HEA Staff List

Please add .harvard.edu to all email addresses.
Abrams, Ms. Natasha HEA Email: natasha.abrams@cfa Phone: 617-495-7404
Room: D-PS4A MS-70 Fax:
Accomazzi , Dr. Alberto HEA Email: aaccomazzi@cfa Phone: 617-495-7076
Room: P-130 MS-83 Fax:
Adams, Jea Iyanla HEA/RG Email: jea.adams@cfa Phone:
Room: A-101 MS-70 Fax:
Akker, Mr. Cameron HEA Email: cameron.akker@cfa Phone:
Room: P-136 MS-83 Fax:
Alber, Mr. Michael B. HEA Email: michael.alber@cfa Phone:
Room: P-108 MS-06 Fax:
Aldcroft , Dr. Thomas L. HEA/HEA Email: taldcroft@cfa Phone: 617-496-7516/617-998-0246
Room: C-31/W-304 MS-70 Fax:
Alderson, Lili Mae HEA Email: pending@cfa Phone:
Room: B-102 MS-00 Fax:
Allen, Mr. Norton T. HEA Email: norton.allen@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-83 Fax:
Allen, Dr. Branden HEA Email: ballen@cfa Phone: 617-495-7185
Room: P-136 MS-83 Fax:
Allured, Dr. Ryan HEA Email: rallured@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-63 Fax:
Alvarado-Gomez , Dr. Julian David HEA Email: julian.alvarado-gomez@cfa Phone: 617-496-2592
Room: B-306A MS-06 Fax:
Alvarez, Miss Gabriella E HEA Email: gabriella.alvarez@cfa Phone: 617-496-1765
Room: B-102E MS-06 Fax:
Amazo Gomez, Ms. Eliana Maritza HEA Email: pending@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-00 Fax:
Ambo, Olivia S HEA Email: olivia.ambo@cfa Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Anastasopoulou, Ms. Konstantina HEA Email: konstantina.anastasopoulou@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Anderson, Mr. Craig Stephen HEA/HEA Email: csanderson@cfa Phone: 617-998-0637
Room: W-326 MS-34 Fax:
Arcand, Ms. Kimberly Kowal HEA/HEA Email: kkowal@cfa Phone: 617-496-7860
Room: B-413 MS-70 Fax:
Arsenault, Mr. Edward William HEA/HEA Email: earsenault@cfa Phone: 617-998-0630
Room: W-336 MS-33 Fax:
Asgari-Targhi, Dr. Ameneh HEA Email: No email Phone:
Room: P-144 MS-00 Fax:
Asgari-Targhi, Dr. Mahboubeh HEA Email: masgari-targhi@cfa Phone: 617-495-7948
Room: P-144 MS-58 Fax:
Ash, Amanda HEA/SSP Email: amanda.ash@cfa Phone:
Room: A-101 MS-70 Fax:
Ashby , Dr. Matthew L. N. (Matt) OIR/HEA Email: mashby@cfa Phone: 617-496-7742
Room: M-212 MS-66 Fax: 617-495-7490
Atanas, Mr. Adam HEA Email: aatanas@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-00 Fax:
Azadi, Dr. Mojegan HEA/HEA Email: mojegan.azadi@cfa Phone: 617-496-2098
Room: B-306B MS-70 Fax:
Balke, Mr. David W. HEA/HEA Email: dbalke@cfa Phone: 617-998-0647
Room: W-374 MS-33 Fax:
Barnacka, Dr. Anna Marie HEA Email: abarnacka@cfa Phone: 617-384-8396
Room: P-329 MS-20 Fax: 617-495-7467
Baski, Mr. Mark Douglas HEA/HEA Email: mbaski@cfa Phone: 617-998-0648
Room: W-350 MS-33 Fax:
Batlle, Ms. Kathleen Avery HEA Email: kbatlle@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-02 Fax:
Beach, Ms. Gabrielle HEA Email: gabrielle.beach@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-58 Fax:
Becker, Mr. Glenn E. HEA/HEA Email: gbecker@cfa Phone: 617-496-2591
Room: B-241 MS-67 Fax:
Bek, Mr. Jeremy HEA Email: jeremy.bek@cfa Phone:
Room: P-G08 MS-83 Fax:
Ben-Ami, Dr. Sagi CE/SSP/HEA Email: sagi.ben-ami@cfa Phone: 617-495-7110
Room: R-302 MS-05 Fax:
Bernard, Ms. Brenda E. HEA Email: bbernard@cfa Phone: 617-495-7051
Room: B-412 MS-06 Fax: 617-495-7356
Biffi, Dr. Veronica HEA Email: veronica.biffi@cfa Phone:
Room: B-235A MS-67 Fax:
Birkinshaw, Dr. Mark HEA Email: mbirkinshaw@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-06 Fax:
Bissell, Mr. Bradley A. HEA/HEA Email: bbissell@cfa Phone: 617-998-0625
Room: W-365 MS-33 Fax:
Blanchard, Mr. Scott Joseph HEA/HEA Email: sblanchard@cfa Phone: 617-998-0652
Room: W-366 MS-33 Fax:
Blanco Cuaresma, Dr. Sergio HEA/SSP Email: sergio.blanco_cuaresma@cfa Phone: 617-496-7541
Room: P-127 MS-83 Fax:
Bogdan, Dr. Akos HEA/HEA Email: abogdan@cfa Phone: 617-495-7380
Room: B-443 MS-03 Fax:
Bolan, Ms. Patricia HEA Email: patricia.bolan@cfa Phone: 617-496-7964
Room: P-148 MS-83 Fax:
Brenneman, Dr. Laura W. HEA Email: lbrenneman@cfa Phone: 617-496-9327
Room: B-429 MS-04 Fax:
Brickhouse , Dr. Nancy Susan DO/SSP/HEA Email: nbrickhouse@cfa Phone: 617-495-7438
Room: P-207 MS-45 Fax: 617-495-7049
Brissenden , Dr. Roger J. DO/HEA/HEA Email: rbrissenden@cfa Phone: 617-495-7387
Room: P-210/H-712 MS-45 Fax: 617-495-7411
Broll, Mr. Kris H. HEA/HEA Email: kbroll@cfa Phone: 617-998-0604
Room: W-313 MS-33 Fax:
Brown, Mr. Oliver Conor Frederick HEA/AMP Email: oliver.brown@cfa Phone:
Room: B-441 MS-06 Fax:
Brown, Ms. Beverly Cecilia HEA Email: beverly.brown@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Bruni, Mr. Ricardo J. HEA Email: rbruni@cfa Phone: 617-495-7219/617-495-2340
Room: B-233B/B-114 MS-83 Fax:
Brzycki, Mr. Bryan HEA Email: bryan.brzycki@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Budynkiewicz, Ms. Jamie HEA/HEA Email: jbudynkiewicz@cfa Phone: 617-495-7109
Room: R-377 MS-81 Fax:
Bukovi, Ms. Kristine Grace (Kris) HEA Email: kristine.bukovi@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-83 Fax:
Bulbul, Dr. Gul Esra (Esra) HEA Email: gul.bulbul@cfa Phone: 617-496-7523
Room: B-406 MS-02 Fax:
Burke , Dr. Douglas HEA/HEA Email: dburke@cfa Phone: 617-496-7853
Room: B-440 MS-03 Fax:
