon Telescope: Seeing the Unseeable

Avi Loeb