AMP Staff List

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Alam, Ms. Munazza AMP/SSP/AST Email: munazza.alam@cfa Phone: 617-495-7004
Room: P-201 MS-10 Fax:
Antonucci, Mr. Paul SED/RG/AMP Email: pantonucci@cfa Phone:
Room: B-112 MS-71 Fax:
Babb , Dr. James F. AMP Email: jbabb@cfa Phone: 617-496-7612
Room: B-318 MS-14 Fax: 617-496-7668
Bekenstein, Dr. Rivka AMP Email: rivka.bekenstein@cfa Phone:
Room: B-327 MS-14 Fax:
Carroll, Dr. Paul Brandon AMP Email: paul.carroll@cfa Phone: 617-495-9848
Room: B-112/B-113 MS-50 Fax:
Chance , Dr. Kelly V. AMP/OIR Email: kchance@cfa Phone: 617-495-7389
Room: P-252 MS-50 Fax: 617-495-5439
Changala, Dr. Peter Bryan (Bryan) AMP Email: peter.changala@cfa Phone:
Room: B-112 MS-50 Fax:
Chen, Dr. Guo-Xin AMP/HEA Email: gchen@cfa Phone: 617-496-7611
Room: C-311E MS-14 Fax: 617-496-7668
Conway, Dr. Eamon Kenneth AMP Email: eamon.conway@cfa Phone:
Room: D-16 MS-50 Fax:
Davis, John E. AMP/HEA Email: jedavis@cfa Phone: 617-496-7866
Room: D-16A MS-50 Fax:
DiTomasso, Ms. Victoria AMP/SSP/AST Email: victoria.ditomasso@cfa Phone: 617-495-5989
Room: A-107 MS-10 Fax:
Eckhardt, Andre Kristopher AMP Email: andre.eckhardt@cfa Phone:
Room: B-112 MS-50 Fax:
Felfli, Prof. Zineb AMP Email: zineb.felfli@cfa Phone:
Room: B-327 MS-14 Fax:
Finenko, Mr. Artem AMP Email: artem.finenko@cfa Phone:
Room: D-16 MS-50 Fax:
Gonzalez Abad, Dr. Gonzalo AMP Email: ggonzalezabad@cfa Phone: 617-496-7938
Room: P-248 MS-50 Fax:
Gordon , Dr. Youli E. (Iouli) AMP Email: igordon@cfa Phone: 617-496-2259
Room: P-246 MS-50 Fax:
Hall, Dr. Kirsten Renee AMP Email: kirsten.hall@cfa Phone:
Room: MS-50 Fax:
Hargreaves, Dr. Robert J. AMP Email: robert.hargreaves@cfa Phone: 617-495-7155
Room: B-225 MS-50 Fax:
Hashemi, Dr. Robab AMP Email: robab.hashemi@cfa Phone: 617-496-2204
Room: B-225 MS-50 Fax:
Houck, John AMP/HEA Email: jhouck@cfa Phone: 617-495-7348
Room: D-16A MS-50 Fax:
Jung, Dr. Yeonjin AMP Email: yeonjin.jung@cfa Phone:
Room: P-255 MS-50 Fax:
Kalemkiarian, Ms. Alice AMP Email: akalemkiarian@cfa Phone: 617-495-0402
Room: B-323 MS-14 Fax:
Karlovets, Dr. Ekaterina AMP Email: ekaterina.karlovets@cfa Phone:
Room: D-16 MS-50 Fax:
Karman, Dr. Tijs AMP Email: tijs.karman@cfa Phone:
Room: B-322 MS-14 Fax:
Kearney, Ms. Zoe AMP Email: zoe.kearney@cfa Phone:
Room: D-16 MS-50 Fax:
Kharchenko, Dr. Vasili A. AMP Email: vkharchenko@cfa Phone: 617-496-7536
Room: C-311E MS-14 Fax: 617-495-5970
Kirk , Dr. James AMP/SSP Email: james.kirk@cfa Phone:
Room: B-315 MS-15 Fax:
Kwon, Dr. Hyeong-Ahn AMP Email: hyeong-ahn.kwon@cfa Phone:
Room: B-216 MS-50 Fax:
LLoyd, Peter AMP/HEA Email: @cfa Phone:
Room: B-322 MS-00 Fax:
Lemnios, Charlene AMP Email: clemnios@cfa Phone: 617-496-7819
Room: P-257 MS-50 Fax: 617-496-7538
Liu, Dr. Xiong AMP Email: xliu@cfa Phone: 617-496-2136
