SSP Staff List

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Alam, Ms. Munazza SSP/AST Email: munazza.alam@cfa Phone: 617-495-9229
Room: A-105 MS-10 Fax:
Avrett , Dr. Eugene H. SSP Email: eavrett@cfa Phone: 617-495-7423
Room: C-23 MS-15 Fax: 617-495-7049
Ben-Ami, Dr. Sagi CE/SSP/HEA Email: sagi.ben-ami@cfa Phone: 617-495-7110
Room: R-302 MS-05 Fax:
Benoit, Ms. Christine SSP Email: christine.benoit@cfa Phone: 617-496-7521
Room: P-350 MS-15 Fax:
Bergner, Ms. Jennifer SSP Email: jennifer.bergner@cfa Phone: 617-495-5676
Room: P-306 MS-10 Fax:
Bieryla, Ms. Allyson SSP/AST/OIR Email: abieryla@cfa Phone: 617-496-7541
Room: A-201A MS-10 Fax:
Blanco Cuaresma, Dr. Sergio HEA/SSP Email: sergio.blanco_cuaresma@cfa Phone: 617-496-7541
Room: P-127 MS-83 Fax:
Boardman , Ian SSP Email: ian.boardman@cfa Phone: 617-495-7237
Room: B-317 MS-15 Fax:
Brickhouse , Dr. Nancy Susan DO/SSP/HEA Email: nbrickhouse@cfa Phone: 617-495-7438
Room: P-207 MS-45 Fax: 617-495-7049
Campbell, Jyoti S. SSP Email: jyoti.s.campbell@cfa Phone:
Room: P-G15 MS-00 Fax:
Campbell, Ms. Kathleen M. SSP Email: kcampbell@cfa Phone: 617-495-7179
Room: P-357 MS-15 Fax:
Carmichael, Mr. Theron SSP/AST Email: theron.carmichael@cfa Phone: 617-495-4142
Room: P-302 MS-10 Fax:
Charbonneau , Prof. David B. SSP/AST Email: dcharbonneau@cfa Phone: 617-496-6515
Room: P-332 MS-16 Fax: 617-495-7049
Chen, Dr. Guo-Xin AMP/HEA/SSP Email: gchen@cfa Phone: 617-496-7611
Room: B-324 MS-14 Fax: 617-496-7668
Collins , Karen Alicia SSP Email: karen.collins@cfa Phone:
Room: P-333 MS-16 Fax:
Demski-Hamelin, Ms. Susan (Sue) OIR/RG/SSP Email: sdemski-hamelin@cfa Phone: 617-495-7320
Room: P-313 MS-20 Fax: 617-495-7467
Diamond-Lowe, Ms. Hannah SSP/AST Email: hannah.diamond-lowe@cfa Phone: 617-495-2536
Room: P-202 MS-10 Fax:
Do Nascimento, Dr. Jose Dias SSP Email: jdonascimento@cfa Phone: 617-495-7281
Room: D-305 MS-15 Fax:
Douglas , Dr. Stephanie SSP Email: stephanie.douglas@cfa Phone: 617-496-7818
Room: B-312 MS-15 Fax:
Dupree, Dr. Andrea K. SSP Email: adupree@cfa Phone: 617-495-7489
Room: P-356 MS-15 Fax: 617-495-7049
Eastman , Dr. Jason D. SSP Email: jason.eastman@cfa Phone: 617-384-6549
Room: B-311 MS-15 Fax:
Field, Prof. George B. SSP/TA Email: gfield@cfa Phone: 617-495-7234
Room: OFF-SITE MS-51 Fax: 617-495-7093
Foster, Dr. Adam HEA/SSP Email: afoster@cfa Phone: 617-496-3203
Room: B-429 MS-04 Fax:
Franklin, Dr. Fred A. SSP Email: ffranklin@cfa Phone: 617-495-7230
Room: A-201A MS-09 Fax: 617-495-7049
Garcia-Mejia, Juliana SSP/AST Email: juliana.garcia-mejia@cfa Phone: 617-496-2525
Room: A-109 MS-10 Fax:
Gingerich, Prof. Owen SSP Email: ogingerich@cfa Phone: 617-495-7216
Room: A-208 MS-09 Fax: 617-496-7564