Burns, Thomas R HEA Email: No email Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Callahan, Anne HEA Email: anne.callahan@cfa Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Campbell, Alexandra M HEA Email: alexandra.campbell@cfa Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Canning, Courtney Joy HEA Email: pending@cfa Phone:
Room: B-102 MS-00 Fax:
Case, Dr. Anthony W. HEA Email: acase@cfa Phone: 617-496-7590/617-496-7758
Room: P-148/R-389 MS-58 Fax:
Castro, Dr. Daniel HEA/HEA Email: daniel.castro@cfa Phone: 617-495-8273
Room: B-431 MS-06 Fax:
Cerny, Ms. Catherine HEA Email: catherine.cerny@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Chadayammuri, Ms. Urmila HEA Email: urmila.chadayammuri@cfa Phone:
Room: B-226 MS-06 Fax:
Cheimets , Mr. Peter N. CE/HEA Email: pcheimets@cfa Phone: 617-495-7350
Room: R-336 MS-05 Fax: 617-496-7671
Chen, Dr. Guo-Xin AMP/HEA/SSP Email: gchen@cfa Phone: 617-496-7611
Room: C-311E MS-14 Fax: 617-496-7668
Chen, Ms. Judy C. HEA/HEA Email: jchen@cfa Phone: 617-495-7133
Room: R-371 MS-81 Fax:
Chyla, Dr. Roman HEA Email: rchyla@cfa Phone: 617-495-4588
Room: P-129 MS-83 Fax:
Civano, Dr. Francesca HEA/HEA Email: fcivano@cfa Phone: 617-495-7426/617-496-1887
Room: R-463/B-331 MS-27 Fax:
Cloud, Mr. Jamison HEA Email: jamison.cloud@cfa Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Cohen, Dr. Jamie M. HEA/HEA Email: jamie.cohen@cfa Phone: 617-496-7845
Room: R-376 MS-29 Fax: 617-496-1693
Cohen, Mr. Lester M. CE/HEA Email: lcohen@cfa Phone: 617-495-7368
Room: R-310 MS-05 Fax: 617-496-7708
Connelly, Ms. Jean M. HEA/HEA Email: jconnelly@cfa Phone: 617-495-7366
Room: B-102H MS-21 Fax:
Conry, Mr. Jason HEA/HEA Email: jconry@cfa Phone: 617-495-7011
Room: B-310 MS-67 Fax:
Copete, Dr. Antonio HEA Email: acopete@cfa Phone: 617-495-2038
Room: P-G10 MS-10 Fax:
Cotroneo, Dr. Vincenzo HEA Email: vcotroneo@cfa Phone: 617-495-7108
Room: R-354 MS-05 Fax:
Crake, Mr. Dennis Adam HEA Email: dennis.crake@cfa Phone: 617-496-7663
Room: B-102 MS-06 Fax:
CresitelloDittmar , Mr. Mark L. HEA/HEA Email: mdittmar@cfa Phone: 617-496-7772
Room: R-365 MS-81 Fax:
Cusato, Ms. Joan Clark HEA/HEA Email: jcusato@cfa Phone: 617-496-7768
Room: B-343 MS-70 Fax:
D'Abrusco, Dr. Raffaele HEA/HEA Email: raffaele.dabrusco@cfa Phone: 617-495-7208
Room: B-238 MS-67 Fax:
Dahmer, Mr. Matthew Tighe (Matt) HEA/HEA Email: mdahmer@cfa Phone: 617-998-0655
Room: W-364 MS-33 Fax:
Daly, Ms. Sandra Field HEA Email: sdaly@cfa Phone: 617-496-7089
Room: P-154 MS-58 Fax:
Das, Dr. Rutuparna HEA Email: rutuparna.das@cfa Phone:
Room: B-220 MS-67 Fax:
Dauphin, Frederick HEA/OIR Email: frederick.dauphin@cfa Phone:
Room: A-101 MS-70 Fax:
Davenport, Ms. Anne HEA Email: adavenport@cfa Phone: 617-495-7175
Room: P-135 MS-58 Fax:
David, Dr. Laurence P. HEA/HEA Email: ldavid@cfa Phone: 617-495-7245
Room: B-442 MS-03 Fax:
Davis, John E. AMP/HEA Email: jedavis@cfa Phone: 617-496-7866
Room: D-16A MS-50 Fax:
DeLuca, Dr. Edward E. HEA Email: edeluca@cfa Phone: 617-496-7725
Room: P-133/P-B01 MS-58 Fax:
Del Zanna, Dr. Giulio HEA Email: giulio.del.zanna@cfa Phone:
Room: P-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Della Costa, John HEA/OIR Email: john.della_costa@cfa Phone:
Room: A-101 MS-70 Fax:
Di Stefano, Dr. Rosanne HEA/TA Email: rdistefano@cfa Phone: 617-495-7091
Room: P-227 MS-51 Fax: 617-495-7093
Divona, Miss Kristin Ann HEA/HEA Email: kristin.divona@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-67 Fax:
Donovan, Ms. Erin HEA Email: erin.donovan@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Doodson, Ely Jake HEA Email: pending@cfa Phone:
Room: B-102 MS-00 Fax:
Dowd, Ms. Tara Sue HEA/HEA Email: tara.dowd@cfa Phone: 617-495-7252
Room: B-306C MS-70 Fax:
Drake, Dr. Jeremy J. HEA/HEA Email: jdrake@cfa Phone: 617-496-7850
Room: B-441 MS-03 Fax:
Driscoll, Helen HEA Email: No email Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Dunn, Mr. William Richard HEA Email: william.dunn@cfa Phone: 617-495-7138
Room: B-235A MS-67 Fax:
Dupont, Marcus SSP/HEA Email: marcus.dupont@cfa Phone:
Room: P-140 MS-58 Fax:
Durham, Mr. Robert Nicholas (Nick) HEA/HEA Email: rdurham@cfa Phone: 617-496-7716
Room: B-102I MS-21 Fax:
Dzengelewski, Ms. Carol SPP/HEA Email: cdzengelewski@cfa Phone: 617-496-7705
Room: R-479 MS-22 Fax: 617-496-7957
Eagan, Mr. Christopher Paul (Chris) HEA/HEA Email: ceagan@cfa Phone: 617-998-0606
Room: W-345 MS-33 Fax:
Edmonds, Dr. Peter D. HEA/HEA Email: pedmonds@cfa Phone: 617-496-1917
Room: B-221 MS-70 Fax:
Elvis , Dr. Martin S. HEA Email: melvis@cfa Phone: 617-495-7442
Room: B-424 MS-06 Fax:
Evans, Dr. Ian N. HEA/HEA Email: ievans@cfa Phone: 617-496-7846
Room: R-357 MS-81 Fax:
Evans, Ms. Janet DePonte HEA/HEA Email: jdeponte@cfa Phone: 617-495-7160
Room: R-378/B-331 MS-81 Fax:
Evans , Dr. Nancy R. HEA Email: nevans@cfa Phone: 617-495-7146
Room: B-222 MS-04 Fax:
Fabbiano, Dr. Giuseppina (Pepi) HEA/HEA Email: gfabbiano@cfa Phone: 617-495-7203
Room: B-422 MS-06 Fax:
Farid, Ms. Samaiyah I. HEA Email: samaiyah.farid@cfa Phone: 617-495-7121
Room: P-142 MS-58 Fax:
Fine, Mr. Thomas A. HEA/HEA Email: tfine@cfa Phone: 617-496-7863
Room: C-26 MS-70 Fax:
Flanagan, Dr. Kathryn Anne HEA Email: kathryn.flanagan@cfa Phone: 617-495-7244
Room: B-421 MS-06 Fax:
Forman, Dr. Christine Jones HEA Email: cjones@cfa Phone: 617-495-7137
Room: B-401 MS-02 Fax:
Forman, Dr. William R. HEA Email: wforman@cfa Phone: 617-495-7210
Room: B-408 MS-02 Fax:
Fornasini, Dr. Francesca Maria HEA Email: francesca.fornasini@cfa Phone: 617-496-7722
Room: B-306B MS-06 Fax:
Foster, Dr. Adam HEA/SSP Email: afoster@cfa Phone: 617-496-3203
Room: B-429 MS-04 Fax:
Frattare, Ms. Lisa HEA Email: lisa.frattare@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-06 Fax:
Freeman, Megan L HEA Email: pending@cfa Phone:
Room: B-102 MS-00 Fax:
Freeman, Mr. Mark D. CE/HEA Email: mfreeman@cfa Phone: 617-495-7106
Room: R-316 MS-05 Fax: 617-496-7708
Fruscione, Dr. Antonella HEA/HEA Email: afruscione@cfa Phone: 617-496-7851
Room: B-438 MS-03 Fax:
Frye, Mr. Adam Ashley HEA/HEA Email: afrye@cfa Phone: 617-998-0628
Room: W-341 MS-33 Fax:
Gaetz , Dr. Terrance HEA/HEA Email: tgaetz@cfa Phone: 617-496-7584
Room: B-338 MS-70 Fax:
Gage, Mr. Kenneth R. HEA/HEA Email: kgage@cfa Phone: 617-998-0650
Room: W-362 MS-33 Fax:
Galan, Ms. Giselle HEA Email: giselle.galan@cfa Phone:
Room: P-141 MS-58 Fax:
Galstian, Mr. Gary G. HEA/HEA Email: ggalstian@cfa Phone: 617-496-7858
Room: R-461 MS-27 Fax:
Garcia , Dr. Michael R. HEA Email: mgarcia@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-04 Fax:
Garraffo, Dr. Cecilia HEA Email: cgarraffo@cfa Phone:
Room: B-421 MS-04 Fax:
Gauron, Mr. Thomas M. CE/HEA Email: tgauron@cfa Phone: 617-496-7596
Room: R-328 MS-05 Fax: 617-496-7671
Germain, Mr. Gregg HEA/HEA Email: ggermain@cfa Phone: 617-496-1558
Room: B-411 MS-03 Fax:
Ghirardini, Mr. Vittorio HEA Email: vittorio.ghirardini@cfa Phone:
Room: B-235B MS-67 Fax:
Gibbs, Mr. Danny G. HEA/HEA Email: dgibbs@cfa Phone: 617-495-7339
Room: R-371 MS-81 Fax:
Glotfelty, Mr. Kenny J. HEA/HEA Email: kglotfelty@cfa Phone: 617-496-7773
Room: B-102G MS-21 Fax:
Goettlicher, Ms. Carson HEA Email: carson.goettlicher@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-58 Fax:
Gokas, Ms. Tara Lynn HEA/HEA Email: tgokas@cfa Phone: 617-496-7856
Room: D-PS4A MS-67 Fax:
Golub, Dr. Leon HEA Email: lgolub@cfa Phone: 617-495-7177
Room: P-132 MS-58 Fax:
Gordon, Mr. Miles S. HEA Email: miles.gordon@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-58 Fax:
Gorenstein, Dr. Paul HEA Email: pgorenstein@cfa Phone: 617-495-7250
Room: B-415 MS-04 Fax:
Graessle, Dr. Dale E. HEA/HEA Email: dgraessle@cfa Phone: 617-495-7041
Room: B-336 MS-70 Fax:
Grant , Mrs. Carolyn Stern HEA Email: cgrant@cfa Phone: 617-495-7154
Room: P-128 MS-83 Fax:
Grant, Mr. Paul S. HEA Email: pgrant@cfa Phone: 617-495-7167
Room: B-335 MS-70 Fax:
Green , Dr. Paul J. HEA/HEA Email: pgreen@cfa Phone: 617-495-7057
Room: B-434 MS-04 Fax:
Green, Donald Chase HEA Email: donald.green@cfa Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Grier, Mr. John D. HEA/HEA Email: jgrier@cfa Phone: 617-496-7843
Room: R-372 MS-81 Fax:
Grimland, Mr. Courtney HEA/HEA Email: cgrimland@cfa Phone: 617-495-7069
Room: B-304 MS-70 Fax:
Grindlay , Prof. Jonathan E. (Josh) HEA/AST/HEA Email: jgrindlay@cfa Phone: 617-495-7204
Room: B-420 MS-06 Fax:
Griswold, Mr. Alex SED/HEA Email: agriswold@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-82 Fax: 617-496-7670
Grossova, Ms. Romana HEA Email: romana.grossova@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Guardado, Ms. Karla HEA/HEA Email: karla.guardado@cfa Phone: 617-495-2638
Room: B-223 MS-67 Fax:
Guevel, Mr. David Joseph HEA Email: david.guevel@cfa Phone:
Room: B-227 MS-06 Fax:
Guliano, Mr. Lucas R. HEA Email: lucas.guliano@cfa Phone:
Room: P-TBD MS-83 Fax:
Gulick, Hannah HEA/RG Email: hannah.gulick@cfa Phone:
Room: A-101 MS-70 Fax:
Hain, Mr. Roger HEA/HEA Email: rhain@cfa Phone: 617-496-7939
Room: R-360 MS-81 Fax:
Hall, Ms. Diane M. HEA/HEA Email: dhall@cfa Phone: 617-496-7764
Room: R-369 MS-81 Fax:
Harada, Caleb HEA/TA Email: caleb.harada@cfa Phone:
Room: A-101 MS-70 Fax:
Harbach, Ms. Laura M HEA Email: laura.harbach@cfa Phone:
Room: B-102 MS-06 Fax:
Harbo , Dr. Peter N. HEA/HEA Email: pharbo@cfa Phone: 617-496-7560
Room: R-381 MS-81 Fax:
He , Dr. Xiangqun Helen (Helen) HEA/HEA Email: hhe@cfa Phone: 617-496-7515
Room: R-380 MS-81 Fax:
Heffner-Wong, Ms. Amanda HEA/HEA Email: amanda.heffner-wong@cfa Phone: 617-495-7290
Room: B-437 MS-06 Fax:
Hefron, Ms. Dawn Marie SPP/HEA Email: dhefron@cfa Phone: 617-495-7407
Room: R-477 MS-22 Fax: 617-496-7957
Hemond, Mr. Raymond N. HEA/HEA Email: rhemond@cfa Phone: 617-496-7697
Room: R-363 MS-29 Fax:
Henneken, Mr. Edwin A. HEA Email: ehenneken@cfa Phone: 617-496-7710
Room: P-129 MS-83 Fax:
Heseltine, Mr. James HEA Email: james.heseltine@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Heuer, Ms. Keri HEA Email: pending@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Hoak, Dr. Daniel T. HEA Email: daniel.hoak@cfa Phone:
Room: B-227 MS-67 Fax:
Hogan, Melena R HEA Email: melena.hogan@cfa Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Hohl, Mr. Jacob Madison CE/HEA Email: jacob.hohl@cfa Phone: 617-495-7231
Room: R-312 MS-05 Fax: 617-495-7098
Holmes, Mr. Jeff HEA/HEA Email: jholmes@cfa Phone: 617-998-0617
Room: W-328 MS-34 Fax:
Hong, Dr. Jae Sub HEA Email: jhong@cfa Phone: 617-496-7512
Room: P-136 MS-83 Fax:
Hora , Dr. Joseph L. OIR/HEA Email: jhora@cfa Phone: 617-496-7548
Room: M-232 MS-65 Fax: 617-495-7490
Hostetler, Mr. Timothy Wade HEA Email: timothy.hostetler@cfa Phone: 617-496-7541
Room: P-127 MS-83 Fax:
Houck, John AMP/HEA Email: jhouck@cfa Phone: 617-495-7348
Room: D-16A MS-50 Fax:
Hudson, Mr. Kenneth J. HEA/HEA Email: khudson@cfa Phone: 617-998-0603
Room: W-335 MS-33 Fax:
Hurley, Mrs. Sabina Bucher HEA/HEA Email: shurley@cfa Phone: 617-998-0629
Room: W-367 MS-33 Fax:
Hussaini, Maryam HEA/OIR Email: maryam.hussaini@cfa Phone:
Room: A-101 MS-70 Fax:
Hyman, Ms. Soley O AST/HEA Email: soley.hyman@cfa Phone: 617-496-7872
Room: A-25 MS-46 Fax:
Hyung, Ms. Eugenia HEA Email: No email Phone:
Room: P-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Iampietro, Mr. Anthony HEA Email: anthony.iampietro@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-58 Fax:
Ibrahim, Mr. Alaalden SED/HEA Email: aibrahim@cfa Phone: 617-496-7982
Room: D-308 MS-71 Fax:
Isobe, Dr. Takashi HEA/HEA Email: tisobe@cfa Phone: 617-495-1012
Room: D-PS4A MS-70 Fax:
Jacovich, Mr. Taylor E HEA Email: taylor.jacovich@cfa Phone:
Room: B-306A MS-06 Fax:
Jay, Mr. James Randolph HEA/HEA Email: jjay@cfa Phone: 617-998-0612
Room: W-353 MS-33 Fax:
Jean, Ms. Kathlyne HEA/HEA Email: kjean@cfa Phone: 617-495-7464
Room: B-333 MS-70 Fax:
Jerius , Dr. Diab HEA/HEA Email: djerius@cfa Phone: 617-496-7575
Room: B-340 MS-70 Fax:
Jibben, Ms. Patricia R. HEA Email: pjibben@cfa Phone: 617-495-7242
Room: P-147 MS-58 Fax:
Jimenez-Gallardo, Ms. Ana Maria HEA Email: ana.jimenez-gallardo@cfa Phone:
Room: D-PS4A MS-06 Fax:
Johnson-DeBaufre, Grace HEA Email: grace.johnson-debaufre@cfa Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Jones, Mr. Alexander Richard HEA Email: alexander.jones@cfa Phone:
Room: B-102 MS-06 Fax:
Jones, Ms. Mackenzie Lee HEA Email: mackenzie.jones@cfa Phone: 617-496-7774
Room: B-306A MS-70 Fax:
Jones, Mr. David (Dave) HEA/HEA Email: djones@cfa Phone: 617-998-0654
Room: W-347 MS-33 Fax:
Joye, Mr. William HEA/HEA Email: wjoye@cfa Phone: 617-496-7822
Room: B-217 MS-67 Fax:
Jubett, Mrs. April Jane HEA/HEA Email: ahobart@cfa Phone: 617-496-7048
Room: R-487 MS-82 Fax:
Kannan, Dr. Rahul HEA Email: rahul.kannan@cfa Phone:
Room: P-245 MS-06 Fax:
Karim, Dr. Aminul HEA Email: aminul.karim@cfa Phone: 617-998-0602
Room: W-360 MS-33 Fax:
Karna, Nishu HEA Email: nishu.karna@cfa Phone:
Room: P-140 MS-58 Fax:
Karovska Neily, Dr. Margarita HEA/SSP Email: mkarovska@cfa Phone: 617-495-7347
Room: B-222 MS-70 Fax:
Kashyap , Dr. Vinay L. HEA/HEA Email: vkashyap@cfa Phone: 617-495-7173
Room: B-301 MS-70 Fax:
Kasper, Dr. Justin C. HEA/RG/TA Email: jkasper@cfa Phone: 617-496-7875
Room: P-152 MS-58 Fax:
Kaufman, Mr. Zeke HEA/HEA Email: zeke.kaufman@cfa Phone: 617-495-7140
Room: R-370 MS-81 Fax:
Kent, Mr. Thomas HEA Email: tkent@cfa Phone: 617-384-7960
Room: OFF-SITE MS-29 Fax:
Kenter, Dr. Almus HEA Email: akenter@cfa Phone: 617-495-7056
Room: R-384 MS-04 Fax:
Kim , Dr. Dong-Woo HEA/HEA Email: dkim@cfa Phone: 617-496-7852
Room: B-428 MS-06 Fax:
Kim, Eun-Jin HEA Email: eun-jin.kim@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Kittrell, Mr. DeOndre HEA Email: deondre.kittrell@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-58 Fax:
Kliem, Dr. Bernhard Hartmut HEA Email: bernhard.kliem@cfa Phone:
Room: P-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Klingensmith, Ms. Brianna HEA Email: brianna.klingensmith@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-00 Fax:
Klotzman, Lauren HEA Email: No email Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Knight, Ms. Amy Harriet HEA/TA Email: amy.knight@cfa Phone: 617-496-7765
Room: B-102 MS-06 Fax:
Kohlin Lovfors, Mr. Viktor HEA Email: viktor.kohlin_lovfors@cfa Phone:
Room: P-226 MS-06 Fax:
Kohls, Mr. Kenneth Scott (Ken) HEA/HEA Email: kkohls@cfa Phone: 617-998-0653
Room: W-337 MS-33 Fax:
Korreck, Dr. Kelly Elizabeth HEA Email: kkorreck@cfa Phone: 617-496-1611
Room: P-131B/R-356 MS-58 Fax:
Korzennik , Dr. Sylvain G. SSP/HEA Email: skorzennik@cfa Phone: 617-496-7916
Room: P-354 MS-15 Fax:
Kovacs, Ms. Orsolya Eszter HEA Email: orsolya.kovacs@cfa Phone: 617-495-7186
Room: B-306B MS-70 Fax:
Kraft, Dr. Ralph P. HEA Email: rkraft@cfa Phone: 617-496-7709
Room: B-433 MS-04 Fax:
Kristoff, Mr. James Steven HEA Email: james.kristoff@cfa Phone: 617-998-0611
Room: W-357 MS-33 Fax:
Kuraszkiewicz, Dr. Joanna HEA/OIR Email: jkuraszkiewicz@cfa Phone: 617-496-1840
Room: B-233C MS-67 Fax:
Kurtz , Dr. Michael J. OIR/HEA Email: mkurtz@cfa Phone: 617-495-7434
Room: P-316 MS-20 Fax:
Lauer, Ms. Jennifer HEA/HEA Email: jlauer@cfa Phone: 617-496-7861
Room: R-443B MS-27 Fax:
Laurino, Mr. Omar HEA/HEA Email: olaurino@cfa Phone: 617-495-7227
Room: R-377 MS-29 Fax: 617-496-1693
Lavallee, Sarah HEA Email: sarah.lavallee@cfa Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Lee, Mr. Nicholas P. HEA/HEA Email: nplee@cfa Phone: 617-496-7869
Room: B-102F MS-21 Fax:
Leger, Mr. Michael Paul HEA/HEA Email: mleger@cfa Phone: 617-998-0613
Room: W-379 MS-33 Fax:
Lestition, Ms. Kathleen M. HEA/HEA Email: klestition@cfa Phone: 617-495-7399
Room: B-427 MS-06 Fax:
Leussis , Mr. George C. HEA/HEA Email: gleussis@cfa Phone: 617-998-0614
Room: W-329 MS-33 Fax:
