The Importance and Challenges in Assessing Stellar Feedback

January 24, 2019
Phillips Auditorium
The Ohio State University

Massive stars have a profound astrophysical influence on the interstellar medium (ISM) throughout their tumultuous lives and deaths. Stellar feedback occurs through a variety of mechanisms: radiation, photoionization heating, winds, jets/outflows, supernovae, and cosmic-ray acceleration. Despite its importance, stellar feedback is cited as one of the biggest uncertainties in astrophysics today, stemming from a need for observational constraints and the challenges of considering many feedback modes simultaneously. In this talk, I will discuss recent studies of feedback on ISM scales, from both a theoretical perspective as well as using multiwavelength observations, to understand the comparative role of different feedback modes and how they vary over time and conditions. Additionally, I will present the latest developments in understanding the importance of cosmic-ray feedback, based on simulations and high-energy observations.

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