Grell, Mr. Gabriel SSP Email: gabriel.grell@cfa Phone:
Room: B-TBD MS-05 Fax:
Hadden , Dr. Samuel SSP Email: samuel.hadden@cfa Phone:
Room: B-325 MS-15 Fax:
Haywood , Dr. Raphaelle SSP Email: raphaelle.haywood@cfa Phone: 617-496-7373
Room: P-351 MS-16 Fax:
Holman , Dr. Matthew J. SSP/TA Email: mholman@cfa Phone: 617-496-7775
Room: P-229 MS-51 Fax: 617-495-7093
Imara , Dr. Nia SSP/RG Email: nia.imara@cfa Phone: 617-495-7717
Room: C-311D MS-72 Fax:
Irwin, Dr. Jonathan SSP/OIR Email: jirwin@cfa Phone: 617-495-7656
Room: P-349 MS-16 Fax:
Joasil, Ms. Arielle S SSP Email: arielle.joasil@cfa Phone: 617-496-7580
Room: D-16 MS-00 Fax:
Johnson, Dr. Christian I SSP/OIR Email: cjohnson@cfa Phone: 617-496-7959
Room: P-344 MS-15 Fax:
Johnson, Prof. John Asher SSP/AST Email: jjohnson@cfa Phone: 617-496-9820
Room: P-340 MS-16 Fax:
Jung, Dr. Yeon Kil SSP Email: yeon_kil.jung@cfa Phone: 617-495-7251
Room: B-319 MS-15 Fax:
Kalkofen, Dr. Wolfgang SSP Email: wkalkofen@cfa Phone: 617-495-7285
Room: A-201B MS-09 Fax:
Kaltenegger, Dr. Lisa SSP/OIR Email: lkaltenegger@cfa Phone: 617-495-7158
Room: A-201A MS-09 Fax: 617-495-7181
Karovska Neily, Dr. Margarita HEA/SSP Email: mkarovska@cfa Phone: 617-495-7347
Room: B-222 MS-70 Fax:
Kenyon , Dr. Scott J. SSP/TA Email: skenyon@cfa Phone: 617-495-7235
Room: P-339 MS-15 Fax: 617-495-7049
Kim, Beth SSP Email: Phone: 617-495-7280
Room: P-347 MS-15 Fax:
Korzennik , Dr. Sylvain G. SSP/HEA Email: skorzennik@cfa Phone: 617-496-7916
Room: P-354 MS-15 Fax:
Kreidberg , Dr. Laura SSP/TA Email: laura.kreidberg@cfa Phone:
Room: P-343 MS-16 Fax:
Kurucz , Dr. Robert L. SSP Email: rkurucz@cfa Phone: 617-495-7429
Room: D-15 MS-16 Fax:
Latham , Dr. David W. SSP/OIR Email: dlatham@cfa Phone: 617-495-7215
Room: P-333 MS-16 Fax: 617-495-7467
Le Gal, Romane SSP Email: romane.le_gal@cfa Phone:
Room: C-311D MS-72 Fax:
Levi, Dr. Amit SSP Email: alevi@cfa Phone: 617-495-7348
Room: P-345 MS-15 Fax: 617-495-7049
Lewis, Mr. John A. SSP/AST Email: john.lewis@cfa Phone: 617-495-3752
Room: A-204 MS-10 Fax:
Loomis, Mr. Ryan SSP/AST Email: rloomis@cfa Phone: 617-496-5988
Room: P-305 MS-10 Fax:
Lopez-Morales , Dr. Maria Mercedes (Mercedes) SSP/OIR Email: mlopez-morales@cfa Phone: 617-496-7818
Room: P-353 MS-15 Fax: 617-495-7049
Maksiutenko, Pavlo SSP Email: pavlo.maksiutenko@cfa Phone: 617-495-7697
Room: C-311C MS-72 Fax:
Martin Domenech, Rafael SSP Email: rafael.martin_domenech@cfa Phone:
Room: C-311C MS-72 Fax:
Mayorga, Laura SSP Email: laura.mayorga@cfa Phone:
Room: P-351 MS-15 Fax:
McGruder, Chima AST/SSP Email: chima.mcgruder@cfa Phone: 617-496-2525
Room: A-109 MS-10 Fax:
Medina, Amber SSP/AST Email: amber.medina@cfa Phone: 617-495-2536
Room: P-202 MS-10 Fax:
Meibom , Dr. Soren SSP/OIR Email: smeibom@cfa Phone: 617-496-4773
Room: P-337 MS-16 Fax:
Ment, Kristo SSP/AST Email: kristo.ment@cfa Phone: 617-495-3752
Room: A-109 MS-10 Fax:
Miralles, Dr. Mari Paz SSP/HEA/SSP Email: mmiralles@cfa Phone: 617-496-7925
Room: D-305 MS-16 Fax: 617-495-7049
Mondrik, Mr. Nicholas P. SSP/AST Email: nicholas.mondrik@cfa Phone: 617-496-7872
Room: A-25 MS-00 Fax:
Moreno, Kelly SSP Email: kelly.moreno@cfa Phone: 617-496-1451
Room: B-315 MS-15 Fax: 617-495-7049
Morley, Dr. Caroline SSP/TA Email: caroline.morley@cfa Phone: 617-496-8380
Room: P-343 MS-16 Fax:
Morse , Dr. Jon A. SSP Email: jon.morse@cfa Phone: 617-495-7416
Room: P-352 MS-15 Fax:
Murphy, Dr. Nicholas Arnold Echlin HEA/SSP Email: namurphy@cfa Phone: 617-384-7830
Room: P-137 MS-83 Fax:
Nava, Ms. Chantanelle (Chani) SSP/AST Email: chantanelle.nava@cfa Phone: 617-495-9229
Room: A-105 MS-10 Fax:
Nickerson, Ms. Debra (Debbie) DO/SSP Email: dnickerson@cfa Phone: 617-496-7703
Room: P-213 MS-51 Fax:
Norton, Mr. Timothy J. CE/OIR/SSP Email: tnorton@cfa Phone: 617-495-7188
Room: R-309 MS-05 Fax: 617-496-7708
Noyes , Prof. Robert W. SSP/AST/SSP Email: rnoyes@cfa Phone: 617-495-7424
Room: A-201B MS-09 Fax: 617-495-7049
Oberg , Prof. Karin SSP/RG/AST Email: koberg@cfa Phone: 617-496-9062
Room: P-343 MS-16 Fax:
Payne, Dr. Matthew J. SSP/TA Email: mpayne@cfa Phone: 617-496-7580
Room: P-338 MS-16 Fax:
Pegues, Ms. Jamila SSP/AST Email: jamila.pegues@cfa Phone: 617-495-4141
Room: A-103 MS-10 Fax:
Petaev, Dr. Michail SSP Email: mpetaev@cfa Phone: 617-495-7179
Room: P-357 MS-15 Fax:
Preston, Ms. Amanda SSP Email: apreston@cfa Phone: 617-495-7321
Room: B-313 MS-16 Fax:
Price, Ms. Ellen M SSP/AST Email: ellen.price@cfa Phone: 617-496-0741
Room: A-106 MS-10 Fax:
Quinn, Mr. Samuel (Sam) SSP Email: samuel.quinn@cfa Phone: 617-496-7776
Room: B-316 MS-16 Fax:
Rajappan, Dr. Mahesh SSP Email: mrajappan@cfa Phone: 617-496-7566
Room: P-G15 MS-16 Fax:
Rampalli, Ms. Rayna SSP Email: rayna.rampalli@cfa Phone:
Room: P-226 MS-00 Fax:
Raymond, Dr. John C. SSP/HEA Email: jraymond@cfa Phone: 617-495-7416
Room: P-352 MS-15 Fax: 617-495-7049
Roberts, Mr. Duney SSP Email: duney.roberts@cfa Phone: 617-495-7607
Room: B-315 MS-15 Fax:
Rodriguez , Dr. Joseph SSP Email: joseph.rodriguez@cfa Phone: 617-495-5475
Room: P-344 MS-15 Fax:
Rudenko, Mr. Michael (Mike) SSP Email: mrudenko@cfa Phone: 617-495-7440
Room: D-307 MS-18 Fax: 617-495-7231
Rybicki , Prof. George B. SSP/TA Email: grybicki@cfa Phone:
Room: OFF-SITE MS-51 Fax: 617-495-7093
Sasselov , Prof. Dimitar SSP/TA/AST Email: dsasselov@cfa Phone: 617-495-7451
Room: P-336 MS-16 Fax:
Savcheva, Dr. Antonia S. HEA/SSP Email: asavcheva@cfa Phone: 617-496-7647