Levitt, Mr. Paul A. HEA/HEA Email: plevitt@cfa Phone: 617-998-0638
Room: W-331 MS-34 Fax: 617-496-7055
Li, Ms. Zhuofei HEA Email: zhuofei.li@cfa Phone:
Room: P-TBD MS-58 Fax:
Libretto, Mr. Carleano HEA Email: carleano.libretto@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Lin, Kenneth HEA Email: kenneth.lin@cfa Phone:
Room: A-101 MS-70 Fax:
Little, Mr. John R. HEA/HEA Email: jlittle@cfa Phone: 617-496-0924
Room: B-337 MS-70 Fax:
Lockhart, Dr. Kelly HEA Email: kelly.lockhart@cfa Phone: 617-496-7541
Room: P-127 MS-83 Fax:
Loftus, Ms. Kaitlyn HEA Email: kaitlyn.loftus@cfa Phone:
Room: P-TBD MS-83 Fax:
Los, Mr. Edward J. HEA Email: elos@cfa Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-06 Fax:
Lovisari, Dr. Lorenzo HEA Email: lorenzo.lovisari@cfa Phone: 617-496-1985
Room: B-234A MS-67 Fax:
Lustiber, Mr. Graham HEA Email: graham.lustiber@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-00 Fax:
Lyn, Ms. Janine Elizabeth HEA/HEA Email: jlyn@cfa Phone: 617-496-1659
Room: R-379 MS-81 Fax:
Maasha, Mr. Mutaamba HEA/HEA Email: mutaamba.maasha@cfa Phone: 617-496-5731
Room: R-374 MS-29 Fax:
Mabius, Dr. Lawrence (Larry) HEA/HEA Email: lmabius@cfa Phone: 617-998-0633
Room: W-351 MS-33 Fax:
MacLeod , Dr. Chelsea L. HEA Email: chelsea.macleod@cfa Phone: 617-496-7570
Room: B-235B MS-67 Fax:
MacLeod, Dr. Morgan Elowe HEA/TA Email: morgan.macleod@cfa Phone: 617-495-7296
Room: P-215 MS-51 Fax:
Machacek, Dr. Marie E. HEA Email: mmachacek@cfa Phone: 617-496-7996
Room: B-226 MS-67 Fax:
Macleod, Lewis Matthew HEA Email: pending@cfa Phone:
Room: B-102 MS-00 Fax:
Madsen, Dr. Chad Allen HEA Email: cmadsen@cfa Phone: 617-495-8163
Room: P-139 MS-58 Fax:
Mahon, Mr. Craig L. HEA/HEA Email: cmahon@cfa Phone: 617-998-0656
Room: W-358 MS-33 Fax:
Maksym, Dr. W. Peter (Pete) HEA Email: walter.maksym@cfa Phone: 617-496-1918
Room: B-234B MS-67 Fax:
Mancini, Steven Anthony HEA/HEA Email: smancini@cfa Phone: 617-998-0620
Room: W-375 MS-33 Fax:
Mandel , Mr. Eric G. HEA Email: emandel@cfa Phone: 617-495-7135
Room: B-413 MS-03 Fax:
Marquez, Ms. Vanessa CE/HEA Email: vmarquez@cfa Phone: 617-496-1720
Room: R-329 MS-05 Fax: 617-496-7671
Martin, Dr. Eric R. HEA/HEA Email: emartin@cfa Phone: 617-998-0642
Room: W-349/H-723 MS-33 Fax: 617-496-7049
Martinez Galarza, Dr. Juan Rafael (Rafael) HEA/OIR/HEA Email: juan.martinez.galarza@cfa Phone: 617-496-7855
Room: R-373 MS-29 Fax: 617-495-7490
Mattison , Dr. Edward M. HEA/HEA Email: emattison@cfa Phone: 617-495-7265
Room: B-410 MS-02 Fax:
Mazzoni, Mr. Fernando HEA Email: fernando.mazzoni@cfa Phone: 617-496-7769
Room: B-226 MS-06 Fax:
McCarthy, Ms. Maura T SPP/HEA Email: maura.mccarthy@cfa Phone: 617-496-7677
Room: R-482 MS-22 Fax: 617-496-7957
McClain, Mr. Edward HEA/HEA Email: edward.mcclain@cfa Phone: 617-495-7045
Room: B-306C MS-70 Fax:
McCollough, Dr. Michael L. HEA/HEA Email: mmccollough@cfa Phone: 617-496-2119
Room: B-240 MS-67 Fax:
McDonald, Mr. Stephen HEA Email: stephen.mcdonald@cfa Phone:
Room: P-129 MS-83 Fax:
McDowell , Dr. Jonathan C. HEA/HEA Email: jmcdowell@cfa Phone: 617-495-7176
Room: B-414 MS-06 Fax:
McLaughlin, Mr. Warren L. HEA/HEA Email: wmclaughlin@cfa Phone: 617-496-7859
Room: R-366 MS-81 Fax: 617-496-1693
McMuldroch, Dr. Stuart DO/HEA Email: smcmuldroch@cfa Phone: 617-495-7344
Room: R-301 MS-63 Fax:
Megas, Mr. Alexis G. (Alex) HEA/HEA Email: amegas@cfa Phone: 617-998-0636
Room: W-323 MS-33 Fax:
Meng, Mr. William Lin HEA Email: william.meng@cfa Phone:
Room: B-227 MS-83 Fax:
Mgrdichian, Mr. Khajag HEA/HEA Email: kmgrdichian@cfa Phone: 617-384-7939
Room: R-487 MS-82 Fax:
Miller, Mr. Glenn Todd (Todd) HEA/HEA Email: gmiller@cfa Phone: 617-998-0641
Room: W-315 MS-33 Fax:
Miller, Mr. Joseph Benjamin (Joe) HEA/HEA Email: jmiller@cfa Phone: 617-496-1591
Room: R-361 MS-81 Fax:
Mink , Ms. Jessica D. OIR/HEA Email: jmink@cfa Phone: 617-495-7408
Room: A-201A MS-09 Fax:
Miralles, Dr. Mari Paz SSP/HEA/SSP Email: mmiralles@cfa Phone: 617-496-7925
Room: D-305 MS-16 Fax: 617-495-7049
Missaglia, Ms. Valentina HEA Email: valentina.missaglia@cfa Phone: 617-496-7622
Room: B-234B MS-67 Fax:
Montez, Dr. Rodolfo HEA/HEA Email: rodolfo.montez@cfa Phone: 617-496-7565
Room: B-219 MS-67 Fax:
Moore, Dr. Christopher S. HEA Email: christopher.s.moore@cfa Phone:
Room: P-148 MS-58 Fax:
Morgan, Mr. Douglas HEA/HEA Email: dmorgan@cfa Phone: 617-495-7405/617-998-0622
Room: R-490/W-327 MS-27 Fax:
Moschou, Dr. Sofia Paraskevi HEA Email: sofia.moschou@cfa Phone:
Room: B-235A MS-67 Fax:
Moseley, Serena HEA Email: serena.moseley@cfa Phone:
Room: A-101 MS-70 Fax:
Mossman, Ms. Amy E. HEA/HEA Email: amossman@cfa Phone: 617-495-7130
Room: B-233C MS-67 Fax:
Muench-Nasrallah , Dr. August A. (Gus) RG/HEA Email: gmuench@cfa Phone:
Room: P-135 MS-42 Fax: 617-495-7345
Mukherjee, Mr. Eric HEA/AST Email: eric.mukherjee@cfa Phone: 617-496-3908
Room: A-110 MS-10 Fax:
Mulsman, Mr. Jonathan D HEA/HEA Email: jonathan.mulsman@cfa Phone: 617-998-0643
Room: W-307 MS-33 Fax:
Murphy, Dr. Nicholas Arnold Echlin HEA/SSP Email: namurphy@cfa Phone: 617-384-7830
Room: P-137 MS-58 Fax:
Naiman, Dr. Jill TA/HEA Email: jill.naiman@cfa Phone:
Room: P-240 MS-51 Fax:
Narayan , Prof. Ramesh TA/AST/HEA Email: rnarayan@cfa Phone: 617-496-9393