Room: P-254 MS-50 Fax:
Lopez-Morales , Dr. Maria Mercedes (Mercedes) AMP/SSP/OIR Email: mlopez-morales@cfa Phone: 617-496-7818
Room: P-353 MS-15 Fax: 617-495-7049
McCarthy, Dr. Michael C. AMP/DO/RG Email: mmccarthy@cfa Phone: 617-495-7262/617-495-9848
Room: P-256/B-112 MS-50 Fax:
McGruder, Chima AMP/SSP/AST Email: chima.mcgruder@cfa Phone: 617-496-2525
Room: A-109 MS-10 Fax:
Milbourne, Mr. Timothy W. AMP Email: tmilbourne@cfa Phone:
Room: P-156 MS-59 Fax:
Miller, Dr. Christopher AMP Email: cmiller@cfa Phone: 617-496-7729
Room: P-255 MS-50 Fax:
Nava, Ms. Chantanelle (Chani) AMP/SSP/AST Email: chantanelle.nava@cfa Phone: 617-495-7004
Room: P-201 MS-10 Fax:
Nelson, Mr. Kyle AMP Email: kyle.nelson@cfa Phone:
Room: D-16 MS-50 Fax:
Nowlan, Dr. Caroline Rebecca AMP Email: cnowlan@cfa Phone: 617-496-7926
Room: P-249 MS-50 Fax:
O'Sullivan, Dr. Ewan J. AMP/HEA Email: eosullivan@cfa Phone: 617-495-7956
Room: B-216 MS-50 Fax:
Phillips , Dr. David Forrest AMP/OIR Email: dphillips@cfa Phone: 617-496-7828
Room: P-155 MS-59 Fax: 617-496-7690
Porterfield, Dr. Jessica Paige AMP/RG Email: jessica.porterfield@cfa Phone: 617-495-9848
Room: B-112 MS-50 Fax:
Rosado, Miss Keysha AMP Email: keysha.rosado@cfa Phone:
Room: B-112 MS-50 Fax:
Sadeghpour, Dr. Hossein R. AMP Email: hsadeghpour@cfa Phone: 617-495-7022
Room: B-321 MS-14 Fax: 617-495-5970
Shertzer, Prof. Janine AMP Email: No email Phone:
Room: B-327 MS-14 Fax:
Silberman, Joyce A DO/SSP/AMP Email: joyce.silberman@cfa Phone: 617-496-7703
Room: P-213 MS-45 Fax:
Silver, Dr. Eric H. HEA/AMP/SSP Email: esilver@cfa Phone:
Room: R-TBD MS-82 Fax:
Skinner, Ms. Frances M AMP Email: frances.skinner@cfa Phone:
Room: D-16 MS-50 Fax:
Souri, Dr. Amir Hossein AMP Email: amir_hossein.souri@cfa Phone:
Room: P-255 MS-50 Fax:
Suleiman , Mr. Raid M. AMP/SSP/HEA Email: rsuleiman@cfa Phone: 617-496-7823
Room: P-256A MS-50 Fax:
Tariri, Ms. Naomi AMP Email: ntariri@cfa Phone: 617-495-9524
Room: B-326 MS-14 Fax:
Uwazuruonye-Anyanwu, Mr. Onyekachi AMP Email: onyekachi.uwazuruonye-anyanwu@cfa Phone:
Room: P-248 MS-50 Fax:
Walther, Dr. Valentin AMP Email: valentin.walther@cfa Phone: 617-495-7773
Room: B-327 MS-14 Fax:
Wang, Dr. Huiqun (Helen) AMP Email: hwang@cfa Phone: 617-496-2268
Room: P-253 MS-50 Fax:
Weaver, Mr. Ian AMP/SSP/AST Email: ian.weaver@cfa Phone: 617-495-5676
Room: P-306 MS-10 Fax:
Webber, Mr. Joseph S. AMP Email: jwebber@cfa Phone: 617-495-7225
Room: P-251 MS-50 Fax: 617-496-7538
Wofsy, Prof. Steven C. AMP Email: steven.wofsy@cfa Phone:
Room: P-TBD MS-50 Fax:
Yunger Halpern, Dr. Nicole AMP Email: nicole.yunger_halpern@cfa Phone:
Room: B-320 MS-14 Fax:
Zoogman, Dr. Peter W AMP Email: pzoogman@cfa Phone:
Room: D-16 MS-50 Fax:
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