Room: P-139 MS-58 Fax:
Schumer, Clea F SSP Email: clea.schumer@cfa Phone: 617-495-7215
Room: P-333 MS-16 Fax:
Shan, Ms. Yutong SSP/AST Email: yshan@cfa Phone: 617-496-7566
Room: A-201C MS-10 Fax:
Shen, Dr. Chengcai SSP Email: chengcaishen@cfa Phone: 617-495-7183
Room: P-345 MS-15 Fax: 617-495-7049
Shin, Dr. In-Gu SSP Email: in-gu.shin@cfa Phone: 617-495-7251
Room: B-319 MS-15 Fax:
Silver, Dr. Eric H. HEA/AMP/SSP Email: esilver@cfa Phone:
Room: R-106 MS-82 Fax:
Simon, Alexia SSP Email: alexia.simon@cfa Phone:
Room: P-G15 MS-00 Fax:
Slavin, Dr. Jonathan David HEA/SSP Email: jslavin@cfa Phone: 617-496-7981
Room: P-152 MS-83 Fax: 617-495-7356
Smalley, Mr. Kyle Emmett (Sonia Keys) SSP Email: ksmalley@cfa Phone: 617-495-7333
Room: B-317 MS-15 Fax: 617-495-7231
Soon, Dr. Willie SSP/HEA Email: wsoon@cfa Phone: 617-495-7488
Room: R-306 MS-63 Fax: 617-496-7708
Stefanik, Dr. Robert P. SSP/OIR Email: rstefanik@cfa Phone:
Room: P-333 MS-16 Fax:
Suleiman , Mr. Raid M. AMP/SSP Email: rsuleiman@cfa Phone: 617-496-7823
Room: P-256A MS-50 Fax:
Szentgyorgyi, Dr. Andrew H. SSP/OIR/CE Email: aszentgyorgyi@cfa Phone: 617-495-7397
Room: P-355 MS-15 Fax: 617-495-7049
Todd, Ms. Zoe R SSP/AST Email: zoe.todd@cfa Phone: 617-495-7811
Room: A-207 MS-10 Fax:
Tolls , Dr. Volker OIR/SSP Email: vtolls@cfa Phone: 617-495-7432
Room: M-238 MS-66 Fax: 617-495-7490
Torres, Dr. Guillermo SSP/OIR Email: gtorres@cfa Phone: 617-495-7335
Room: A-203 MS-09 Fax:
Valente, Ms. Sara SSP Email: sara.valente@cfa Phone: 617-496-4773
Room: P-111 MS-15 Fax:
Veres , Peter SSP Email: peter.veres@cfa Phone: 617-496-7610
Room: B-317 MS-15 Fax:
Villanueva, Mr. Jamie SSP Email: jvillanueva@cfa Phone: 617-495-7515
Room: B-314 MS-16 Fax:
Vrtilek , Dr. Saeqa Dil (Saku) HEA/SSP Email: svrtilek@cfa Phone: 617-495-7094
Room: B-224 MS-67 Fax:
Walsworth, Andrew J SSP Email: andrew.walsworth@cfa Phone: 617-496-7521
Room: OFF-SITE MS-15 Fax:
Weaver, Mr. Ian SSP Email: ian.weaver@cfa Phone: 617-495-4484
Room: A-104 MS-10 Fax:
Williams, Dr. Gareth V. (Graff) SSP/TA Email: gwilliams@cfa Phone: 617-495-7444
Room: D-307 MS-18 Fax: 617-495-7231
Wilson , Maurice L. SSP/AST Email: maurice.wilson@cfa Phone: 617-495-4484
Room: A-104 MS-10 Fax:
Winters , Dr. Jennifer G. SSP Email: jennifer.winters@cfa Phone: 617-496-7952
Room: P-351 MS-15 Fax:
Ye, Dr. Jing SSP Email: Phone:
Room: B-316 MS-15 Fax:
Yee, Dr. Jennifer C. SSP Email: jyee@cfa Phone: 617-495-7594
Room: P-341 MS-15 Fax:
Yorke, Ms. Sara Robb SSP Email: syorke@cfa Phone: 617-495-7454
Room: B-314 MS-16 Fax: 617-495-7049
Zhou, Dr. Yanjun (George) SSP Email: yanjun.zhou@cfa Phone: 617-495-7170
Room: B-312 MS-15 Fax:
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