Room: P-232 MS-51 Fax: 617-495-7093
Nguyen, Mr. Dan T. HEA/HEA Email: dnguyen@cfa Phone: 617-495-7253
Room: R-368 MS-81 Fax:
Nicastro, Dr. Fabrizio HEA Email: fnicastro@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Nichols, Dr. Joy S. HEA/HEA Email: jnichols@cfa Phone: 617-496-7970/617-998-0649
Room: R-465/W-325 MS-27 Fax:
Niembro Hernandez, Dr. Rosa (Tatiana) HEA Email: rosa.niembro_hernandez@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Nigro, Mr. Frank James HEA/HEA Email: fnigro@cfa Phone: 617-495-7144
Room: C-26 MS-70 Fax:
Nulsen, Dr. Paul E.J. HEA Email: pnulsen@cfa Phone: 617-495-7043
Room: B-432 MS-06 Fax: 617-495-7356
Nulsen, Dr. Susan HEA Email: susan.nulsen@cfa Phone: 617-495-7184
Room: B-226 MS-06 Fax:
Nynka, Ms. Melania Christina HEA/HEA Email: melania.nynka@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-06 Fax:
O'Sullivan, Dr. Ewan J. AMP/HEA Email: eosullivan@cfa Phone: 617-495-7956
Room: B-216 MS-50 Fax:
Onyuksel, Mr. Cem HEA/HEA Email: cem.onyuksel@cfa Phone: 617-496-5733
Room: R-376 MS-29 Fax:
Oppenheimer, Dr. Benjamin HEA Email: benjamin.oppenheimer@cfa Phone:
Room: B-413 MS-06 Fax:
Oskin, Ms. Catherine HEA/HEA Email: coskin@cfa Phone: 617-496-7734
Room: B-305 MS-70 Fax:
Padial Doble, Mr. Jorge R HEA Email: jorge.padial_doble@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Park, Mr. Sang CE/HEA Email: sapark@cfa Phone: 617-495-7351
Room: R-327 MS-05 Fax: 617-495-7098
Park, Ms. Joan HEA/HEA Email: jpark@cfa Phone: 617-998-0644
Room: W-368 MS-33 Fax:
Parker, Mr. Kieran Peter HEA Email: kieran.parker@cfa Phone:
Room: B-102 MS-21 Fax:
Partenheimer, Meta M HEA Email: No email Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Patnaude, Dr. Daniel HEA/HEA Email: dpatnaude@cfa Phone: 617-496-2087
Room: B-402 MS-03 Fax:
Paulson, Mr. Kristoff HEA Email: kristoff.paulson@cfa Phone: 617-384-8011
Room: P-140 MS-58 Fax:
Paxson, Mr. Charles W. HEA/HEA Email: cpaxson@cfa Phone: 617-496-7732
Room: R-373 MS-81 Fax:
Pearlman, Dr. Michael R. (Mike) RG/OIR/HEA Email: mpearlman@cfa Phone: 617-495-7481
Room: R-343 MS-05 Fax: 617-496-0121
Perdikeas, Dr. Menelaos HEA/HEA Email: menelaos.perdikeas@cfa Phone: 617-496-7679
Room: R-375 MS-29 Fax:
Phillips, Ms. Kayren HEA/HEA Email: kphillips@cfa Phone: 617-496-7865
Room: OFF-SITE MS-82 Fax:
Plucinsky, Dr. Paul P. HEA/HEA Email: pplucinsky@cfa Phone: 617-496-7726
Room: B-407 MS-03 Fax:
Plummer, Mr. David A. HEA/HEA Email: dplummer@cfa Phone: 617-495-7284
Room: R-358 MS-81 Fax:
Podgorski, Dr. William A. CE/HEA/HEA Email: wpodgorski@cfa Phone: 617-495-7363
Room: R-337 MS-05 Fax: 617-496-7671
Polito, Vanessa HEA Email: vanessa.polito@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-58 Fax:
Prestwich, Dr. Andrea H. HEA/HEA Email: aprestwich@cfa Phone: 617-496-7576
Room: B-404 MS-04 Fax:
Price, Ms. Sara R HEA Email: sara.price@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Primini, Dr. Francis A. (Frank) HEA/HEA Email: fprimini@cfa Phone: 617-496-7985
Room: B-413 MS-03 Fax:
Provost, Ms. Misty HEA/HEA Email: misty.provost@cfa Phone: 617-998-0607
Room: W-376 MS-33 Fax:
Pulgarin-Duque, Ms. Lina HEA/HEA Email: lina.pulgarin-duque@cfa Phone: 617-496-7737
Room: B-102C MS-21 Fax:
Ramadurai, Mr. Padmanabhan (Durai) HEA/HEA Email: pramadurai@cfa Phone: 617-495-7061
Room: C-26A MS-70 Fax:
Randall , Dr. Scott W. HEA/HEA Email: srandall@cfa Phone: 617-496-7738
Room: B-418 MS-06 Fax:
Rapport, Mr. Nathan Messinger HEA Email: nathan.rapport@cfa Phone:
Room: P-129 MS-83 Fax:
Ratzlaff, Mr. Peter W. HEA/HEA Email: pratzlaff@cfa Phone: 617-495-4257
Room: B-330 MS-70 Fax:
Raymond, Dr. John C. SSP/HEA Email: jraymond@cfa Phone: 617-495-7416
Room: P-352 MS-15 Fax: 617-495-7049
Reeves, Dr. Katharine HEA Email: kreeves@cfa Phone: 617-496-7563
Room: P-141 MS-58 Fax:
Rehbein, Mr. Gregory M. (Greg) HEA/HEA Email: grehbein@cfa Phone: 617-998-0659
Room: W-314 MS-33 Fax:
Reid, Dr. Paul B. HEA Email: preid@cfa Phone: 617-495-7233
Room: B-341 MS-04 Fax:
Reyes, Ms. Naylynn Tanon HEA Email: naylynn_tanon.reyes@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-58 Fax:
Rice, Mr. Harold Douglas HEA/HEA Email: hrice@cfa Phone: 617-998-0646
Room: W-324 MS-33 Fax:
Rios, Mr. William Manuel (Billy) HEA/HEA Email: william.rios@cfa Phone: 617-998-0626
Room: W-378 MS-33 Fax:
Rivero, Mr. Marco HEA Email: No email Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-83 Fax:
Robbins, Mrs. Lauren Bortolami (ldeknis) HEA/HEA Email: lauren.robbins@cfa Phone: 617-496-7983
Room: B-337 MS-70 Fax:
Roberts , Ms. Wendy P. HEA Email: wroberts@cfa Phone: 617-495-7153
Room: C-26 MS-70 Fax:
Romaine, Dr. Suzanne E. HEA Email: sromaine@cfa Phone: 617-496-7719/617-495-7219
Room: P-150/B-114 MS-83 Fax:
Romashkova, Ms. Elena A. HEA Email: elena.romashkova@cfa Phone:
Room: P-G08 MS-83 Fax:
Rose, Mr. Joseph HEA/HEA Email: jrose@cfa Phone: 617-998-0658
Room: W-356 MS-33 Fax:
Rots , Dr. Arnold H. HEA Email: arots@cfa Phone: 617-496-7701
Room: B-226 MS-67 Fax:
Roulston, Mr. Benjamin Richard HEA Email: benjamin.roulston@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Rullo, Ellen HEA Email: ellen.rullo@cfa Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Saar, Dr. Steven H. HEA Email: ssaar@cfa Phone: 617-495-7046
Room: P-134 MS-58 Fax:
Samra, Ms. Jenna Elizabeth HEA Email: jsamra@cfa Phone: 617-496-5737/617-495-7412
Room: P-147/R-383 MS-58 Fax:
Santos, Dr. Felipe Andrade HEA Email: fsantos@cfa Phone: 617-495-7096
Room: B-306A MS-70 Fax:
Saunders, Mrs. Michele D. HEA/HEA Email: mdhall@cfa Phone: 617-384-7486
Room: B-233A MS-67 Fax:
Savcheva, Dr. Antonia S. HEA/SSP Email: asavcheva@cfa Phone: 617-496-7647
Room: P-139 MS-58 Fax:
Schackart, Mr. Frank HEA/HEA Email: fschackart@cfa Phone: 617-998-0618
Room: W-359 MS-33 Fax:
Schellenberger, Dr. Gerrit Fabian HEA Email: gerrit.schellenberger@cfa Phone: 617-496-1912
Room: B-234A MS-67 Fax:
Schonfeld, Dr. Jonathan F. HEA/DO Email: jonathan.schonfeld@cfa Phone: 617-496-7604/617-495-2818
Room: R-356/M-204 MS-29 Fax:
Schwartz , Dr. Dan A. (Dan) HEA/HEA Email: dschwartz@cfa Phone: 617-495-7232
Room: B-439 MS-03 Fax:
Scott, Mr. John G. HEA Email: jgscott@cfa Phone: 617-998-0638
Room: W-377 MS-33 Fax:
Sethares, Ms. Leandra HEA Email: leandra.sethares@cfa Phone:
Room: B-233B MS-83 Fax:
Severino, Ms. MaryKay HEA Email: marykay.severino@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-58 Fax:
Seward, Dr. Frederick D. HEA Email: fseward@cfa Phone: 617-495-7282
Room: B-431 MS-04 Fax:
Shapurian, Ms. Golnaz HEA Email: golnaz.shapurian@cfa Phone: 617-496-7541
Room: P-127 MS-83 Fax:
Shelley, Mr. Warren C HEA Email: warren.shelley@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Shoda, Mr. Munehito HEA Email: munehito.shoda@cfa Phone:
Room: P-148 MS-58 Fax:
Sicilian, Mr. Dominic HEA Email: dominic.sicilian@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Siemiginowska, Dr. Aneta L. HEA/HEA Email: asiemiginowska@cfa Phone: 617-495-7243
Room: B-425 MS-04 Fax:
Sienkiewicz, Mr. Frank Frederick SED/HEA Email: fsienkiewicz@cfa Phone: 617-495-7264
Room: D-PS4B MS-71 Fax: 617-496-5405
Silver, Dr. Eric H. HEA/AMP/SSP Email: esilver@cfa Phone:
Room: R-TBD MS-82 Fax:
Slane , Dr. Patrick O. HEA/HEA Email: pslane@cfa Phone: 617-495-7256
Room: B-419 MS-06 Fax:
Slavin, Dr. Jonathan David HEA/SSP Email: jslavin@cfa Phone: 617-496-7981
Room: P-152 MS-83 Fax: 617-495-7356
Sloan, Mr. John P. SPP/HEA Email: jsloan@cfa Phone: 617-495-7447
Room: R-478 MS-22 Fax: 617-496-7957
Smith , Dr. Randall K. HEA/CE Email: rsmith@cfa Phone: 617-495-7143
Room: B-403/R-353 MS-02 Fax:
Snios, Dr. Bradford Theodore (Brad) HEA Email: bradford.snios@cfa Phone: 617-496-0743
Room: B-235B MS-67 Fax:
Sobolewska, Dr. Malgorzata HEA/HEA Email: msobolewska@cfa Phone: 617-496-7929
Room: B-217 MS-67 Fax:
Solares, Mr. Aldo HEA/HEA Email: asolares@cfa Phone: 617-495-7511
Room: B-241 MS-67 Fax:
Soon, Dr. Willie SSP/HEA Email: wsoon@cfa Phone: 617-495-7488
Room: R-306 MS-63 Fax: 617-496-7708
Standley, Dr. Clive HEA Email: No email Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Starikova, Svetlana HEA Email: svetlana.starikova@cfa Phone:
Room: B-330 MS-70 Fax:
Steiner, Dr. James F. HEA/HEA Email: james.steiner@cfa Phone: 617-496-7988
Room: B-423 MS-04 Fax:
Stevens, Dr. Michael Louis (Mike) HEA Email: mstevens@cfa Phone: 617-495-7852
Room: P-142 MS-58 Fax: 617-496-7577
Stroe , Dr. Andra HEA/OIR Email: andra.stroe@cfa Phone: 617-495-7062
Room: B-423 MS-06 Fax:
Suarez Bustamante, Ms. Crisel M. HEA Email: crisel.suarez_bustamante@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Sulzer, Mr. Ira HEA Email: isulzer@cfa Phone: 617-496-7824
Room: B-437 MS-02 Fax: 617-495-7356
Sun, Ms. Emma HEA/TA Email: emma.sun@cfa Phone:
Room: P-TBD MS-51 Fax: 617-495-7093
Sunbury, Dr. Susan SED/HEA Email: ssunbury@cfa Phone: 617-496-7918
Room: D-310 MS-71 Fax: 617-496-5405
Sundheim, Ms. Beth Alice HEA/HEA Email: bsundheim@cfa Phone: 617-496-7862
Room: R-447B MS-22 Fax:
Sutton-Berkeley, Ms. Almin HEA/HEA Email: asutton-berkeley@cfa Phone: 617-496-4784
Room: B-417 MS-06 Fax:
Suzuki, Mr. Hiromasa HEA Email: pending@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Syeda, Dr. Nazma Islam HEA Email: nazma.syeda@cfa Phone: 617-495-7616
Room: B-234A MS-67 Fax:
Szypko, Mr. Gregory HEA Email: gregory.szypko@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-58 Fax:
Tananbaum, Dr. Harvey D. HEA/HEA Email: htananbaum@cfa Phone: 617-495-7248/617-495-7207
Room: B-416 MS-06 Fax:
Tassev, Dr. Svetlin V. HEA Email: svetlin.tassev@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-58 Fax:
Taylor, Ms. Hannah C. HEA Email: hannah.taylor@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Templeton, Dr. Matthew HEA Email: matthew.templeton@cfa Phone: 617-495-7260
Room: P-128 MS-83 Fax:
Terrell, Ms. Marie HEA/HEA Email: marie.terrell@cfa Phone: 617-496-7809
Room: R-374 MS-29 Fax:
Testa, Dr. Paola HEA Email: ptesta@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-58 Fax:
Thomas, Mr. Paul R. RG/HEA Email: pthomas@cfa Phone: 617-495-7341/617-496-1648
Room: C-311G/R-367 MS-72 Fax: 617-495-7014
Thompson, Ms. Donna M. HEA Email: dthompson@cfa Phone: 617-496-7660
Room: P-128 MS-83 Fax:
Thong, Mr. Sinh A. HEA/HEA Email: sthong@cfa Phone: 617-496-2295
Room: B-241 MS-67 Fax:
Tibbetts, Mr. Michael S. HEA/HEA Email: mtibbetts@cfa Phone: 617-496-7585
Room: R-375 MS-81 Fax:
Tingle, Mr. Evan Daniel HEA/HEA Email: etingle@cfa Phone: 617-495-2633
Room: B-223 MS-67 Fax:
Tobin, Mollie HEA Email: mollie.tobin@cfa Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Tremblay, Dr. Grant Russell HEA Email: grant.tremblay@cfa Phone: 617-496-7919
Room: B-406 MS-02 Fax:
Trischitta, Mr. Michael P. HEA/HEA Email: mtrischitta@cfa Phone: 617-495-7254
Room: B-435 MS-06 Fax: 617-495-7356
Tucker, Dr. Wallace H. HEA/HEA Email: wtucker@cfa Phone: TBD
Room: OFF-SITE MS-06 Fax:
Turner, Mr. Alexander Matthew HEA Email: alexander.turner@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Tutunjian, Ms. Kara HEA/HEA Email: ktutunjian@cfa Phone: 617-496-7063
Room: B-332 MS-70 Fax: 617-495-9056
Tyler, Mr. Dakotah HEA Email: dakotah.tyler@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-58 Fax:
Van Stone, Mr. David W. HEA/HEA Email: dvanstone@cfa Phone: 617-496-7696
Room: B-302/R-363 MS-70 Fax:
Viens, Mr. Paul HEA/HEA Email: pviens@cfa Phone: 617-998-0627
Room: W-355 MS-33 Fax:
Vikhlinin , Dr. Alexey A. HEA Email: avikhlinin@cfa Phone: 617-495-7044
Room: B-405 MS-02 Fax:
Violette, Mr. Daniel P HEA/AST Email: daniel.violette@cfa Phone: 617-496-4946
Room: P-206 MS-10 Fax:
Voss, Dr. Alexander HEA Email: alexander.voss@cfa Phone:
Room: P-144 MS-58 Fax:
Vrtilek , Dr. Saeqa Dil (Saku) HEA/SSP Email: svrtilek@cfa Phone: 617-495-7094
Room: B-224 MS-67 Fax:
Vrtilek, Dr. Jan M. HEA/HEA Email: jvrtilek@cfa Phone: 617-495-7127/617-998-0610
Room: B-446/W-340 MS-03 Fax:
Wainwright, Mr. William HEA Email: william.wainwright@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-58 Fax:
Wargelin , Dr. Bradford HEA/HEA Email: bwargelin@cfa Phone: 617-496-7702
Room: B-445 MS-03 Fax:
Watzke, Ms. Megan HEA/HEA Email: mwatzke@cfa Phone: 617-496-7998
Room: OFF-SITE MS-70 Fax:
Weber , Dr. Mark HEA Email: mweber@cfa Phone: 617-495-7139
Room: P-138 MS-58 Fax:
Weil, Ms. Kathryn Emily HEA Email: kathryn.weil@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Welch, Mr. Kyle HEA/HEA Email: kwelch@cfa Phone: 617-495-7171
Room: B-303 MS-70 Fax:
Wellington, Mr. Jay A. HEA/HEA Email: jwellington@cfa Phone: 617-998-0651
Room: W-372 MS-33 Fax:
Whitler, Lily HEA/OIR Email: lily.whitler@cfa Phone:
Room: A-101 MS-70 Fax:
Wicker, Mr. Darell HEA/HEA Email: dwicker@cfa Phone: 617-998-0634
Room: W-370 MS-33 Fax:
Wiley, Mr. Kenneth Anthony HEA/HEA Email: kenneth.wiley@cfa Phone: 617-496-7553
Room: C-26 MS-70 Fax:
Wilkes, Dr. Belinda J. HEA/HEA Email: bwilkes@cfa Phone: 617-495-7268
Room: B-426 MS-08 Fax:
Williams, Mr. Stephen J. (Joe) CE/HEA Email: stephen.williams@cfa Phone: 617-495-7128
Room: R-325 MS-05 Fax: 617-496-7708
Williamson, Ms. Linda P. SED/HEA Email: lwilliamson@cfa Phone: 617-495-7420
Room: R-439 MS-26 Fax: 617-496-7670
Williamson, Mrs. Kelly T.S. HEA/HEA Email: kelly.williamson@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-06 Fax:
Wilson, Ms. Janice A. HEA Email: jwilson@cfa Phone: 617-495-7191
Room: P-145 MS-58 Fax:
Wing, Dr. Joshua D. HEA/HEA Email: jwing@cfa Phone: 617-495-7025
Room: B-306C MS-70 Fax:
Winkelman, Ms. Sherry L. HEA/HEA Email: swinkelman@cfa Phone: 617-496-7543
Room: B-239 MS-67 Fax:
Winston, Dr. Elaine OIR/HEA Email: elaine.winston@cfa Phone: 617-495-7715
Room: M-234 MS-65 Fax: 617-495-7490
Winter, Dr. Henry (Trae) HEA Email: hwinter@cfa Phone: 617-495-7400
Room: P-143 MS-58 Fax: 617-496-7577
Wolk, Ms. Nancy RA. HEA/HEA Email: nancy.wolk@cfa Phone: 617-495-7205
Room: B-220 MS-67 Fax:
Wolk , Dr. Scott J. HEA/HEA Email: swolk@cfa Phone: 617-496-7766/617-998-0616
Room: C-33/W-305 MS-70 Fax:
Wollinsky, Caroline HEA Email: No email Phone: 617-495-3362
Room: D-PS3 MS-41 Fax:
Wong, Mr. Daniel HEA/HEA Email: dwong@cfa Phone: 617-998-0623
Room: W-348 MS-33 Fax:
Worrall , Dr. Diana M. HEA Email: dworrall@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-06 Fax:
Wyatt, Ms. Donna A. HEA/HEA Email: dwyatt@cfa Phone: 617-495-7258
Room: B-425A MS-06 Fax:
Yu, Ms. Xixi HEA Email: xixi.yu@cfa Phone:
Room: B-234B MS-06 Fax:
Yu, Ms. Julia HEA Email: julia.yu@cfa Phone:
Room: P-G08 MS-83 Fax:
Zachary, Ms. Julia Rose HEA/HEA Email: julia.zachary@cfa Phone: 617-496-7763
Room: B-306C MS-70 Fax:
Zapien, Mr. Xavier HEA Email: xavier.zapien@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Zeng, Mr. Yuxuan HEA Email: No email Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
Zezas, Dr. Andreas HEA Email: azezas@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-83 Fax:
Zhao , Dr. Ping HEA/HEA Email: pzhao@cfa Phone: 617-496-7582
Room: B-342 MS-70 Fax:
Zhitomirsky, Mr. Victor E. HEA/HEA Email: vzhitomirsky@cfa Phone: 617-998-0635
Room: W-333 MS-33 Fax:
Zografou, Dr. Panagoula HEA/HEA Email: pzografou@cfa Phone: 617-496-7715
Room: R-359 MS-81 Fax:
ZuHone, Dr. John HEA/HEA Email: john.zuhone@cfa Phone: 617-496-1816
Room: B-411 MS-03 Fax:
Zytkovicz, Mr. Mark Thomas HEA/HEA Email: mzytkovicz@cfa Phone: 617-998-0601
Room: W-312 MS-33 Fax:
de Beurs, Zoe HEA Email: zoe.de_beurs@cfa Phone:
Room: A-101 MS-70 Fax:
de Menezes, Mr. Raniere Maciel HEA Email: raniere.de_menezes@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-06 Fax:
van den Berg, Dr. Maureen HEA Email: mvandenberg@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-67 Fax:
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